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Your Internet Marketing Made Easy

Posted March 16, 2016 By Callie

Marketing online has become the preferred method of promotion and advertising for both web and home businesses. Internet marketing gives business owners the opportunity to target their chosen audience, while often receiving instant results.

To accomplish your goals in the internet marketing field, you must first familiarize yourself with general promotional and marketing facts. Just a few simple tips can help you build your business into all that you desire.

To produce a significant income from your business, you must first find a way to gain visitors to your web site.

Generating traffic is very important in internet marketing. It is a good idea to visit other web sites with a similar audience as yours to aid in the development of your internet marketing plan.

Affiliate programs are an ideal source of traffic generation, as well as, web site advertising. As the internet expands, so do the many ways to bring customers to your site.

The word “free” is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools ever.

Offering a free trial or sample on your web site is the perfect way to get potential customers excited about your business. As in any marketing plan, creativity is a must. If you are not able to dish out any free goodies, why not create a special offer or discount?

It is essential that this offer is only offered at your site; this shows that you are willing to try something different from other business owners. Innovation can be the key to success in the internet marketing game.

Developing an honest and solid reputation in the business community is a necessity. Customers need to feel secure purchasing from you, and not worry about disclosing their personal information through your servers. Most consumers look for a seal of approval such as the Better Business Bureau Online icon. Once customers trust you, your business and internet marketing aspirations can continue to prosper.

Good Copywriting Broken Down To Steps

Posted March 13, 2016 By Callie

It may be the most lucrative job and business right now – trying to write ads from scratch that would make your audience to sit up and take attention. And it is actually not impossible. But it sure feels like it most of the time.

So what’s the big secret from those who can do it? It’s all in the steps you make. To write effective copy, whether it’s for your full color brochures and marketing brochures and color postcards, the big secret is to do it one step at a time.

Step 1: Questions first; answers later when you’re writing your sales copy.

You need to ask yourself four questions before you could go on with your sales ad copy: who are your target audience? How can you confirm your information? What will make them ignore your call? What is your call to action and your promise?

When you’re ready with your answers, then start writing your ad.

Step 2: Make a list of all your product’s features and check them twice. The more features you have, the better you can describe fully your product’s best qualities.

Step 3: Also make a list of the benefits – for every feature try to come up with as many benefits as you can.

Step 4: It’s all in the formula.

For every success there’s always a formula. Two of the popular formulas in copy writing are AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution). If you can create your own, the better.

Step 5: Develop a headline with a punch.

You can always get inspiration from other full color brochures and marketing brochures and color postcards. Every time you read something you like, write it down. When you’re in front of your sales ad copy, try to put your own details in place of what’s already written. Then you can use that for your headline to impress your target audience.

Step 6: Just write it!

The best strategy I believe is to just write it. Anything that comes to your mind, just fire away! If you let your imagination flow, you’ll most likely get a lot of inspiration for your sales copy. In fact, the more you let your emotions flow, the less likely that you’ll sound like anybody but yourself. The best thing is that you’ll be able to come up with your sales copy while customizing it to your own needs and requirements.

Everything on the Internet is Content!

Posted March 10, 2016 By Callie

Before you start to think that this is another SEO technique that may or may not work depending on the current algorithms of the search engines, think about it…

EVERYTHING on the internet is CONTENT.

The internet is a veritable treasure trove of information. Good, bad, valuable or not, the internet is all about providing information to people.

That is why smart internet marketers know that people want information from their websites – not just SEO enriched pages of advertising.

The loopholes that search engine optimizers have been trying to use for high ranking in the search engine has created a plethora of sites that boast high keyword ratios, thousands of irrelevant hyperlinks and sometimes even redirection. These redirected websites try to create an optimized web page that the search engines will rank high but actually redirect the viewer to a less search engine friendly site.

Well, the search engines caught on. The websites that were getting the highest placements weren’t always providing quality information or useful content. In fact, they not only lowered the ranking of these sites – they even removed them from the listings completely.

This sent a shock wave through the internet community and smart marketers realized that there is only one sure way to convince the search engines that they were meant to be at the top: Quality Content.

Not only do the search engines love content, but visitors do too. By providing visitors with useful information and relevant links to other sites, they come back again and again! And that’s not the only benefit.

Because website owners are now hungry for content, there is a huge market for informative articles that other website owners can use on their sites. By offering information to these sites in exchange for a hyperlink to your website, you get even more exposure, both to search engines AND customers.

