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The fitness niche is one of the most popular and attractive for any new blogger or webmaster. This is a topic that’s simple to grasp with lots of potential options for content and at the same time, it’s a topic that applies to pretty much everyone and that people are very keen to learn more about. Abs are something that pretty much everyone wants!
But the fitness niche is also a highly competitive and difficult niche to break into. For that reason, we’re going to look at a few things you can do to achieve success in this category specifically but you’ll find that these ideas can be extrapolated and applied to nearly any subject matter.

Getting More Specific

The first thing to do is to find your niche within that fitness niche. When you do this, you’ll be able to keep your content more focussed, you’ll have a much more specific demographic you can focus your marketing on and you’ll have less direct competition to contend with.

An example of getting more specific might mean writing about running for instance – which is a sub category that fits within fitness. Alternatively you could go even more specific and just write about calves. Small calves are problematic for many bodybuilders and athletes and they can be embarrassing for guys who look bulky on top and skinny down low. Create a website at the URL ‘GetBigCalves.Com’ and you’ll be able to quickly rank for this subject matter. What’s more, if you create an eBook on this topic, you may well find that it answers a specific enough aim that it attracts a lot of paid downloads!

Finding Your Routes to Market

The next thing to do is to find your ‘routes to market’. This means your direct line to the people who you are aiming your content at.

In an ideal world for instance, you might just so happen to know the editor of a fitness magazine. In that case, this is a perfect route to market that can ensure success no matter much competition there is against you.
But there are countless other routes to market out there too – and one of the easiest to approach is a ‘somewhat related niche’. For instance, with a website on calves, you could try and promote your content to bodybuilders but also runners, martial artists, basketball players and more!

There’s a big problem when it comes to creating blogs or selling products online – and that’s niche saturation.
What we mean by this, is that there are hundreds of different topics out there but when it comes to the most popular and the most profitable there are really three major ones: money, fitness and dating. After all, these are the subjects that make the world go round!

So if you want to create a blog or a website with the biggest potential for growth and the biggest possible audience, you’ll likely want to write about one of those topics. But here’s the problem: any of those topics will mean going up against a huge amount of competition and struggling to get noticed. There are thousands of big fitness websites and thousands of eBooks on the topic to go along with them. These niches are saturated.

So how do you stand out? Here are some options:

Hone in on One Area

One option is to hone in on a specific aspect of your niche. ‘Fitness’ is a massive topic for instance, so instead why not consider going a little narrower – by looking specifically at running, or flexibility, or even calf strength.

Hone in on One Demographic

Another option is to look at a specific demographic that might be interested in your subject. For example, you could write about fitness for bloggers, or fitness for teenagers.

Go Broader

Conversely you can also go broader. Instead of focussing on fitness, how about ‘bodybuilding lifestyle’ which could also incorporate dressing for your physique and finding good meals.

Create a New Angle

Or why not create an entirely new angle? A cool example of this might be ‘Art of Manliness’ which is a website that has created its own niche entirely, despite it overlapping with many of the big ones we’ve covered.

Get Personal

Another way to stand out in a new niche is to ‘get personal’ and to turn your website into a personal blog where you use a personal brand to attract attention. This is what Tim Ferriss has done with the Four Hour Blog and what Pat Flynn has done with Smart Passive Income. There are plenty more examples but either way, putting a face and a name on your product makes it much more individual and much more memorable.

Find a New Route to Market

Even if you aren’t different in anyway, you can succeed if you find a new way to tap into the market that hasn’t been exploited yet.

Many aspects of digital marketing can be compared with other money making strategies – and most specifically this includes investing in stocks and shares.

You see, in many ways, choosing a keyword or a niche is a little like investing in stocks and shares. While many people won’t approach it this way and will instead focus on making money from the big and ‘steady’ niches, the big money tends to come from taking risks on lesser known niches – just like the stock market.

Just as you can make a huge profit from betting on the right horse when trading, you can do the same with digital marketing by choosing a niche or subject matter that is currently quite small but also on the way ‘up’.

Examples of Niches That Exploded

What do we mean when we say a niche that’s going up? Basically we mean any topic that is currently not that competitive but that is heading towards world domination.

So an example of this might be CrossFit. Not so long ago, this was an unheard of activity that no one had much interest in. Now it’s the biggest trend in fitness by far and has a huge number of passionate fans. Websites that took a risk by focussing on CrossFit will right now being reaping the rewards big time. The same goes for writers who focussed on the Paleo diet. To a lesser extent you could say the same for those who took a bet on the Surface Pro line of hardware!

