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The little blue bird embraces a lot of promise to your business when used in the right way. Twitter is a prime social media platform with about 35 percent of all global internet users and more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute. That makes Twitter a potential powerful marketing tool. Numerous Twitter experts, successful business leaders and marketing professionals have utilized Twitter to market their products, services and brands.

How can you turn Twitter into an exceptional marketing tool? Well, here are 11 tips on how to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool.

1. Enhance your Twitter bio. Your company voice and identity should be well branded. What does that mean? It implies having a bio that informs the audience who you are as well as comprises a link to your organization’s website. Moreover, you should have a uniform tone for potential customers to clearly comprehend your identity as well as what you do.

2. Regularly interact with targets and influence in your target field. Twitter search, Followerwonk or Topsy could come in handy to find like-minded customers, influence, media and prospects by searching keywords related to your industry. Following and regularly interacting with them establishes a concrete relationship that provides collaboration opportunities.

3. Tweet regularly. Regular tweeting (on a daily basis) is a sign of a healthy, active profile. The more you tweet useful and relevant content, the more the likelihood your followers will read, retweet or visit the external links to your company’s website.

4. Retweet your followers’ or favorite tweets. Retweeting links and cements you with clients. Favoring tweets can earn you potential partners or customers’ attention quicker than a mention or a retweet.

5. Involve colleagues and co-workers. Ensure that your coworkers follow and engage with you on Twitter. Internal support is significant in building a brand.

6. Track keywords and brand mentions. You want to know what people say about your company, don’t you? Moreover, respond professionally and politely to keywords and brand mentions. Most clients post their complaints and queries on Twitter. Monitor conversations and join them when appropriate. For instance, when someone post “My car has broken down and can’t get a quick mechanic around San Diego,” you could join the conversation and tweet “We’re around San Diego and love to repair your car.”

7. Follow trends. Monitor trending hashtags, topics and develop a way to build a pertinent bond to your brand. Tagging your company’s posts with relevant trending hashtags helps your brand reach new users.

8. Offer special deals or discounts to Twitter followers. Conduct Twitter contests, for example, have followers post images of themselves using your company’s product and give them shopping vouchers.

9. Get Visual. The use of images, videos or other rich media drives more clicks, views and shares that plain-text tweets on Twitter.

10. Employ promoted tweets. Target your traffic with non-spam promoted tweets to exactly define your target audience. This could save you time and money. Besides, it delivers value that initiates credibility and trust among your audience.

11. Integrate Twitter with other marketing tools. All social media platforms are more effective when incorporated with other marketing efforts. For instance, integrating Twitter into your newsletters can help tap subscribers into your Twitter content.

It seems you have been missing a lot, right? The above tips prove Twitter to be an outstanding internet marketing tool that can substantially help expand your business and brand. It’s the high time you apply some of them.

Twitter can undoubtedly be described as a marketing powerhouse. If you do not how to market your product on Twitter, you are missing out a great opportunity and smart marketers have always been making use of the amazing potential of this social media platform to stay ahead of the competitors. At the same time; a wrong method of approach is not going to deliver the expected results and you need to adopt the right methodology to tap the amazing potential of Twitter. Here are the 5 clever ways to market your product on Twitter:

1) Increase the number of your Twitter followers to get real leads

You may have a superior marketing content that offers real value to the customers. What would happen if you have only a few followers? Achieving the expected results becomes an impossible task. You need to expand your following and when the number of followers increases, your product visibility improves significantly. Attraction marketing is the best method to be employed in Twitter and it always generates high quality leads. Publishing a direct sales pitch while posting on your account does not work and it is always advisable to be helpful towards the prospects. In order to improve the following, you can initiate conversations, join discussions and start engaging with other members and, other effective options include answering the questions and responding to the feedback of the people as well.

2) Identify your niche and conduct research to find out what people really want to know

On Twitter, you can find everything; different niches, different types of discussions and many more. You need to follow the area that goes in complete harmony with their business requirements and that is exactly where the importance of defining your niche comes in. You have to follow or join discussions with people who are within your industry. Once you identify your niche, you must do some research to discover the keywords that go well with your niche and research should also be done to identify what really people want to know and what really interest them.

3) Offer a solution

If you want to promote your product on Twitter, you have to provide convincing solutions to the questions and concerns of your prospects. When you become helpful, you win the trust of the people and it also helps you attract a lot of people. You have to establish your presence and providing answers to the questions, comments and discussions that are in line with the product you are selling certainly improves your reputation.

4) Provide value

Starting from your Twitter account name to the tweets that you post, you have to present yourself as a value provider. For example; if you are marketing a dandruff shampoo, people should always be looking to you to learn about hair loss, dandruff and other related problems. Consistently adding current news, links and advice on dandruff makes you an authority in your niche and over a period of time, more and more people will become attentive your opinions.