Writing content for the major article directories and including a signature or “about the author” at the end of the article with a link back to your website is one of the best ways of generating free website traffic. If the article is well written and about a strong niche topic, the article will get picked up by many websites for their own sites, which can provide you with a wonderful set of viral links to your site. The more frequently your article gets picked up, the more opportunity there is for another webmaster to see it and pick it up, too.

There has been talk about using WordPress beyond the typical blog set-up, into the realms of a full-fledged content management system or CMS. Yet, most people have no idea how this is even possible.

I have to stress that the default WordPress software is intended to be a blogging tool, so if you’re trying to make it work like a different type of content management tool you’ll have to use the correct plugins (enhancements) and have the a clear idea of what you want to achieve.

While the exact step-by-step method is out of the scope of this article, lets explore some of the ways you can use WordPress, as I have personally done before.

1) WordPress as An Article Directory

To make WordPress work as an article directory, you’ll need a special plugin, and a source for the articles. is the perfect tool for this, as the articles there are usually human-approved.

They also encourage free distribution of their articles to other article sites.

After you have set-up the WordPress plugin, you need to sign-up for Article Marketer’s distribution list. By filling in their form and specifying the categories (or choose all categories), you automatically qualify to receive all old and new articles that are submitted to

However, with WordPress as an article directory, you’ll only be able to receive syndicated articles. Authors won’t be able to sign-up or create an account directly with you. It’s also against’s terms or service to encourage authors to sign-up directly with you.

2) WordPress as a Membership Site

You can set-up a free or paid membership site using WordPress. All it takes is a few simple plugins to get the job done. Once you’ve installed the plugins, members will need to login to your site in order to view the content. You can also place a login form in your WordPress theme files to make it easy for users to lo in and out of your membership site.

However, the plugins only create a simple membership system, so if you’re looking to create different membership levels and more advanced features, you’d probably want to sign-up with a professional membership system like and use their available plugins to ingrate with WordPress.

At the time of writing, has available plugins for a reasonable cost and these will be installed by their support team, so you don’t have to worry about the technical setbacks.

3) WordPress as a Classified Ads System

WordPress can work like any other classifieds website too. Users can sign-up on your site and place classifieds in the form of new blog posts. They can even set expiry dates for their ads and specify listings or “wanted” ads.

However, you will need to create all the necessary categories and even create a sign-up information page to teach your users how to place ads.

The upside of using WordPress as a classifieds site is that you can also use tagging tactics to get traffic from social bookmarking sites and sites like

4) WordPress as an Audio / Video Training Site

Using the membership plugins mentioned above or’s WordPress compatibility plugins, you can create a membership site with WordPress. Then, all you need to do is to add the “Podpress” plugin which takes care of all audio and video elements on your website.

You will be able to display and stream MP3 audio or FLV video using their built-in players.
The Podpress plugin is really robust and also allows you to specify setting on iTunes, so you can make this commercially and available to the entire iPod / iTunes community.

As you can see by now, there’s a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to using WordPress to the extreme.

I’ve created an entire video training system to help newbies and advanced marketers alike master WordPress. Yet, every day brings new possibilities to using WordPress as a complex CMS instead of the modest blogging tool it was designed to be!

The User Generated Content Advantage

Posted March 7, 2016 By Callie

Many websites today develop at a slow, gradual pace or not at all. This is due to the fact that the average web developer does not want to spend all of his or her time writing content for their site. You have got to admit it. Over time, writing new content everyday become monotonous and you must either turn to new methods of gaining content such as outsourcing or just let your site become static. Well, there is another alternative…

Using User Generated Content.

Why Does Your Site Need User Generated Content?

Even if you are very motivated and you generate 5 pages a day on the average, it will still take you a good 55 years to reach 100,000 indexed web pages. Why would I set a goal so high? Well, a goal of 100,000 web pages is not very high when you have the power of user generated content on your site. Squidoo currently has over 500,000 indexed web pages and this has happened over the past two years!

Without a doubt, user generated content can make your site explode with content, but why would you want that to happen? Well, from my experiences online over the past few years, I estimate that 500 indexed content pages with an average of 300 visitors a day can generate $200 a month in Adsense income. Just imagine if you had 100,000 web pages, That would be roughly $40,000 a month in Adsense income. I’m not even taking into account the amount of income you could generate by selling ad space directly through and advertising management software at your own set rates.