What niches might come to explode in future? It’s never possible to say for sure but things like Virtual Reality are likely to be big news going forward while the next fitness trend could well be ‘competitive fitness’.

How to Get it Right

Getting this right is part art, part science. Of course you can never be 100% sure that a niche will take off but you can certainly try keeping your ear to the ground to see where the buzz is being generated. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple sites in different niches to ‘spread your bets’ (which is again is a little like creating a portfolio).
Want to get really advanced though? Then why not try to influence the next ‘big thing’ by making amazing content and generating buzz around it? Take something you truly love and then use your site to attract more people to a niche that used to be small!

5 Great Tips to Earning Income With Amazon

Posted September 30, 2015 By Callie

Amazon offers an endless array of products for consumers to buy. When you are a member of the Amazon Associate Program, you have the opportunity to earn income, and if you use these 5 tips, you’ll be able to earn plenty of income, so let’s have a look.

#1 Choosing a Niche is Key
The very first thing you have to do is decide what your niche will be. In fact, if you don’t pick a niche you are destined for failure. This is by far the most important decision you will make. Once you decide on a niche, you can begin to move forward with your money-making agenda.

That’s because it is a lot easier to make money through Amazon affiliate program when the people that reach your website or blog are looking for a specific product that your website talks about and then of course also offers the product. When you offer to wide a selection of products, it is more difficult because you don’t place as well in the search engines and you don’t have the same targeted traffic arriving at your site.

#2 Within Your Content Link to Products
About 50% of income made on Amazon is made through text links placed within the content on the page. Simple text links have proven to be the most effective way to get visitors to click. Web surfers trust the content on web pages more than any other are of a site, and so they are much more likely to click these links than they are to click graphic links.

#3 Product Images Should be Clickable Links
Product images that click through to the affiliate make up about 15% of total Amazon income, and this is relatively easy to do using HTML code.

#4 Create Several Links to
The more links you create to the better. Every link inside your article or content is another opportunity to bring a potential customer to the product and that’s an opportunity for you to make a commission. Six to twelve links in an article is perfect.

#5 Highest Conversion on Product Reviews
If you do a high quality product review of the product in your niche you’ll get a much higher click thru rate and this means you can increase sales and therefore the amount of commission you earn.

These 5 great tips are a good place to start to generate earnings with Amazon affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Program can generate significant revenue. But it’s not always as easy as posting a link and earning money. Here are 5 of the best kept secrets to increase your Amazon Affiliate earnings.

#1 Traffic is Important
Of course, there is more than just the traffic factor, but it is an important one. After all, if you don’t have the traffic levels you are not going to make money. Amazon pays between 4% and 8.5% with the average payout being 6%, so you can see that having adequate traffic is important. Consider how you are going to bring this targeted traffic to your site and get them to click through on your Amazon link.

#2 Diversify
It is a good idea not to put all your affiliate efforts into one product. After all, Amazon offers you an endless array of products to choose from. Instead, consider what group of products could be used with your current niche and promote a diversity of products. However, don’t spam your blog posts with too many links. Many recommend 6-10 links.

#3 Always be Transparent
Never try to trick your readers to click links they have the potential of paying you a commission. Obviously, you can’t label all your affiliate links as such, but you should make some attempt to be transparent. For example, at the end of the blog you could post a disclaimer that your links are associated with the Amazon Affiliate Program (or any other affiliate for that matter). It is all about honesty and your readers want to know that you are being honest and transparent. How that looks on your blog is up to you, but remember just how important it is.

#4 Combine Revenue Streams
Don’t be afraid to combine different affiliate programs that will work in your niche. Of course, focusing on your Amazon Affiliate is important but that does not mean you can’t include other affiliates that fit nicely. What you do need to do is read the rules of each of your affiliates. Some do not allow combining so know what the rules are.

#5 Always Track Your Results
Amazon Affiliate Program offers tracking through their statistics software. This is a very important tool to help you know what is selling and what is not. There are other tracking programs. Google Analytics is a popular choice and it’s free. Using this type of software will help you be more successful as you’ll stop wasting your time on what doesn’t work.

There you have it – the five best kept secrets to increasing your Amazon Affiliate earnings.

Modern marketers still seek earnestly the greatest tips in promoting their products and services successfully for high profits while building brand presence in the marketplace. Many advanced tools and solutions are pursued and deployed to achieve the business targets and goals. Most marketing strategies that are implemented tend to focus on the product features to compel consumers into a purchase but the message is entirely off track as research has proven.