5) Avert dry feeds

You can make anything that you post on your blog or site into a tweet using the feature known as automated tweets. It is highly effective if can use it properly. You should not post links without writing an original line to accompany the link because posting links directly creates an impression that you are simply pushing promotions and content for your site. When you create tweets with personality, people easily connect with your Twitter posts.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that Twitter is a highly beneficial social marketing platform and when you follow these 5 tips, your product promotion journey on Twitter becomes enjoyable and result oriented as well.

Email marketing involves engaging list building where a business should always be building and growing their mailing list for sending out relevant email newsletters and business promotions or updates to the subscribers. However, online competition has become more intense nowadays as more businesses sprout up on the Internet to exploit dynamic marketing strategies including email marketing.

Business owners and marketers need to be more aggressive in manipulating email marketing features to receive better ROIs for every marketing endeavor attempted. It is not just a bigger and longer mailing list that would spur more traffic but the quality or responsiveness of the mailing recipients to benefit the business with higher sales and profit.

Hot Email List Building Tips

In a competitive environment, only the tougher parties would survive; much more flourish with the right actions taken. This would mean being alert to the changing market conditions and implement the best of emailing practices that are currently hot in the market to reap the desired outcomes for the business.

Smart marketers and business owners need to identify the best of email list with targeted niche audiences that would support the brand and business for the desired business returns. A growing email list helps the marketers or business owners kick start their marketing endeavors to outsmart the competition. It is crucial to attract and maintain a customer list continuously for building up a loyal customer base.

An effective email list building process begins with the sign-up option at the email or online ad that would entice potential leads to be on the business mailing list immediately. Marketers could deploy appealing marketing strategies to lure an opt-in decision; this could include freebies, special promotions and discount vouchers or cash back benefits. These are attractive marketing options that could easily compel potential leads to opt in as mailing list subscribers.

1) Kick Start with a WordPress blog

An effective email list building strategy is to engage a WordPress blog. This open source software is excellent in supporting great blogs with an easy publishing structure and available plug-ins that could be installed readily for an optimization of contents to be posted.

WordPress is a very popular blogging platform that promotes blogging through a dynamic website that is well structured for easy maneuvering of pages and features to understand the contents quickly. This is one of the best blogging platforms which marketers and business owners could indulge in for a personal blogging experience with the deep passion they have for their brand and business instead of hiring professional bloggers to promote their business offerings and brand.

Great savings could be enjoyed besides a high sense of satisfaction and personal achievement when marketers and business owners write dynamic blogs that are interesting and relevant to their targeted consumer markets where more would opt in as mailing list subscribers.

2) Clearly Displayed Online Subscription Form

Consumers tend to take the necessary action when the call-to-action option is right in front of them. Hence, a clearly displayed subscription form on the screen would make it conducive for the web consumers to fill it in immediately as they do not need to search all over for it.

With the page immediately in front of them, online visitors would quickly fill it up before moving on to another interesting page of useful contents which they want to get their hands on. Once the opt-in page is filled up, marketers would have the onus of capturing the attention of the subscribers to be converted as potential customers over time as an interactive relationship is to be established.

Choice spots on the website help to boost the success rates of opt-in actions by web visitors where the online form is easy to fill up with very few columns to be satisfied. Free gifts could be used to entice potential leads to sign up on the business mailing list. This would encourage web visitors to exchange their personal contact information such as email address and name readily.

3) Compelling Offers to be on the Mailing List

The sign-up form may be in front of the web visitor and easy in structure to be filled in but there must be a strong motivation for the web visitor to take the initiative to sign up. While some may sign up or opt in due to the free gift as a hanging carrot at that point in time, it is possible that they might opt out after securing the free gift.

Marketers must put in compelling offers that would entice opt-in subscribers to stay on their mailing list. This would involve a quick engagement with every opt-in subscriber as soon as they sign up. The use of an auto-responder system is an excellent choice in ensuring a warm welcome to every web visitor who signs in as a mailing list subscriber.

A personalized greeting mail in response to the signing up into the business mailing list would establish a warm rapport by the potential lead that would feel appreciated and valued with a prompt response after signing in. Continual online interaction in getting to know the subscriber first before hard selling would put the marketer on good standing with the subscriber. This would also allow the marketer to discover the consumer behavior of the subscriber in making the right brand and product recommendation that would be readily accepted by the subscriber.

Hence, the email contents would prove to be valuable and useful enough for the subscribers who would activate their purchasing power readily to become a business customer. Compelling email contents are great marketing strategies in convincing potential leads to become opt-in subscribers as well as changing these into loyal customers over time when the right products or services are introduced aptly through a strong customer relationship.


It is not difficult to build up a strong email list through these hot and effective marketing measures if the marketers are really aggressive in their business success. There is no coercion on any potential lead to opt in as a willing subscriber into the business mailing list when the right tools are manipulated with finesse and professionalism.

With over 230 million active users across the globe , then it is no longer a secret that Twitter is a potentially powerful online marketing tool that can help you achieve virtually all your business goals if you only know how to use it properly.

