Do You Know About LSI Keywords?

Posted December 14, 2017 By Callie

The Search Engine Journal defines Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) as a “mathematical method applied to identify the relationship between concepts and terms of contents”. This could be referred to as the semantics which means a study of meaning. Hence, LSI Keywords refer to a relation of primary keywords.

Impact on Google
The presence of such keywords is instrumental to the success of a website as Google search engine makes meticulous references to these for a more accurate search engine results page (SERP) listing. This is highly coveted by many business owners and marketers who want to drive more traffic to their sites for sales and higher profits.

Google’s algorithm indicates clearly its displeasure of overloading any page content with excessive keywords that lower the quality of the article such as disruptive conversational flow. This would lead to a lower page ranking by the giant search engine which results in lower web traffic.

Related Keywords
Good quality content should include main keywords that are clearly defined through related keywords or phrases. LSI keywords enhance search engine efficiency without wasting time on filtering unrelated words on the topic for the best of results.
Main keywords are only effective when it is sparsely used within the contents as increased usage often causes a drawback like decrease ranking.

Letting it Flow
It is more effective for content writers to pour out their complete thoughts in a smooth flow instead of being hampered by keyword inclusions. The editing process handles the necessary requirements of keywords without hindering the flow of contents that would attract readers.

It is possible for a page of content to be identified clearly by Google through the use of LSI keywords selected. The wide range of dynamic LSI keywords is sufficient to promote the contents via an attractive or appealing title.

A good flow of contents would surely attract targeted audiences better than stuffing keywords everywhere in the page to remind readers of the primary intention. Content developers could start generating their required and preferred LSI keywords more naturally, which would augur well with top search engines like Google. Higher SERP results can be procured to attract more targeted audience quickly. This is certainly a win-win situation for the web searcher and search engines.

Relevancy in Contents
Writing naturally would encourage a smooth flow of contents that would also spring up a relevant title using the best of LSI keywords. It is necessary to be reminded that LSI keywords need not contain targeted or preferred keywords to be effective. There are many free LSI keyword generating tools available on the web.

Boosting Ratings
Business ratings could be spiked high through the right applications of LSI keywords which search engines like Google favors. There is no need to stuff keywords unnecessarily with the proper use of LSI keywords. The main keywords need not be repeated in the contents; hence, the quality of contents would be rated highly by Google.

The use of LSI keywords works to reduce or lower bounce rates; this means more web visitors stay on the site for the desired information. This would work to favor the business with a higher possibility of generating sales and profits. Web users are likely to select displayed results based on preferred keywords which Google manipulates in its SERP listing.

When the right keywords are found on the webpage or contents, the page ranking would be spiked higher with more web visitors finding their way to the business site. An advantage of LSI keywords is a boost to the website rankings with more quality targeted visitors from search engines involvement.

It is also possible to reduce marketing costs via Google AdWords PPC marketing campaigns when LSI keywords are applied. Top search engines like Google is likely to push up the SERP listing position of the website when such features are noted. More appropriate web visitors would result in lower advertising costs at the end of the day.

The higher quality content would captivate web visitors who would spend more time at the site while giving marketers more business opportunities to connect and establish better relations with potential business leads.

Potential Planning Tools
There are various potential tools which a marketer could deploy to enjoy the full benefits of LSI keywords application.
1) LSI Graph
The LSI graph is a dynamic planning tool for marketing effectively through vibrant content strategies. This tool allows the download of free WordPress plugins.

2) Google Keyword Planner
The Google keyword planner is a well-known planning tool for dynamic marketing. It is a very popular marketing tool because it is freely and easily available. Most marketers would deploy Google keyword planner to kick start their basic LSI keyword search. They must bear in mind that the keyword planner could be highly instrumental in generating dynamic ads to promote the brand or business efficiently. The best of marketing designs would involve the inclusion of most appropriate keywords which brings about higher rankings for the web pages.

3) Google Search
Google Search is another free planning tool which secures about 65% of search inquiries compared to other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. It is a simple task in keying the main keywords into the Google search bar to generate fast and accurate results. Google displays the most popular search terms from the entry to help the marketer identify preferred keywords.

4) SEMrush
SEMrush may be a paid tool, but its features may prove its worth when the competition is intense. This tool offers great insight into existing keywords of the competitors with their backlinks. Such information speaks volumes for the marketers to stay ahead of the competition and be a market leader easily.