Motivating Prospects to Purchase

Most consumers who make an immediate purchase through an online perhaps an attractive advertisement of a product or service would probably act out of recognizing a means to an end rather than being attracted to the product or service. Consumers tend to have needs and issues which require plausible and cost effective solutions where possible to elevate pressing needs or issues in life. The product or service is viewed as a medium of fulfillment on those needs and issues.

Marketers should seriously pause and consider the reasons consumers would take to choose the product or service rendered by their company and not their competitors. Most likely, it would not be the superiority of the product or service, but a possible solution is at hand to a current problem or issue faced by the consumer. It could be that the product or service presents a plausible solution at that moment to trigger a potential purchase by the consumer. Hence, timing of product or service ads is crucial to closing a sale.

Understanding Consumer Behavior

The success or failure of a dynamic marketing campaign for any product or service depends on the degree of understanding the sales principle and consumer behavior. Consumers with a host of needs and issues on the inside are often seeking plausible solutions on the outside that may be seen as viable in some advertised product or service.

Consumers are often besieged with different types of fears and frustrations when dealing with various needs and expectations in life to be satisfied. Marketers would need to be skilled in identifying the issues plaguing consumers before introducing any of its company, product or service to close a sale and enjoy their commission.

The first point of contact between a marketer and a consumer tends to be awkward and challenging with a wall of impatience and mistrust by the consumer, especially when the marketer tends to sound over-enthusiastic or desperate in the introduction of products or services to the consumer.

Marketers need to understand how consumers would react at their first encounter before planning their marketing strategy to close a sale. One easy solution is to apply 3 dynamic copywriting tactics to win over the consumer for further sales opportunities.

1 – A Common Focus Click

A famous saying goes like this, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Marketers who need to identify more potential leads to support the brand and business need to transform these into ‘buddies’ or pull them over to their side instead of the competition by identifying a “common dissatisfaction” on a competitor product or service. With the proper arguments on that basis, it is easy to build trust and friendship that opens up business opportunities down the road.

Empathy is a strong and effective tool to swing the consumers to the preferred side when the enemy’s weaknesses are exposed at the right moment. A common enemy helps forge bonds forces even from unlikely sources as discussed and practiced in many ancient war strategies. A dynamic sales page would have headlines that exude empathy on the wrongful treatments or troubles ensued from a previous bad sales experience which could be corrected with the advertised product or service. Hence, an empathetic headline would provide the right click motivation for the business prospect to translate from dissatisfaction to plausible corrective action.

2 – A Value-Added Click

A compelling sales page must contain information that is relevant to consumers. This would help consumers identify the value added to the product promoted which is worth their money if they were to make an immediate purchase. The value of the product must be measurable and easily identified in a short timeframe to be convincing to consumers in exercising their purchasing power.

Some consumers may want to know the quantum of savings they are gaining with the product or service rendered if purchased while others may want to understand the total value added that enhances their purchase. Modern consumers tend to buy when such data offer high statistics so that they would feel good at making an intelligent purchase decision with such a worthy purchase. This value-added click is very powerful in motivating consumers to make a purchase on an offer that is ‘just too good to miss’.

3 – A Feel Good Click

The third type of copywriting clicks which marketing copywriters could employ in their sales page is to implement a ‘feel good’ click where targeted consumers are moved to make a purchase after reading the sales letter containing pertinent information about the product or service with a twist.

This could stem from innovative marketing strategies that involve community projects or giving back to society, especially the less fortunate like orphans, the handicapped or single parents with financial needs. A call to make a product purchase with a percentage of the sales given to one of these causes would have consumers clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button as part of their philanthropic endeavor. Many consumers buy in response to the call to help others who are needy in society as they take the opportunity to participate in the brand’s noble cause. This is an excellent marketing approach to win over potential leads that are sitting on the fence about the brand or business. Such a marketing campaign moves these consumers to a better light on the brand and business to become a customer.


Consumer behavior is very complex that must be rightly understood by marketers who wish to secure their support on the brand or business. They need to generate impressive or compelling sales letters with simple motivations to cause an immediate click-on by targeted consumers for an online purchase.

Amazon Sales Secrets > Internet Marketing Ebook

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As technology progresses, businesses must keep pace with the market changes as consumer demand and behavior change rapidly. Hence, with the emergence of mobile technology, it is expected that mobile marketing would be quickly engaged to find favor with popular search engines in order to secure higher marketing outcomes that include higher web traffic.

There are 10 reasons for every marketer or business owner to include mobile marketing into their marketing plans with a supporting budget as mobile technology comes into play.