However, lots of business owners out there hardly know how to leverage this social media platform to achieve their business goals. If you don’t know how to use Twitter for purposes of marketing your services, products and brand, here are some actionable tips on how to benefit your business with Twitter marketing that will help you get the most of this incredibly powerful online marketing platform.

1. Engage your followers

One benefit of using Twitter for marketing your business is that it gives you the ability to engage your followers real time. Remember your followers are like potential clients and hence you need to engage them especially if you have lots of followers. The more you engage them, the more they will be interested in you and your business as a whole. As such, send tweets to them about your business and respond to their tweets as well. Moreover, inform them of important events and special offers. If you are always busy, it is prudent to hire a social media expert o manage your Twitter account on your behalf

2. Get to know the experts and influencers in your industry

Use Twitter search to find customers, like-minded prospects and influencers that relate to your specific industry. Follow them and once you get them, start engaging them more regularly. This is important because it doesn’t only help you develop a long-term relationship with them, but it also opens the door for numerous business opportunities as well.

3. Follow your competitors on Twitter

If you want to get an edge over your competitors and also stay ahead of them, then it is always good to keep abreast with what they are doing and what they are up so that you can do it better than them. For you to do that, you need to follow them on Twitter. You also need to follow their target market for you to know what they want and figure out what you can give them that your competitors aren’t currently giving them.

4. Use videos and images

Videos and images have been proven to get more views , shares an clicks than plain text tweets. Research has show that images and videos receive lots of feedback than plain text tweets , and hence you need to use them for purposes of engaging your followers.

5. Integrate Twitter with other marketing efforts

Like any other social media marketing platform, Twitter is much more effective once integrated with other marketing activities. If you are looking forward to running a promotion on Twitter, ensure your email subscribers are aware about it, thanks to the fact that these subscribers are another client base that have already expressed their interest in receiving messages from you.

The list of things you can do to benefit your business with Twitter marketing is arguably endless. But with these 5 tips on how to leverage this powerful social media platform for purposes of marketing your business , you are now a step closer to changing your fortunes for the better.

Online marketing is a new wave of marketing with the advent of the Internet and progressive technologies. It should not be a shock that more businesses today are engaging, dynamic online marketing strategies to boost market presence and sales for better bottom lines and market visibility.

However, as technology advances, online video marketing is generating a big hit amongst online business promotions as web consumer behavior changes to prefer visual marketing approaches over traditional text-based options. A larger viewership drives more businesses to indulge in video marketing to secure more traffic to their websites.

Appeal in Video Marketing

As more web consumers prefer videos in any marketing promotion, more business owners and marketers are picking up the dynamics and tools of video marketing approaches to woo potential business leads. YouTube alone boasts of billions of viewers across the globe with thousands of videos in a myriad of categories that would satisfy all types of potential business leads.

It is predicted by market leaders and experts that video marketing would continue on its rampage this decade to attract more consumers easily. Brands and businesses that are slow in engaging video marketing would be at risk of losing market share quickly. Videos are poised to dominate business marketing strategies now as the importance of video marketing becomes more obvious with clearer lucrative outcomes.

Videos in any online marketing campaign are dynamic in presentation, style and results. Visual presentations are more effective on sales pitches than white papers and text-based presentations from email marketing, blog or article marketing measures. Even important content could be misread and skipped when time is required to read and absorb the information.

Videos are perfect to convey business promotions to viewers, especially if the videos are well produced to be fun, entertaining and informative. Viewers would not be skipping important points of the business or brand with a video that plays through from start to the end before a dynamic call to action option is displayed for viewer’s action. Strong connections could be established between marketers and video viewers when viewers opt in as mailing list subscribers for the brand or business.

Compelling Videos for Lead Generation

In order to enjoy the dynamic results from video marketing strategies and campaigns, it is crucial to create compelling videos that would attract more attention from all walks of consumers who are to be converted as business customers. Compelling videos promoting the business or brand offer great business opportunities in building strong and lasting customer relationships to expand the business in the market.

One of the important goals in creating promo business videos is to ensure a proper dissemination of important marketing information on the brand or business that would convince video viewers of the dynamics of the business products displayed on the video. A well produced business promo video could go viral to impact a lot more audience besides the targeted niche markets in expanding the market presence of the brand and business.

Higher numbers would be the result of compelling videos that go viral to cause greater market interest that leads to higher sales and profits.

Producing Dynamic Promo Videos

Every video that is produced by marketers or business owners is aiming to reach out to a wider market audience that would boost the market presence and sales of the brand and business. Hence, marketers and business owners need to pick up the right ropes in producing videos that would shed the best light on their brand and business operations and offers.

It is not difficult to produce a dynamic video today with the myriad of versatile and cheap tools in the market. Once the objective of the video is identified with the relevant, targeted audience in focus, the video could be produced quickly using simple tools. The video must contain relevant contents to targeted viewers who are willing to check out the video for benefits.