5) The Keyword Shitter
The term may not sound great as its features where fantastic long-tail keywords are readily generated to boost marketing strategies through appropriate LSI keywords with an easy download.

Quality SEO articles should include dynamic LSI keywords that would draw more targeted audiences to the brand and business. This would augur well with top search engines for higher rankings and instigate more sales.

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What a Good Product Review Should Include

Posted December 14, 2017 By Callie

If you are considering using product reviews on your site, there are a few things you need to know first. Other than offering a good product review, there is some work to do beforehand.

For example, you really need to uncover the answers to a few key questions such as:

* Who is my target audience?
* What is my niche?
* Do I have a sub-niche?
* How can I tie in certain products with my service or blog?
* Do the products I intend to review fit in with my product, service, business, or blog?

Once you have answered these important questions, then and only then can you get down to the business of reviewing products.

A good product review should contain several elements.

A Catchy Title

Although you may think of a catchy title as something important for an article, a good product review will have a good headline as well. More often than not, a good headline will catch the reader’s attention much more easily than a bland and boring title.

A Little Controversy

If you use a product and choose to review it, a little controversy goes a long way. Anyone who has a social media account of any kind – regardless whether it is for business or pleasure – knows that people love to debate and dispute.

As long as your review is honest, feel free to point out the downside of that product or service.

The more honest you are, the more you will engage others. When it comes to any kind of content, engaging an audience is key.

Buy It and Try It

If you are going to review something, you obviously need to buy it, try it, and use it for a decent amount of time. Give the product a fair shot and go into it with an open mind. If you have an experience wherein you made up your mind before trying it and were pleasantly surprised, share that with your audience.

An audience loves when an author is authentic, friendly, engaging, and helpful.

Make a List

List all of the possible ups and downs of the product and reveal your journal as you go along. If you bought a product, let’s say for example a skin cream, and you keep a journal, sharing the results as days go by is a great way of doing a review.

List all the potential pitfalls of the product, what you loved, liked, or even despised about the product.

At the end, give it an overall rating with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

When it comes to product reviews, being authentic and true to your tone, voice, and company will really make your product review shine.

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How Creating Habits Can Help You Succeed

Posted December 14, 2017 By Callie

Do our habits make us who we are and determine whether we’re successful, healthy, and happy? Perhaps that’s partially true—maybe even mostly true. But it does not mean you’re forever doomed to live the life you’re currently living. You are not a victim of your habits and you can control them.

It is absolutely possible to change your habits for the better so you can be happier, healthier, and more successful.

But, the reality of habit change is that it’s usually hard work—especially if you don’t have time-tested strategies at your disposal. If it were generally easy to change one’s habits, the billions of dollars that get poured into the self-help market wouldn’t be necessary. Everyone would live blissful lives with perfect habits that they could change and adjust on a whim. Everyone would end up doing exactly what they need and want to do. Sounds great, right?

We all know that it just doesn’t work that way—habit change is tough. We all know that we fall short in some very important ways even if we’ve tried to change a million and one times before. If it were easy to change our habits, our lives would be so much easier, better, and happier.

Yes, that’s true, but we also wouldn’t be as well rounded. Embrace the life you’ve lived to this point—warts and all. I’ll argue that the challenges we have in life help shape us and make us who we are.

At the same time, you’re over the challenges you have—you’ve already lived that life and learned those lessons. You’re ready to experience true habit change and I’m going to give you some easy ways to make it happen throughout my habits series on IMIT.

I’ve developed some strategies I believe are going to make it easier for you to change your habits. These strategies are going to be different (and I think better) from what you’ve seen before. You don’t want to learn the same old stuff you’ve learned before related to habit change by reading other books and articles. You don’t want to be told that it’s “too hard” to change deep-seated habits.

Yes, it requires work and commitment, but it’s not too hard—you can successfully improve your life in every area. There are undoubtedly things that are holding you back in life that you really want to change. Whether it has to do with your life, business, health, family, finances, or anything else, there are things you could be doing better. There are things you could improve on, starting today, to live better, feel better, and be better.

What Are Habits?

First, let’s talk about what habits are. Habits are those things we do every day, whether we’re conscious of them or not, that make up our actions, thoughts, and results. Habits make up the experiences we have with everything we do. I don’t mean for that to sound overwhelming. You already know what habits are, in general, or you wouldn’t be here right now trying to change them. But now we’re going to break them down so you have a deeper understanding. I believe that when you have a deeper understanding, you can more easily tackle habit change.