Reason #1 – Targeted Audience Reach

It is expected that mobile marketing would enhance the scope of the targeted audience for the business which is desired. Marketers would find marketing endeavors more effective when the audience is targeted niche market that is ready to embrace the branding and business offerings. There would be less effort and time required in convincing such targeted audience to win them over as business customers.

It would be easier to personalize marketing messages that are directed to specific targeted groups of consumers for higher sales conversions. The emergence of mobile technology brings on sophisticated mobile phones and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets which refer to targeted recipients. Hence, the mobile marketing campaigns would be more relevant and more successful.

Reason #2 – Better Mode of Effective Communication

Mobile phones are becoming more sophisticated through progressive technologies that enable mobile users to be reachable on 24/7 basis. Mobile user consumers are more likely to read or take the call for better communication before making a quicker purchase decision.

Businesses are banking on quicker decision making by consumers using mobile phones and mobile devices to push their brand and products or services. Research reveals a higher statistic of 90% on opening SMS text messages than emails of 20% by consumers as their mobile phone or device is constantly within reach in their pocket or hand.

Modern consumers have already embraced cell phones as their primary communication channel today, which businesses would need to get on board quickly to win them over as customers. A two-way communication becomes very effective in establishing a strong relationship with the subscriber through various forms of engagement by a creative marketer.

Reason #3 – Greater Cost Effectiveness

Mobile marketing offers a lower cost of marketing approach compared to other marketing options due to better technologies. The cost of a text message marketing campaign is very low per message sent to an identified group of recipients which is the targeted niche market for the business.

The business becomes more viable if not profitable with lower operating costs to keep budgets intact and cash flow smooth. More savings are enjoyed to venture into other potential marketing options for greater synergy and outcomes.

Reason #4 – Quicker Implementation of Campaigns

Mobile technologies promote mobile marketing campaigns with an easy deployment after a quick design and development. Mobile marketing apps are sprouting rampantly in the market to offer quicker and more dynamic solutions for businesses to enjoy desired results in a shorter time frame as mobile user consumers respond faster.

This is helpful to business marketers who are monitoring the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns to call for upgrades, pauses, cancellations or edits to flow with the market demands or trends. Greater savings and ROIs would be generated by this dynamic and flexible flow of marketing operations.

Reason #5 – Higher Response Rates from Traditional Marketing Options

Research reveals a higher response rate from consumers engaged in mobile marketing compared to that of traditional marketing options as modern consumers are embracing mobile technologies, mobile devices and mobile apps quickly.

The Internet still proves to be a strong contender in marketing as a preferred platform where more mobile apps are designed to cater to the growing market of mobile online users. The higher response rate for marketing campaigns stems from the portability of mobile devices that empower consumers to make immediate marketing decisions that are favorable to businesses.

Reason #6 – Easy Integration with Other Media

The high technology of mobile marketing allows an easy integration with other feasible media options used in online marketing endeavors. Hence, marketers would enjoy a greater ability to synergize a dynamic marketing campaign with multiple marketing channels even with traditional direct marketing options.

Mobile marketing injects a certain degree of interactivity and consumer engagement that makes the marketing campaign more dynamic and experiential.

Reason #7 – Greater Relevancy and Accuracy of Data

Mobile technology is a more dynamic technology that engages the latest technology options for greater accuracy and relevancy in customer databases. The higher degree of security and convenience of using sophisticated mobile devices or smartphones prompts more mobile users to become more engaged with online transactions.

A lot of important personal or business information is stored in mobile devices with an immediate update to keep the list accurate and relevant at all times. This means less money and time is wasted in communication and online activities to increase consumer productivity.

Reason #8 – Lower Investment Risk

A well designed mobile marketing campaign offers greater ease and higher speed in execution to be more cost effective. This would be translated into lower risks in investments with quicker desirable results reported.

Changes could be made immediately with the myriad of tools available in the market to offset any sudden adverse reaction to the market that would prevent a financial meltdown using mobile technology and mobile marketing.

Reason #9 – Good Tracking and Monitoring Process

Mobile marketing is easily tracked and monitored to identify its effectiveness and efficiency in its marketing campaigns from the myriad of reliable tools and resources available in the market.

Mobile marketers could manipulate these tracking results to their advantage in bypassing the competition for their own gains as up-to-date information is secured.

Reason #10 – Competitors are Getting Onboard

The intense competition in the market is causing jitters where every business is keeping alert to the market changes, consumer behavior and competitors’ movements. Marketers who delay in activating mobile marketing strategies stand to fall behind in the market as competitors surge forward to take the crown.