The video should be interesting and entertaining with the theme in clearer focus to avoid a diversion that would cause unfruitfulness to the marketing campaign. Any topic could be selected in producing a video using various styles and modes of presentation, but the underlying theme of promoting the brand or business offers should be adhered with a call-to-action option for viewers to make an opt-in or purchase decision after viewing.

Although producing a dynamic business promo video is not difficult in general, some marketers or business owners may decide to hire professional help in its creation to ensure professionalism and success. The market offers many video producing specialists at reasonable prices that would fit the budget of even small marketing companies.

Indispensable Online Marketing Tool

It is not surprising then that videos have become indispensable online marketing tools for marketers and business owners to generate more potential leads and customers. With the lower cost of advanced technologies, cheaper memory and higher digital loading speeds are spurring the use of online videos as an effective Internet marketing tool in generating high traffic volumes that would convert to more sales.

Strategic online videos are able to generate more traffic as the video is easily shared across the world with a click of the button to go viral. Brands and business products could be readily promoted effectively and efficiently, which augurs well with web consumers and popular search engines. This generates high profits for the business with low costs incurred. Even new and small businesses are embracing video marketing with lucrative low cost production tools available to generate a dynamic video that promotes their brand and products effortlessly.


Every progressive technology brings about exciting advanced electronic gadgets and sophisticated marketing solutions that delight not only web consumers but also marketers and business owners. Videos are dynamic marketing tools which are becoming popular amongst modern marketers to generate higher volumes of traffic for the website.

It is expected that dynamic promo videos would rank higher in popular search engines’ SERPs when entertaining and informative videos are produced to satisfy consumer needs. Video viewers are more likely to take the call-to-action option by marketers to support the brand or business through sales and recruitment.

Top 5 Tips For Succeeding With Bing PPC Ads

Posted November 18, 2015 By Callie

Web businesses are getting wiser into the importance of consistent traffic generation to boost their brand and business sales but may be undecided on the best marketing approach to undertake for the best outcomes. One potential marketing strategy that could propel a web business from oblivion in the limelight of success is Bing PPC ads.

This choice of Internet advertising is extremely powerful with high returns based on its astounding features of scalability and versatility. However, it is a challenge to deploy Bing PPC ads without the right knowledge or skills in handling its marketing features.

Tip#1 – Prepare Advertising Budget and Plan

Every successful business must have a marketing plan and budget; without which failure is set. An advertising budget is crucial to the smooth implementation of the identified marketing plan with an identified niche market. This would help the marketer or business owner focus on what needs to be done in what manner.

It is crucial to act within the plan and budget to avoid over-costing that is bad for the business cash flow. Marketers and business owners need to be focused and disciplined in what is to be spent and what is affordable within the budget for the best results at the end of the day. This would help them achieve their marketing objectives, especially when implementing Bing PPC ads.

It is advisable to commence the marketing plan on a smaller scale with a smaller budget that would not be a burden to the business operations at that point in time. It is possible to increase the budget and marketing options to expand the marketing scope over time when profits start to flow in. This would generate a good return on investment that would encourage the marketer or business owner to proceed forward.

A smaller marketing plan on a smaller budget helps the marketer or business owner track the progress of the marketing campaign while testing the effectiveness of selected options. The reports provide accurate analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of the choice of marketing plan with the assigned budget.

Tip#2 – Split Test Ads for Greater Effects

As the adage goes, “never put all your eggs into one basket”, it is wise of marketers or business owners to split test Bing PPC ads. This would mean having several different ad copies operating simultaneously for comparisons to check the effectiveness and efficiency of each advert.

Marketers and business owners would be able to identify the better Bing PPC ads from the reports generated if a clear and efficient monitoring system is implemented. The bottom line is to identify the ads that would generate the highest click through rate, which benefits the business bottom line. This would help marketers and business owners make more informed decisions in selecting the types of ads for future marketing campaigns as there would already be proven records of viability on different ad campaigns.

The primary objective of Bing PPC ads is to generate higher CTRs every time with subtle changes made to the ads.

Tip#3 – Relevant Keywords in Ad

Relevant keywords are crucial to the success of the ad where targeted consumers are directed to focus on the important words regarding the business offering. It may just a handful of 5-7 keywords required in an effective Bing PPC that would enhance CTR and quality score besides lowering the cost per click option.

If less money is spent on CPC ads, more profits would be reaped at the end of the day, which is the primary objective of marketers and business owners. Hence, it is crucial for marketers and business owners to identify the best of competitive keywords to be included in the Bing PPC ads that would work for them in generating more traffic and profits at the end of the day.

Tip#4 – Consider Negative Keywords

Many marketers and business owners tend to focus primarily on competitive keywords and their positioning in an ad, but forget about negative keywords in the same campaigns. However, negative keywords are just as instrumental to the success of Bing PPC ad marketing where a negative keyword list helps marketers and business owners be aware of what is not hot in the market at the moment and steer away from such to avoid wasting time and effort or money in these.