Sometimes, your habits are things you’re not conscious of. You can have certain physical ticks or thoughts that come without your awareness, yet still shape who you are, how you act, and how you’re perceived…even your level of success.

These may have initially been a choice but turned habits you don’t think about anymore. Maybe you tend not to eat breakfast in the morning, hoping so save on calories so you can slim down. You don’t think about that choice anymore. You just don’t eat breakfast, out of habit (and not eating breakfast is a poor habit, for the record).

Habits can develop out of poor decision-making or false information and lead to negative consequences. For example, when you don’t eat breakfast you get so hungry during dinnertime and late at night that you eat everything in sight and gain weight and have lower energy. In the end, your habit in this breakfast-skipping scenario is doing you more harm than good, even though you set out for it to be a good thing.

Part of habit change will be investigating the maladaptive habits you used to be conscious of but aren’t any longer, along with those you were never really aware of but developed anyway. The goal will be to eliminate harmful habits, adopt new strategies for other habits, and adopt new habits that will help you achieve your goals.

Going back to the example, skipping breakfast and lunch was a habit you got into because you wanted to lose weight. What if you could develop the habit to eat a healthy, filling breakfast and go for a light morning jog instead?

You’d be able to regulate your system and feel better with a lot more energy throughout the day. That would be a better habit for sure. It will be different and strange at first (all habit change is) but soon enough, it would just become part of your everyday routine.

What if you’re in the bad habit of opening up your computer and wasting hours at a time on blogs and social media instead of working right away? This isn’t a conscious choice you’re making anymore—it’s a bad habit that you’re unaware of while it’s happening.

Those hours float away as if they were mere seconds. You don’t know how or why you developed this habit of wasting time online, except to avoid work. All you know is that it’s cutting into your bottom line and/or making your boss upset.

You could become aware of this poor habit and change it to a new one that would be more productive. You could get into the habit of defining the six most important tasks you could complete every day, the night before a workday. When you open your computer screen, you’ll turn right to your tasks and get things done like a machine of productivity– out of habit– instead of wasting hours online.

That sounds amazing, right? You can already see how much more productive and successful this can make you.

There are many different scenarios and examples I could give. If you knew these tasks would further your life or your business or your health in some way, and you did them as a habit every single day, your life would change for the better in very dramatic ways. That would be incredible, and I hope you’re ready for it.

The fact is that habits are strange and tricky. Most of us know what we want to be doing and what we really should be doing. But, so many of us (most of us) have a hard time developing great new habits. They just don’t seem to stick.

You’ve probably had the experience that you start off really excited about a new habit. You just know that this year, you’re going to work out on the treadmill every day. You know that this year, you’re going to eat healthy meals every day. You know that you’re going to start a successful business and just crush all your financial goals.

Why doesn’t it happen? You make these resolutions and have these dreams year after year. Yet, you feel like your life is at a standstill.

You feel like you’re in the same old place you were always in and that there’s no way to improve your situation… not really. After all, you’ve already resolved to take steps to change your life. You’ve already tried and failed and it’s frustrating. Maybe you bought a new treadmill or invested in a new business idea. You went at it solidly for a few days, weeks, or months but then other things got in the way.

You eat a donut in the morning because you always have. You go home after work and eat dinner, filling up on as much as your plate will hold, and then some, because you always have. You watch television because you always have, and because of your full stomach you don’t have the energy to get on the treadmill.

Maybe you tell yourself that instead of working out on the treadmill after dinner you’d do better by waking up earlier in the morning and doing it then… but the alarm goes off and you hit the snooze alarm again and again and when you finally drag yourself out of bed, it’s too late to start today… but tomorrow, for sure.

And so it goes.

What happened? You fell back into old patterns and habits. You’re definitely not alone in this, so please forgive yourself no matter how many times you’ve tried and failed. It’s so easy to fall back into the habits that have been ingrained in us– often since childhood. You’re going against the current when you try to change a habit. That’s why you need a whole new approach—an approach you’ve never seen before.

Part of the problem is that you hold certain beliefs about yourself that you’re likely not even aware of. You believe that you will always be overweight, deep down. You believe that you will always struggle financially—you might even believe that you deserve to struggle financially. Be honest with yourself and you might see that this is true, even if you’ve never realized it before.