How Can You Add User Generated Content to My Site?

You may already have some tools on your site that permit user submitted content. A WordPress blog offers the ability for your visitors to post comments. Well, comments are user generated content. Anytime someone posts their ideas, beliefs, or a testimonial they are submitting user generated content. All you have to do is lay out a good advertising template to take advantage of that content and transform it into income.

Additionally, there are other tools available that will permit your site to have user generated content. Site Comments is a good software that I use on my product review pages in order to generate numerous testimonials for products I am promoting. This is a good program for user generated content, but there is one that blows them all out of the water.

If you look around, there are loads of different comment scripts available and it is not difficult to find forum software to add to your site. These tools may satisfy your needs for user generated content to a certain extent, but when it all comes down to it, you still do not have the ability for your visitors to generate their own pages on your site.

I’ve searched all over the web and if you are looking to buy a copy of myspace’s software or Squidoo’s, ect. you are out of luck… For now. That is you will not have to wait very much longer and you will not have to hire a programmer to create it for you. The software is called Content Avalanche and the name is appropriate.

Are You Living the Life You Imagined?

Posted March 7, 2016 By Callie

* Do you feel strong, healthy, financially secure?

* Are you too busy working to take the time to make more money than you need just to ‘get by’?

* Will you be in the same position five years from now?

So you’ve scoured the internet for a home business and are now totally confused, how do you separate the real diamonds from the fake?

Most business opportunity websites focus on money and success stories. Do you REALLY think that you can:

* make money with no investment of money, time or energy, or all three;

* make money legally without selling a product or service;

* make a thousand dollars between Friday and the weekend;

* trust someone who tricks you into reading a web page with a dishonest headline?

What YOU need to focus on is deciding what you want to do, so that you will recognize it when you find it.

You need to learn how to be just as insistent as those scam artists. Learn what it is that you’re looking for, and never settle for less.

Here are some of the questions you need to ask in order to clarify exactly what you want.

What do you really want in life? No matter what your current situation, you need to look beyond those particular circumstances and decide what it is you ultimately want to achieve.

For example, you may have bill collectors calling you every day. Your automatic answer may be “I want them to go away, I want to be able to pay off my debts.”

You need to look beyond that. What you really want is financial stability and security so you can do what you really want to do, whether it be charitable, recreational, etc.

Yes, you want to be your own boss, regulate and schedule your own time, and control your hours and income, but maybe you also want to work with others who will train you to be just as successful as they are.

Do you want to market on the internet, sell, host parties, take orders, deliver products, handle stocking, inventory, or money collecting? Do you want to work independently most of the time, or do you want to work closely every day with others.

Don’t forget that there are many aspects of going to work for others that you may be overlooking because of current stresses or worries.

Will you be content to sit at home alone in your home office day in and day out?

Will you miss the commaraderie of conversations around the water cooler or over lunch?

Maybe you want to stay home with your young children.

Will you miss having adult conversations?

What I’m suggesting here, is to look beyond the lure of the “quick dollar” and pay attention to the details of what you will actually be doing every day in any online business. If you don’t see it in print, ask! Ask those who are already working the business. Ask the owner.

Maybe what you are looking for is what is called the intellectual distribution business. It’s the next trillion dollar industry. It’s all about educating consumers about products and services that will improve their lives, that they didn’t even know existed; safer, healthier, more convenient alternatives to products and services they already need and use; it’s about wholesale prices, ordering online or on the phone, and deliveries right to their door.

Do you also want a system you can just plug in to, simple enough for beginners? Even if you know nothing about personal websites, live online conference rooms, or how to identify prospects interested in your products or services, you want to be successful and to have those tools and talents at your disposal.

You have the will to learn and earn, the persistence and the ability to follow directions. If you are a beginner, you can expect to find a business that will train you completely for free.

Putting up a blog is one serious process. But there are always tips and guides that could help you get on with it. Quickly, your website will soon have a blog that could help you with getting your business that boost it needs. Soon after you have that blog, you could have four, maybe five or more posts in a few days time.

But then the question lingers, how do you get your blog posts read?

Remember that no matter how great the content, you would need your blog read by a great mass of traffic. Readers won’t know of what you have to sell or serve them if they don’t read your posts, right? So you need to get your point across. That means promoting your blogs.