Hence, the marketing campaigns become more targeted and focused to bring about the desired end results. This would improve the quality score besides cutting down on the number of unwanted clicks. The Bing PPC ad would only attract the right market audience who would click out of support for the brand and business.

Negative keywords become a more efficient way in managing the business advertising budget for greater effects. A higher CTR is expected as the generated traffic is more relevant to the ad displayed.

Tip#5 – Call-to-Action Option

A successful Bing PPC ad should include a call-to-action option that is obviously the best course to take by the potential lead after viewing the advert. Sometimes, web consumers are to be instigated or directed to the marketer’s desired path of action that would benefit the brand and business.

A call-to-action option could be placed at the end of the ad where web consumers would be directed to with simple instructions such as “click here for more information” or “click here for free giveaways”. An opt-in feature could instigate potential leads to become mailing list subscribers with an online form to fill in their name and contact information. Marketers and business owners could take further action on these opt-in subscribers to build stronger marketing relations that would benefit the bottom lines of the business over time.


It is not difficult to manipulate Bing PPC ads with the myriad of free or low cost advertising tools and technologies in the market today. Marketers and business owners only need to be well versed with the dynamics of these ads on Bing platform to reap attractive rewards in terms of high traffic to their website and massive potential leads as opt-in subscribers on their mailing list.

Tips for Boosting SEO on YouTube

Posted November 17, 2015 By Callie

It is not a surprise to note the increasing popularity of YouTube as a dynamic and a preferred marketing platform over other more established social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and even Google. The versatile marketing features of YouTube via videos have boosted many online business sites search engine rankings as video marketing enjoys a greater degree of receptivity in the market over other online marketing approaches.

YouTube seems to be a highly favored marketing platform compared to other social media platforms with more web users plying its platform daily for new and exciting videos to stimulate their senses and entertain themselves.

Business owners and marketers are seeking to boost SEO on YouTube with a higher ROI that would benefit their brands and business bottom lines.

1) Establishing a Strong Market Presence

Business owners and marketers must work diligently in establishing a strong market presence of their brand and business across the board on all platforms that hold the potentials in marketing themselves to draw the niche markets. YouTube is an increasing favorite on marketing platforms today to draw organic traffic to the websites.

A strong market presence on YouTube includes a good branding of the business and website with white hat SEO features well engaged. When the business displays a clear visibility in the market, it would be deemed a market leader or content expert in a particular niche that would attract the right audience to its website for more sales and profits.

This wide market visibility on YouTube would be generated through high quality and dynamic promo videos which are entertaining and beneficial to targeted viewers. Well produced promo videos are likely to stir favorable consumer emotions towards the brand and business that would spark off the right call-to-action decisions by the consumer towards the business.

2) Wise Application of Competitive Keywords

Good video searches on YouTube still require the best of competitive keywords or phrases that would have the right viewers coming by quickly and frequently. Well produced videos incorporate the latest dynamic SEO features that instill the right keywords that enable fast and successful online searches.

Web business owners and marketers who plan to manipulate YouTube marketing via entertaining promo videos could leverage on Google’s keyword planner tool that helps YouTube users find the right keywords to their preferred videos quickly. This would allow the use of long-tail keywords that would have an online video search to be more specifically identified for a quicker search.
Competitive keywords should refer to those which targeted users would key in to find the intended brand or business video. Such keywords need to be incorporated rightly in the video title or description that would help users find what they want; which is the business video that has inserted the right keywords strategically via SEO options.

3) Excellent Video Descriptions

Besides a dynamic title to attract the right viewers to the promo video, the description of the video is equally important in boosting more views and potential business leads. The apt deployment of good video thumbnails serves to direct viewers and potential business customers to the video.

An apt video description would also convince viewers on their choice of videos by understanding the benefits of the video if it were viewed. A clear and precise description of the video contents would help potential viewers choose the video for a full viewing.

An innovative video description would be able to engage potential viewers to have a clearer mind prior to viewing; this is very beneficial to boosting brand understanding as the video is watched. The right and concise explanation of the description column is part and parcel of good SEO that could generate better traffic to the web business site via the video.

Hence, the video description serves to promote branding the business aptly to achieve the set goals on SEO through YouTube.

4) Viral Video Marketing

In order to boost SEO on YouTube, business owners and marketers must learn to manipulate the best in digital marketing and the latest technologies that would bring in the desired outcomes in every marketing strategy and campaign. This would mean a desire to create a dynamic promo video on the business brand and operations that could cause the video on YouTube to go viral.

A viral video is the best marketing advertisement a business could hope for today as this would cause massive organic traffic to come along. A viral video is a strong indication of marketing success that could be converted into business success with higher sales and profits, especially if the business owners or marketers are prepared to handle the outcome. In order to produce a dynamic video that would go viral on YouTube, the video producer must understand the objective of the video and the available tools to be engaged to cause the viral effect.