You believe that you’re destined to be miserable and have low energy and be stuck in the daily grind. You don’t mean to believe these things about yourself, but you do. You have dreams that things will change, someday. You even sometimes take steps to correct the problem and make things better. You try to develop new habits– you really do.

But something always pulls you back. It feels as if there’s an invisible magnet that’s always pulling you back and it’s less than fair. You’re here now, reading this, because you’re sick of it. You’re really ready to change this time. You’ve decided that in this moment you’re going to make the choice to change your life.

It’s my goal to help get you to that point. I want you to be able to change and succeed and do whatever you want to do with your life. Believe me, I want that for myself as well. There are lots of things I’d like to change about myself today, even though I consider myself to be an expert in goal setting and positive habit formation.

The truth is that no one is perfect and everyone struggles. The truth is that there are no real secrets—but there are methods and strategies that will get you so much closer to your ideal. You’re going to have to put the work in. You’re going to have to decide that really and truly, this is the moment when everything is going to change.

Throughout my series on habit change in IMIT, I’m going to give you the tools and understanding you need to develop better habits in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the idea of changing your habits or this is the first time you’re attempting this change. This can and will happen for you if you let it. But you need to know how to do it. I’ve made it my goal to study habit formation and how successful people really change. I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to work with many people over the years and have been able to help many change their habits and their lives for good. It’s this interaction with others and helping others see real results that keeps me going.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been so desperate to change my own life, especially in the past. There were certainly times when I was down in the dumps and didn’t think I’d ever escape. There were times when I didn’t feel healthy or happy. There have been times when I’ve been really hurting financially. There have been times when I’ve had to turn to others for help because I didn’t think I could drag myself out of the hole I’d put myself in. That’s a tough place to be in.

And it’s not just me… I’ve watched friends and family members dig themselves into a hole that’s tough to get out of through bad habits as well. I know that creating a habit comes easy, tearing one down is tough, and replacing a bad habit with a good one is tougher still… but it certainly can be done if you approach it the right way.

Today, I’m so much happier. I’ve achieved financial freedom. I work daily on maintaining my health and happiness. I live a life that many people dream of living. This is a great position to be in. I sometimes have to pinch myself to realize that it’s real, even though I’ve worked very hard for it. You have to know that it didn’t come easy. I’ve struggled with this many times– I’m sure you want to know how I was able to succeed. It started with changing my habits.

One of my proudest achievements is my online small business strategy book, called “5 Bucks a Day.” I’m an entrepreneur, and this book detailed what I did to go from being deep in debt to being financially secure by building an online business. This book has changed many lives in countries all over the world, far beyond my own. The foundation of the 5 Bucks a Day business method is about breaking projects down, focusing, changing habits, and layering success upon success (what I call “lather, rinse, repeat”).

Instead of tackling huge business projects and ideas at once, the 5 Bucks a Day method has you break them down. I love this saying—“How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!” By focusing on improving business in bite-sized chunks, many entrepreneurs have been able to find their success. In the book, I have people layer $5 a day in passive earnings every week, until they are earning a full time, passive income.

I believe in a similar approach when it comes to changing your habits. You need to break your goals down into their smaller parts. You need to examine your habits and break them down to truly understand them. You then have to tackle your problems one by one. You’ll focus on identifying habits you have and habits you’d like to have and work to change and improve them little by little, week by week.

Eventually, you’ll have changed not just one major habit but also another one by layering improved habit upon improved habit. You keep on going until you’ve changed the habits that are most important to you. Your life becomes better. Anything you want to improve on becomes better, little by little. You eat that elephant little by little until he’s gone. You’ll never eat him all at once—it’s not possible. It’s all about incremental success. I strongly believe that, whether we’re talking about business success, habit change, or anything else.

I’m hoping to help you gain a deeper understanding of what habits are and which habits are holding you back. I want you to be able to define, very clearly, which habits you’d rather develop and which would contribute the most to a happier and more successful life. This is, as you can imagine, a very individual thing. You’re going to learn how to overcome bad habits and develop new habits. You’re going to do this over time.

You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by tackling too much at once. By focusing on changing habits one bite at a time, you can and will succeed.