Below are tried, tested and easy ways to do so. Read on and learn how to power up the traffic generation or blog following:

First, start with your current contacts and existing resources. If your blog isn’t built in your website just yet, then make sure that your posts have visible links that will lead your blog readers to your website. Do this as well on your website so that visitors can go to your blog site as well. If you have the blog already in your website, that isn’t a problem. Just make sure that navigating your site always leads them to your great, interesting blog content.

As you have existing contacts, ask them to opt-in with updates each time you have a new post. This is called an email newsletter. It should be so short but very catchy, sort of a teaser, that links the recipients to your new post.

Next, you must have your email signature, and surely, with that already comes your contact details. Do the same for your blog, and don’t forget to include your other social network sites. This would definitely hype up your visibility and keep your contacts posted with everything that’s going on in your blog.

As important as your email and blog signature, make your blog easy to share and be an open platform for communication.

If you haven’t gotten a LinkedIn account, do so. Don’t just settle with Facebook and Twitter, although both are really potent social sites that could help promote your blogs. But with LinkedIn, your contacts will be able to see your blog entries. Make sure you have this feature activated. In the same way, have interesting introductions or strong teasers in Twitter and Facebook so that your connections will read your posts as well.

Other sites where you could update your contacts with each new blog post would be YouTube, Flicker, Blogger or WordPress. Get them up and open accounts there, if you don’t have one yet. Better yet, make sure these accounts are well-managed so that your connections will have a bite of your blog content.

Another really easy way to promote your business blog would be blog sharing. In sites like Ezine, there are great possibilities to share your blogs with others. Also take advantage of your friends’ blogs, even people from the industry you’re moving about. More so, if you have posts that are closely related with other bloggers, you can share the blogs with them. Make arrangements as well to cross-promote each others’ blogs. They sure would appreciate that – and your blog will get that business boost you want so much.

Quick Solutions With Quick Blogs

Posted March 5, 2016 By Callie

A web log, also known as a “blog” for short, is like an online diary or journal for some, on online multimedia center, article or news announcer and more to others. Basically text-based, blogs are easy to update with posts, and depending upon the type of blog, fairly easy to maintain.

If you choose to set up your own blog with software in your web hosting package, for example, you generally chose a WordPress blog. WordPress offers a variety of templates, however, not all templates are compatible with all plug-ins or modules you may want to incorporate into your blog like RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.

So you would either have to learn the skills needed to update your blog as technology and the Internet advance, or you would need to hire help to do this for you so that your blog keeps up with the times.

Blog Content and Features

Regardless of whether or not you hire help with your blog set-up and maintenance, there are many features and benefits for both bloggers and website visitors. For example, many authors can contribute to a blog’s content. So you can set up multiple authors to allow posting access for each one.

Plus you can post multimedia on your blog. Upload digital images, full color graphics, photos and animations, even add audio and video.

Helpful for promoting both your business and personal materials, you can share photos as well as presentations that focus on your products, services and any other related information online. Powerful tools for sharing and advertising, blogs are well liked by both search engines and people.

No Experience Necessary

Even if you have no experience operating a static web site, you will find that nearly any type of content can be presented on a blog. Businesses and individuals share stories about trips to in-depth discussions about world politics. And as an added bonus, most blogs even allow website visitors, also known as bloggers, to post their own replies to your blog content or entries, leaving feedback for the blog host to approve or delete as he or she sees fit.

Depending upon the blog tools, other blog features can include:

– Customizable blog templates that can be helpful for creating an attractive display of your content quick and easy.

– The means to incorporate Googleâ„¢ Ad sense into the blog to generate additional income, helpful for covering your blog hosting fees.

– Additional ways of promotion and SEO (search engine optimization) solutions like adding small banners with interactive links to sidebars.

– A tool for IP banning so that spammers and other troublesome website guests are not able to post unwanted messages to your blogs.

– Subscriber form boxes plus RSS news feeds to enable your blog visitors to return plus inform them automatically of your new blog content.

– And area with blog statistics so that you can review the number of people reading each of your posts.

– Hot keys so that the administrator of your blog can use repeat phrases when posting replies on the blog.

– Automatic email messages when people leave comments and feedback on your blog.

– Survey tools for interaction with your blog guests and help for your future content creation.

– Remote blog capability so you can post directly through your email or a handheld device.