This could include considerations on current market trends, latest consumer behavior and demands, video contents and title as well as the quality and impact of the video on viewers.

5) Right Marketing Dynamics

With the right deployment of dynamic marketing approaches on producing a versatile promo business video on YouTube, the right SEO features must be incorporated from start to finish for the best of SEO in the video on YouTube.

When the right steps are taken in boosting SEO on YouTube, it is likely that the desired results would come by in a matter of days. Business owners and marketers must collaborate closely with video producers, if not themselves, to engage the right SEO elements that would produce the desired high quality appealing video which boosts the business and branding.

Creative videos on YouTube could be on any topic in different approaches to win over targeted audience using quality content and presentation while promoting the brand and business. Great video features with SEO must be incorporated to have interested viewers directed to the website to be opted in on the business mailing list as opt-in subscribers.


Good quality and innovative YouTube videos attract a higher viewership with a potential of the video going viral and boosting SEO at the same time.

Internet business owners and marketers must always keep track of their web traffic volume and conversions to gauge the success of their marketing campaigns. It is futile to execute a myriad of marketing campaigns without the appropriate web traffic volumes that translate into the desired potential lead conversion rates which bring in higher sales.

An average conversion rate from any web traffic directed to the website could vary between 1.5 and-6.0% based on niche markets and marketing campaign dynamics. Conversion rate optimization experts in the market reveal different conversion rates for different top market niches:
1) Telecom and Internet – 6.3%
2) Electronics and Computers – 4.8%
3) Retail and Consumer shopping – 3.6%

Check and Compare

If an Internet business’s conversion rate is way below the industry standard on that niche market, marketers would need to reconsider the dynamics of their marketing strategies and campaigns. A low conversion rate, especially from high web traffic is cause for concern on the viability of the business in the market. Its visibility is likely to be overshadowed by uprising and more aggressive Internet businesses until the business drops off the market radar or stirs up to be proactive against the current competition.

Online profits are notably higher with higher conversion rates even with the same marketing budget. Marketers need a game changer that would improve their sales conversion rates quickly. This is why big companies in the market hire professional conversion rate optimization firms to enhance their sales conversion rate if it is currently low.

Professional Solutions

Experts may have to be roped in for a detailed professional analysis to eradicate the problem quickly and accurately. Such Conversion Rates Experts are equipped with web traffic analysis skills and resources to identify the cause of low sales conversions for any business in any industry.

Dynamic software tools such as Google Analytics could be employed to identify the source of the problem for a quick rectification before verifying new conversion rates with a large sample size. Once the issue is identified correctly and fixed, the web business site is likely to generate more sales even with the same traffic volume. It is possible that the improved sales quantum should continue even after the marketing campaign is over.

However, professional solutions from industry experts on sales conversion optimization may be costly for many companies that are tight with the budget. Alternative solutions may be sought to lower the cost of implementation for the desired results.

From small to large Internet businesses, many lack some essential element in generating a higher sales conversion rate despite their intense efforts and investments.

Topping Up What is Lacking

However, many factors could impact the sales conversion rate. This includes:
• Wrong business model applied
• Weak marketing channels engaged
• Poor competitive keywords
• Improper traffic campaigns implemented
• Inconsistent offers at multiple sales channels
• Slow loading times
• Bad sales copies
• Badly designed websites

Any of these factors could adversely impact the sales conversion rate of an Internet business unless the issue is identified and rectified quickly. But some of these could be resolved rather easily and quickly by business owners and marketers without incurring a high cost or professional solutions. Other related factors could be resolved when these basic issues are cleared properly. These are issues which marketers or business owners must pick up to resolve personally so that they are hands-on with the business in every aspect.

1) Enhance Marketing Focus with Clear Goals

It could be a lack of business goals and objectives that is keeping sales away. Marketers must be focused on their business goals and objectives before planning any marketing strategy or campaign with a targeted audience in mind.

A clearly defined goal or business objective for every marketing strategy to be implemented in a planned marketing campaign helps the marketers keep focused on the right track and identify success or failure in their marketing endeavors. This would include a statement on the revenue or sales expected, the number of customers targeted to achieve or the number of potential leads that would be engaged in a strong customer relation.

Such goals would help marketers schedule their workload wisely to become more productive with their time and effort. These are measurable goals which clearly note the success or failure of the marketing endeavor. Goals and objectives that are not achieved must turn the marketer back to the drawing board for a re-focus or identification of the right focus for success.

2) Enhance Marketing Approach with a Consistent System

It is true that business success does not happen overnight, but it is possible to drive a steady stream of business potential leads to the website if there was a consistent marketing system put in place correctly. Business prospects may not convert to customers overnight, but it can happen quickly with a step-by-step structured marketing plan that is clear cut on what needs to be done when.