I want you to realize that this isn’t something you’ll ever really be done with. This is a lifelong process. We are all always learning, changing, and growing. The things that are important to you right now might not be anywhere near as important to you 20 years from now. That’s okay– that’s a good thing.

I urge you to start this process of self-discovery and improvement today. This truly could be the decision that helps you change your life. I don’t say that because it’s me who’s going to change your life—I say that because it’s you who is going to change your life and I’m extremely happy about that fact. Again, I’m helping to give you the tools and knowledge throughout IMIT so you can do it. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and failed in the past, these strategies can help you succeed.

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Ways to Sweeten the Deal with Affiliate Products

Posted December 13, 2017 By Callie

With competition so fierce in today’s online world of business, you want to create a business that has several features. This includes reliability, an outstanding product that speaks for itself offering value to your customer, outstanding customer service, and quality content – just to name a few.

However, you need to think way outside the box when it comes to gaining the attention, appreciation, and even retention of a customer these days.

When it comes to affiliate products, there is something to be said about waiting and watching. With any new endeavor – whether it is a business, product, or service site – you will have to work hard and bide your time.

For the most part, affiliates like to see some level of traffic numbers or amount of comments before they will willingly jump on the affiliate bandwagon. You need to put in your time and build your business and blog.

Having said that, once you have gained some momentum, seek to create networking relationships with affiliates. From there, and once you are creating sales and generating some income, you can ask for more.

One of the best ways to sweeten the deal with affiliate products is to ask that company to offer a specialized discount to your readers and visitors. The discount could run for a limited time offer to gain as much momentum and popularity as possible, or you could negotiate for a longer term and ongoing discount as an affiliate partner.

Another great idea is to ask your affiliate partner or partners to host a contest. Perhaps the winner could win a one-year supply of the product; let’s say for example it is a cleaning product. Regardless of the prize, just about everyone loves to win something.

These are two great ways to do a giveaway or promotion utilizing affiliate products.

It is important, however, to keep your affiliates close to your blog or website’s heart. In other words, make sure it is pertinent to what you are doing, selling, or blogging about. Otherwise, individuals visiting your site may link to an affiliate and forget the reason they came to visit you in the first place. Make certain to always be relevant to your affiliates.

These are just a few simple ways to sweeten the deal with affiliate products on your website.

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Every business is constantly vying for the best spot in the market as competition intensifies. It is undeniable that this is a necessity for businesses to stay competitive in the market, much less survive. However, the process of identifying and implementing a suitable platform to benefit the business could prove daunting.

e-Commerce Platform
One of the dynamic marketing platforms for today is the e-Commerce platform. It is highly effective and efficient in providing the best of online shopping features for the convenience of web consumers, but the task of selecting and implementing could be challenging to many novice and inexperienced business owner or marketer.

There are many features that make up a dynamic online shopping site which a business may desire. This includes a wide spectrum of attractive and efficient options for e-Cart platforms which could be available free or paid as well as hosted or downloaded. Business owners and marketers may prefer generic e-Commerce platforms over customized for reasons of cost and speed as well as convenience. This would make the selection more challenging without the right understanding and professional assistance.

Wise business owners and marketers would indulge in expansive market research before venturing into e-Commerce and its dynamic offerings for their marketing activities which would prove worthy of their investment in the long run. It is crucial for companies to impress the market with a strong online presence that would win over targeted audiences effectively. This could boost sales and bottom lines for the business attractively to stay in pole positions in the market.

There is a checklist which business owners and marketers could tick off in selecting the best or most suitable e-Commerce platform.

1) Pricing
Every business is basically set up for profits. Hence, regardless of its size and industry, every company today whether it is an online or brick-mortar business, it is important for business owners and marketers to know what exactly they are paying for to boost business bottom lines. There are plenty of popular and flexible platforms which charge differently for their different range of services which include hosting plan, available features and back-end support with security and regular maintenance; companies need to know what services would be worth their investment where they agree to pay for the services to be rendered.

2) Integration Support
Another important consideration for a successful e-Commerce platform to benefit businesses is the proper integrations which require different plugins that provide the desired enhancements to make the store attractive and appealing. The store needs to be presented in a dynamic, multifaceted manner that would draw the preferred audiences to support its wares and services.
The wide range of potential integration tools and solutions in the market is highly useful to business owners to choose the best of plugins that would generate the ideal environment and presentation for promoting the brand or business. Hence, it is vital for business owners and webmasters to understand the concept and benefits of e-Commerce platforms to identify the right one for a successful implementation.