In summary, a blog can be an easy, fast and fun way to establish an online presence with the right blog tools and / or help. With so many awesome features for both blog guests and blog operators to use, it’s no wonder that blogs are so popular today!

Optimize Your Website For The Best Results

Posted March 4, 2016 By Callie

A business should not underestimate the power of its website to increase its reputation online, bring in new customers and make sales. Using search engine optimization is the best way for a business to maximize the potential of its website.

This article has tips on some quick and easy ways to do that.

When you set up your WordPress blog you MUST use keyword URLs instead of numbers!

p=243 doesn’t tell Google what your page is about, but having WordPress insert some or all of the title into the URL will show Google that those keywords are important. This will bring far more traffic, so implement it!

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get your content seen on the web. This can help you gain new traffic to your webpage, allow you top search engine rankings, and even boost sales if you are selling on your site.

There are many benefits to SEO.

Select which inbound links you want. If a website is associated with a spam, you do not want to see your business listed there. Typically, getting an inbound link from a website that gets more traffic than yours should help you. Concentrate your efforts on getting links from websites that rank higher than yours.

Take care when using your social media presence to boost your main site’s PageRank. The data you provide on your social media pages (e.g. Facebook and Twitter bios) should dovetail with the main keywords of your website. This establishes a relationship between the two that can help improve the positioning of both your social media presence and your main site.

If you are having a hard time writing good content and optimizing your blog or website at the same time, you have to make a choice. You should probably focus on writing quality content and worry about optimization later. If your site looks like a long series of keywords, no visitor will ever come back to it.

If you want to include keywords in your URLs, you should use hyphens between them. This will make it easier for search engine spiders to recognize different keywords, allow your visitors to read the URL and understand what the page is about. Make sure you use hyphens instead of underscores.

To encourage searchers to click on your site, make sure that you choose a relevant meta tag for every page of your website. The meta tag is the brief description that appears under your title on the search engine results page, and without it, people may not know what your site is about.

Check your bounce rate and lower it as much as possible. Your bounce rate is how quickly someone clicks into your site and then leaves. Search engines interpret a high bounce rate as a signal that your website was not helpful when searching on that keyword. This damages your standing in the SERPS.

As stated at the beginning of this article, search engine optimization is very important for a business to be successful online. A business can meet its goals by using search engine optimization to enhance its website and its rank in the search engines. Applying the tips in this article will help to do that.

6 Eye Grabbing Subject Lines

Posted March 4, 2016 By Callie

Your subject lines plays a crucial role in any email campaign ads whether you’re using safelists, autoresponders, ezine solo ads or any opt-in list where email is involved.

Your subject line will make or break your return on your investment so make sure you get their attention first.

Here are six headlines that have worked for me in the past which I’m sure will work for you too. The technology will always change but peoples desire to succeed and curiousity will not.

1. Promote Your URL Here – Free!

For whatever reasons, I’ve had so much success using this subject line when promoting free classified sites, safelists, and those viral ad boards.

2. Hi, My name is Paul

This works simply because it raises prospects curiosity. I’m always a sucker for this subject line. Who’s this Paul anyway? I’ve had succeess with this using ezine solo ads.

3. I need your help, please?

There’s something about being a human, always wanting to help another human being, It’s hard to explain, it just works.

4. Bob, I haven’t received your shipping address yet.

What! my shipping address? why do you need my shipping address for. This particular subject line really piqued my interest. If you are sending post cards to your members or prospects, this will improve your sales especially if you personalize it.

5. How my site got listed #1 on Google, for free!

This one made several sales from Trafficswarm traffic exchange program when I was promoting an affiliate program about search engine e-book. Even made more sales with ezine solo ads using the same subject line.

6. Paul, Please accept my sincerest apology.

When I saw this subject line from an email, my first reaction was, “who/why/what are you sorry about?…huh?” Exactly it got my attention and my curiosity. The sender was apologizing for not sending that email sooner which was about a new traffic exchange program. Good grief.

In conclusion, make your subject line so compelling that it’s almost irresistible for your prospects not to open the email message. If you can hypnotize your readers with cleaver subject lines, you are half way to making a sale.

Also when people can recognize where that email message came from, that will help getting your email message open as well. Don’t use fake names, use your real name instead.

Of course, I am not recommending that you use any of these headlines if they are not true in relation to the content of the e-mail message. If you rely on deception in e-mail marketing, all you will do is tarnish your reputation
and your credibility.