Marketers would need to engage proactively in building strong relationships with every potential lead, understanding their consumer behavior and needs while earning their trust and confidence in the brand and business products. This would eventually lead to business opportunities to introduce business products and services that close in a sale.

The Internet offers many good guides on developing a strategic marketing plan that is cost effective. These proven guides could be easily tweaked to fit any company’s marketing goals and requirements to be successful.

3) Enhance Time Management

Every marketer or business owner would cry ‘foul’ on time management. A business could be very encompassing and engaging that there is hardly enough time to spend on other equally important aspects of the business. Hence, marketers and business owners would need to identify the most urgent and important plans of actions that must be taken; if not, proper delegation or out-sourcing should be considered for favorable results.

Everyone has 24 hours a day; an Internet business could be very successful if proper time management is exercised through an optimized marketing approach which could manipulate the latest technologies and market expertise.

Online businesses today require dynamic Internet marketing strategies and campaigns that would generate not only potential leads to their websites but also conversions into sales by customers. In order to achieve this objective, business owners and marketers need to build the business or brand using versatile online marketing approaches.

It is crucial for online businesses to draw a continuous flow of web traffic to enjoy a higher conversion to sales as not every web visitor would be inclined towards the brand or product especially on the first visit. Sometimes these web consumers may return for repeat visits or not again depending on the marketing strategy of the marketers.

Generating and Converting Traffic

Before web traffic could be converted into customers, they must come in; preferably in droves to enjoy a higher conversion rate. The market offers a plethora of exciting online marketing strategies which could be deployed by any type of business using the available free or low cost tools and solutions that would boost business bottom lines.

Internet businesses could consider any preferred online marketing strategy in the market to attract web traffic to their website. Organic traffic could be readily secured without paying high costs on targeted niche traffic from various sources such as social media networks and blog marketing from innovative marketers.

When a marketing strategy is successful, it could be used over and over again to entice different groups of niche market audience depending on the products and brands to be promoted as well as the demographics of buyers. It is vital for marketers to identify their potential business leads from various sources that would earn them more or consistent flow of web traffic that would keep their brand and business relevant in the marketplace.

Modern customers are more discerning today with the myriad of choices in the market that are vying their purchasing power. Marketers and business owners would need to pick the best of marketing strategies that would entice potential leads towards the brand or business immediately. Pay-per-Click affiliate programs could be employed in converting potential leads into customers when deployed strategically. Marketers and business owners need to understand the dynamics of this marketing strategy to woo and win over potential leads to become strong and loyal brand customers.

1) PPC Traffic Conversion 1 – Deploy Paid Advertising

One of the most effective ways to manipulate PPC traffic into higher conversions is the application of paid advertising. But businesses that do not understand the dynamics of paid advertising would not be able to reap the desired results readily. Cheap traffic may not be the targeted organic traffic that is desired.

Google’s PPC program could generate large traffic volumes which require a lot of intense filtering for the desired target niche traffic that would boost sales and bottom lines. Marketers would need to research and identify the types of paid advertising that is worth their time and money to secure the types of web traffic which converts to paying customers.

Marketers could place a few well designed brand ads in various avenues such as Ezine directories, online banners, blogs, email listings and even social media networks. The selected avenues should be high traffic channels to capture as many potential leads as possible. This would ensure that ideal business prospects would come by to read the ad and be captivated by it for a further discovery.

2) PPC Traffic Conversion 2 – Integration of Social Networking

Once the traffic comes in, every potential lead must be converted into a customer that benefits the brand and business. This is where relationship building must be activated with a constant engagement between marketer and potential lead.

Paid advertising marketing would bring in good returns with a good follow-up by marketers or business owners using a dynamic content-driven strategy which could include offering valuable tips or free giveaways that would benefit consumers. The use of social media sites such as popular Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest could attract more traffic with a paid ad displayed on these platforms.

Joining social media platforms on online discussions and forums would help potential leads, identify and get to know the marketers better to build trust and confidence in any business relationship. Stellar customer service would also establish good rapport between the potential leads and marketers if regular interactions are executed.

The stage would be set for a successful sales pitch as marketers would be familiar with the consumer behavior of their potential leads by now; having built a solid relationship through time. From the massive potential leads that could be found on social media networks, marketers could have a field day generating the right leads via the appropriate paid ads placed on social media platforms.

3) PPC Traffic Conversion 3 – Aim for Viral Marketing

A very quick conversion success with PPC leads would be to generate a marketing strategy that could go viral. Viral marketing is extremely desirable as it could unleash high volumes of potential leads that could be converted into paying customers.

Quality content in video or article marketing proves to be a popular means for potential viral marketing. A viral effect on the well planned marketing strategy could draw in massive web traffic that could be converted into buyers or customers. The market would soon be abuzz with the brand and business that is helpful in generating a strong business presence and visibility.

4) PPC Traffic Conversion 4 – High Rankings on Search Engines SERPs

Engaging PPC marketing is another wonderful marketing option for marketers or business owners to win the favor of top search engines for high page rankings. A high web page ranking tends to draw in more traffic to the website that would allow marketers to seek their preferred potential leads to be converted into customers.