3) Scalability and Functionality
A business is expected to grow and expand over time; the faster the better. This is one of the objectives a business would list out to ensure that the online site created is capable of handling the expected volume of web users or customers per day. Capacity becomes a critical functionality in an e-Commerce store which must be considered purposefully by business owners and webmasters.

The market today offers many dynamic tools and platforms such as Magento, Shopify and ZenCart which are well designed to offer good scalability for any business, but functionality is another critical factor to be weighed carefully for a complete success in e-Commerce operations. It is important that the site permits an easy search according to the customers’ location.
The system should be intelligent enough to notify business operators on low stocks or prompt web users on unfinished purchases to be more efficient and effective. These features are very much part of system functionality where customers would enjoy their online experience every time.

3) SEO Friendly
Any e-Commerce business must have a dynamic SEO strategy that is effective to be productive. The business structure and functions must be properly designed and implemented professionally to capture the attention of top search engines to enjoy higher page rankings on the SERP listing.

Web consumers would find their desired information more quickly to return to the site for more in the future. Hence, every company needs a website that is SEO friendly to be an attractive marketing stop for targeted consumers. Such a platform is deemed a prerequisite for webmasters to create or edit worthy contents using optimized keywords and useful SEO friendly URLs that would captivate the attention of search algorithms. This includes the presence and proper manipulation of titles, sub-headers, image ALT tags and navigation links to position the site for higher rankings.

4) Payment Gateways
The advancement of digital technologies, today plays an instrumental role in e-Commerce marketing platforms today where business players must contemplate the precise and secure payment process for their customers. Although some platforms may not support a wide range of online payment options or even reputed third-party payment vendors such as PayPal, there would be an appropriate payment gateway which could be implemented to provide greater convenience for customers to prompt them on purchases instead of abandoning their cart.

Every online business today needs to include some form of dynamic and secure payment options that encourage more business transactions.

5) Mobile Responsiveness
The ever-increasing influence of mobiles for many online activities today is shifting the pattern of web usage where the e-Commerce platform must be mobile friendly and responsive. This has to come about to cater to the growing number of mobile users who are getting online through their mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops.

The growing group of mobile users in the market today is a high incentive for any business site to prepare its dynamic e-Commerce platform that is mobile responsive to win over more potential business leads for the company.

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The Importance of a Sales Letter Layout

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

Writing sales copy is beyond content, it is also about presentation. If you selected a brochure on a table and all you saw was one huge paragraph, you would return it right away without reading it much. In this multimedia age, people look forward to being fed information in a way that is so easily understood, that it has almost been “pre-chewed” for them. That means they do not want a copy that is too complex to interpret, hard to read, or makes them tired after they’re through reading it.

Here is some easy presentation expertise that you should use in all your sales copy to assist your copy to jump out of the page, capture the reader’s attention, all the while they are being fed the most important benefits of your product or service.

Your web page or paper is your canvas. You don’t want to fill every inch of your canvas with words. Leave some white space for the reader to appreciate. This serves two functions. One, it is more visually appealing. Two, it is less tiring on the eyes. If you have very small white space, what eventually happens is that your copy looks muddled and too complex to wade through. This may look insignificant, but it is actually one of the most significant pieces of information on good web page design and copywriting.

In this era of multitasking and digitized communications, having to go through a ton of copy to pass a message across is just too much work for many people, especially those who are busy. You don’t know when the visitor is truly checking your website. They might be at work on their lunch break.

They might have come across it from a search engine or they even have friends who tell them about it on a social networking site. Odds are, they aren’t going to want to give you more than three minutes’ top to make a good impression. If that impression is one of clutter and disorganization, you will have lost a visitor potentially before they’ve even read a single word.

If you want to add white spaces without ruining your copy, there are several ways to do it. The most obvious are to write copy that sells the benefits in bulleted lists. By what you’ve just learned within this article, you would have got a better understanding the layouts of a sales copy.

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If there is one thing that you need above everything else when you start an internet marketing business, it is a marketing plan. Even if your business is brick-and-mortar and not solely based on the web, a marketing plan should be your number one priority. It is pretty mind-boggling how many people get into business thinking that they don’t need a marketing plan.

One of the most popular reasons for this seems to be based around the product. Some people believe that their product is so good that people are just going to buy it without them having to do much at all. But they aren’t taking into account the fact that if people never find the product – matter how good it is – they aren’t going to use it.

If you don’t have a customer base, then you don’t have anyone to buy your products, and it is a mystery why so many businesses ignore this very simple fact. They plan out every other aspect of their business. They spend weeks designing the perfect website, months perfecting their products and even concentrate on things like logos and business cards without sparing a thought for marketing.

One of the reasons that businesses give for this is that they simply cannot afford to do any marketing. But the truth is, you can’t afford not to do marketing. There is sufficient evidence out there that marketing almost always gives you a higher return than any money or time that you invest in it.

Some businesses think that they can just figure it out later. But this is a mistake too, because once you are ready to launch your product, you are losing money every day that you’re not making sales.

So, how do you create an effective marketing plan? Here are some tips that will help you. A good marketing plan will make use of the size of the market, the needs of the customer, the competition, and it will include a projection of future revenue. In addition, a good marketing plan will guide your business to meet future customer expectations. Also, a marketing plan will include plans for uniform brand distribution and building an online identity that will be instantly recognizable to customers. Finally, a good marketing plan will be flexible enough to be able to change based upon unforeseen events in the future.

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Using Forums to Promote Your Business

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

If you visit forums frequently, you can use them to promote your business without worrying about spamming. This doesn’t mean that you go there solely with the intention of promoting your business. However, if you’re subtle in your approach, there are a few things that you can do that may land you some new customers. This can be one of the simplest ways to draw business to your website without much effort, as you’re just engaging in normal everyday conversations.

In most forums, registered users are allowed to add a signature line underneath their name. Your signature will show up each time you make a post, which works in your favor because in this way you will be subtlety promoting your business without spamming anyone. It is important that you post to the forum frequently, some forum posters don’t bother to look at the websites of users unless they are regular users of the forum, and then they may eventually get curious. You have to build your reputation at a forum as a trusted reputable source, someone who is in tune with the online business world.

Another thing is if there was a discussion and you just happened to mention that you have a website, some people may decide to check it out just out of curiosity. It doesn’t matter why they chose to do it, the important thing is that you provided enough interest to make someone want to check your website in order to obtain more information.

But you must be careful when doing this, some chat forums may consider this to be spamming, your best bet may be to ask the person if you could pm (private message) them the information about your website, this way you won’t run the risk of spamming anyone.

Another way a forum may help you draw traffic to your website is to casually weave your business into conversations as appropriate. For example, if you’re promoting website domains and hosting, and someone posted that they want to create their own website, but they didn’t know where to begin, you can casually mention you know of a place where they can get reasonably priced domains and hosting, you can then just ask the poster to pm you for more information, when they pm you can than giving them your website. Also, you don’t always have to promote your product or website.

If you show that you are knowledgeable about business, the other chat forum posters will take note which works to your advantage because now the posters are more likely to want to click on the link in your signature. Posting Blogs and articles are a great way to drive traffic to your website. They create back links to your website. Blogs, articles, and forum posting are all very subtle but powerful forms of marketing. Chat forum posting is a very effective form of marketing, you just have to stick to the rules of the chat forum, especially the main rule NO SPAMMING!

Build your reputation of someone that’s knowledgeable and experienced, keep your marketing approach subtle but informative, let your signature do most of your advertising, make sure your signature line grabs the people’s attention. Just remember subtle yet powerful.

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Top Tips for Connecting With Niche Influencers

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know,â€

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Creating an Avatar of Your Typical Customer

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

If I had to answer what one of the biggest problems most people have with their copy is, I’d have to answer that most are way off base when it comes to what their customers actually want and need. Actually, this reaches all the way across to product creation as well.

People think they know what their audience wants– often, they don’t. Do you? That’s what we’re going to focus on. With some course correction, you can make sure you’re always on top of what your audience wants out of your product. And it will follow that you can figure out what they want from your copy.

Sometimes, even when a copywriter does know their audience pretty well, that doesn’t really come across in their copy. They’ll sit there stunned at their dismal conversions with no idea what happened. When this happens, it’s a matter of not matching the message to the market. What I’ll share with you will help you with this problem.

Who Is Your Typical Customer?

Let’s start where it really counts– your customer. Who are they, really? If you could create a composite of your typical customer or target customer, what would that look like?