A well deployed PPC program would manipulate the best of SEO and advanced technologies that would augur well with search engines for higher page rankings. The use of competitive keywords, titles, backlinks, hyperlinks and image tags works to boost higher page ranking that would draw more traffic and higher conversions.

Lead Generation Ideas For e-Commerce Business

Posted November 14, 2015 By Callie

An e-commerce website is needful for today’s e-Commerce based businesses where more sales are expected across the Internet using the latest technologies. This would require a constant generation of potential leads to be directed to the website through dynamic marketing strategies and campaigns.

However, it would be higher sales conversion rates that would bring lucrative income to the business from the high web traffic. Many potential lead generation methods are available in the market to generate organic leads that would benefit the business.

e-Commerce businesses would need to pick up several tips in generating good leads to boost business outcomes.

1) Socially Active

In order for more potential leads to be generated from an e-Commerce business to be successful, marketers and business owners need to be socially active on the Internet via popular social media networks. Businesses that are poised as e-Commerce businesses should indulge in social media activities to generate a strong social media presence in the market. This would position the brand and business aptly in the marketplace when a lot of buzz and hype is generated on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Many web consumers are active social media users and fans or followers who would follow the market trends based on the latest market buzz and hype. Marketers who pose products pictures and services on social media networks like Pinterest could create a market buzz about the brand and business as social media platforms offer one of the cheapest lead generation methods in online marketing until online ads are affordable.

Professional social media marketing experts are available for hire to post promotional materials across various social media sites to establish market presence for the brand and business.

2) Freebies and Giveaways

Many potential leads are favorable towards freebies and giveaways, especially those that are useful and relevant to them. These are free or low cost investments which a business must consider to draw more potential leads.

A freebie or giveaway, even a discount or cash back, is a great incentive to attract new potential business prospects to the website. Such incentives motivate potential leads to sign up or opt in as a mailing list subscriber. Hence, marketers could grow their mailing list easily, although the work must be performed in building strong relations with these potential leads to become customers with sales.

Small online surveys are also activities which marketers could invite potential leads to take with a freebie given as a reward. Small product samples are also great giveaway options to attract potential leads in taking the call-to-action option.

3) Simple Available Sign-up Process

A sign-up process to opt into the business mailing list must be simple and short to encourage web visitors to become potential subscribers. The best marketing strategy does not benefit if there is no sign-up form anywhere on the web pages to prompt web visitors for a sign-up or immediate sale.

The sign-up form must be appealing and obvious for the web visitor to take notice of when visiting the webpage. A simple sign-up form encourages more sign-ups as it is not unduly troublesome, especially when there is a desired freebie on offer. This would allow the marketer to gather the best of contacts from the market to boost the business later.

4) Proactive on the Forums

e-Commerce businesses need to generate a high profile of themselves in the market with a proactive presence in online forums. Joining more forums on the Internet opens the floodgates for marketers and business owners to seek out more potential leads from surprising avenues to grow their list quickly.

Marketers and business owners who are passionate about their businesses are likely to succeed at online forums with a dynamic contribution of their business and product benefits especially if they are eloquent in disseminating such information. They could also create new forum groups to attract specific crowds from different channels in growing their list.

Better questions posed on these forums would attract the right audience with careful thought of a strategic marketing plan. Marketers and business owners who provide fresh insights and revealing solutions to difficult questions or life challenges are likely to win more web consumers as potential leads for the business.

It is worthwhile making time to get on Internet forums to establish a strong market presence and good impression as a market expert on a particular niche.

5) Loyalty Program

It is important to take good care of existing customers and subscribers who stay loyal to the brand and business, regardless of the quantum of sales they have benefited the company. Marketers and business owners who indulge in a loyalty program for customers and mailing list subscribers would be assured of retaining them for a longer time.

A loyalty program could include special discounts and reward points such as lucrative cash back or redemption of products and services with point systems. This would encourage more sales which benefit the company.

Regular promo emails should be generated to existing customers and opt-in subscribers who are loyal and responsive to business promotions. These promo emails should alert customers and subscribers on special offers that would benefit buyers. Birthday discounts and freebies are very popular and effective in retaining existing customers and subscribers who may even be unofficial ambassadors for the company. This could also be incorporated as part of a dynamic marketing plan for recruiting business distributors or partners to generate more leads.

Hence, the e-Commerce business would be able to thrive in any competitive market when its leads list is constantly growing with satisfied customers.


Marketers and business owners who switch their business game to e-Commerce platforms are wise to stay abreast with technologies and market changes. They would need to activate dynamic lead generation marketing strategies to build up a strong list that would boost their business in the market regardless of competition.

Regular leads must be generated to widen the business scope and market visibility to enjoy more sales and profits. Professional leads generation experts are available for hire if marketers are inexperienced with this important task.