You can’t do a very good job of writing copy if you can’t answer this question. No worries- you can quickly find the answers you need.

You can read reviews of other products on the web to learn more about your customers. That might not be intuitive, but you can learn a whole lot by reading and observing how your customers respond to the products your competitors put out.

Are there competing or similar products to yours on Amazon? If so, that’s a great spot to start. Read the reviews of the most popular products. Pay attention to the enthusiastically positive and enthusiastically negative reviews. What can you learn from these?

You can learn what your audience likes and doesn’t like as far as products are concerned. But you can also learn more about what their passions are. You can learn more about the benefits these people want– these are great things to focus on in your copy.

Mostly focus on the problems of the people in your niche. Problems and benefits will help you in major ways with your copy. Know what these people struggle with and what they’re desperate for. How does your product help with these things? How does your product help with these things better than any other product?

You can also get to know your audience by reading posts on niche forums. What are the hot topics and threads? These are the things people are paying attention to and care the most about.

Read blog posts and the comments within these posts. Know what people care about, what problems they have, and what the benefits and solutions they seek are.

Fill yourself with knowledge about the people of your niche. Do this at least a little bit each day. You’ll want to spend extra time with this before writing a sales letter, of course.

Zero in on your exact topic and compound that with the niche audience knowledge you’ll have gained over time. That will give you a great running start when it comes to writing your sales page.

Interact With Those in Your Niche

Reading is helpful– studying is helpful. But what will probably be most helpful to you over time and really stick with you is interacting with the people of your niche. Those relationships and interactions will put you in a whole different league when it comes to making sales.

How do you interact with the people of your niche? Just jump right in. Make yourself an important part of the daily conversation of your niche.

You can do that on social media. Join social sites under your related brand. Follow brands and businesses in your niche. Follow those who are already in the middle of the conversation of your niche.

Really talk to people. Join relevant niche groups and get to know those who are most active. Learn what makes them tick and what really matters to them. Let them get to know you, too. That will help your conversions as well, as a side note.

Interact on your own niche blog and on others’ niche blogs. Jump right into the comments.

Again, do this a little each day and it will pay off for you. You will have a very solid idea of who your customer is and how you should write your copy to make the most sales.

Take Notes

Remember to take notes on what you find. It’s important to study the data you find– use sites like Quantcast to access the data and demographic information. I think you’ll find this information both helpful and interesting.

When you take notes as you go along, you’ll be able to piece together trends over time. You’ll see what works and what doesn’t work. You’ll see which problems, concerns, and topics are more evergreen for the people of your niche and which concerns are more ‘trendy.’

Also, it can help you to study already-successful marketers and copywriters in your niche. What works for them? What do they do with their sales letters? You never want to steal their ideas. But you can get inspiration from what you find.

If you know what’s selling well, and HOW those things are being sold, that can give you some great clues. Take notes on those things. Save swipe files of

Create a Customer Composite or Avatar

One of the most helpful things you can do comes right as you sit to write your copy, believe it or not. You can do all of this preparation and it will really help you out. But there’s one thing you can do that will push you over the edge and help you write out-of-this-world copy that absolutely connects with your desired audience.

You can create a customer composite or avatar that you put in your mind as you sit to write your copy. This is based on the research you’ve done and the interactions you’ve had with those in your niche.

This is the ‘average’ of your ideal customer. Put them in your mind. What do they look like? What is their salary? What is their family life like? What’s in their mind as they’re reading your copy? What is their pain like? What could take their pain away right now?

Find a picture of a model on Fotolia or a similar site that you can buy to store in a folder. Keep this by you as you write your copy. Literally create a character to keep by you as you write your copy.

Write your ‘sales letter’ as a literal letter to THIS person.

When you do it this way, your sales copy will have that human element that so many are missing.

Do you see how that works? This is the result of the studying you’ve done and the interactions you’ve had. This is the reminder you need that there are real people reading the sales letters you’re writing.

Creating a customer avatar like this will absolutely help you write better copy and get better results.

Write Better Copy Now That You Know Your Customer Better

Follow these tips and I promise that you’ll get better results. You’ll put yourself in a class with the best copywriters out there. Others will want to know your secrets… and this really isn’t that difficult at all to implement. I hope you’re feeling excited, because putting the ‘people’ back in your copy will make it more fun to write, will help you connect better, and will help you get more sales.

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