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The success of an online business today is dependent on its distribution list. Business owners and marketers must not belittle the value of their current customers or potential leads in their mailing list as these are the ones that are supporting the business in the market at the moment.

There are always more business opportunities with these groups of consumers to generate more sales for the business for more profit. It is vital to keep them in the business distribution list with a strong relationship established that could be instrumental in boosting the business outcomes or expansion.

Business Expansion Dynamics
One of the important elements of business success in the digital world is the availability of a healthy distribution list. Although there may be other potentially effective marketing tools and solutions, a list of loyal business supporters known as mailing list subscribers or brand followers is critical to the business existence in the market.

The company is assured of a steady stream of web traffic from its mailing list subscribers who would support the business and brand with sales. These potential business customers welcome the business updates on the latest brand products or services offered by the company. These are the ones that would open the business email for the newsletter updates which are sent out regularly with benefits to the recipients.

However, there must be more than keeping these subscribers on the business mailing list to be updated with the latest company news. The business list must grow through various means; either through further dynamic marketing endeavors deployed by the marketers or through the recommendation of existing subscribers to rope in more potential business leads that are their personal circles of contact.

Strong Influence from Existing Subscribers
If the relationship between the subscriber and marketer or company is good, personal recommendations could bring in new subscribers to grow the business leads. Such efforts would help the company save a lot of money on advertising and marketing. Moreover, these recommendations are likely to be good potential customers who are open and supportive of the company and brand as they would have been updated by their close contacts to agree to opt into the business mailing list.

Hence, the subscribers prove to be favorable testimonials on behalf of the company to attract others into the business mailing list without the marketer’s influence. These new subscribers are likely to be potential business leads which the company or marketer would never be able to access if not for their existing subscribers. It is then crucial to offer excellent customer services to these business mailing list subscribers at all times so that they would be satisfied customers who are willing unofficial ambassadors for the company.

Like-minded Focus
Existing mailing list subscribers are familiar with the business goals and objectives as they access the business website pages frequently. They are privileged to view exclusives on business offerings and get updated with the latest on the business and brand.

They form the business community of web consumers who are like-minded in their focus and interest concerning the business and brand or company. They are usually loyal business customers who generate consistent sales for the marketer and the company. These are excellent referrals for the marketer to attract more new potential leads for the business as satisfied subscribers are often willing to offer favorable reviews or feedback about the company, business and brand regarding the products or services rendered.

Good comments on the business from these current subscribers have the effect of attracting new web traffic to the website if the marketer engages in appropriate online marketing strategies via dynamic marketing platforms such as social media sites.

Affiliate Marketing
The distribution list is also an important component to affiliate marketing businesses that require a strong group of potential business customers for a thriving online business. Many successful affiliate marketers usually generate not one, but many distribution lists to boost their Internet businesses consistently throughout the year.

Affiliate marketers do not hesitate in deploying the best of marketing strategies to grow their mailing or distribution list once they understood the potentials of this list. Huge income could be generated from the promotion of one product via their distribution list in any campaign.

Hence, the first important task of affiliate marketers is to establish a strong distribution list as soon as possible and keep it growing to keep the business operating in the market. Time and effort must be put in consistently to build good relations with each member of the list besides the regular sending out of business updates.

Contents and Purposes of Distribution Lists
A good business distribution list is essentially a customer database where every record includes the potential customer name, address and contact number. It usually includes an email address for emailing business newsletters which may trigger their purchasing power on the business products and services offer.

Information on the distribution list allows the marketer to connect directly with each potential business lead to offer them an online experience that is favorable to the company. The distribution list is dynamic in generating new sales through the effective direct mailing of business promotions in the form of coupons and vouchers that would delight potential customers.

The distribution list is also very useful in securing new customers from the current ones. It is also dynamic in building and developing the business brand through existing customers and subscribers in the list. There would be a stable group of supportive customers who would be updated immediately with every new business product or expansion that would generate the right market hype for the company and brand.

There are many benefits in generating a solid distribution list to grow the business quickly. Marketers and business owners could deploy various ways to manipulate their business mailing list creatively to be effective in growing the business efficiently.

When the subscribers of the business marketing list are satisfied with the business services and the relationship established, the company could enjoy more potential business leads from the recommendation of current subscribers.

Sponsored Ads on YouTube

Posted May 26, 2016 By Callie

This is another online advertising option that you can use. Advertising on this website works in the same way as on other websites. The only difference is that the ads are placed on the videos. You can use video or text advertisement. The short video ad appears first before the main video content. The text ad appears at the bottom of the video frame.

You can use all such sponsored ad options on YouTube website. Advertising on this website requires some research. You will have to search for the right keywords that you want to target. For the video ad, you may need professional help to prepare the video.

Irrespective of where you advertise, you will have to pay money for placing advertisements. In most cases, you will pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. The cost is worth it because it is a very efficient marketing option. You can read all the terms and conditions before placing ads and paying. You can post your own videos. If you handle it correctly, your videos will gain top spot on websites like YouTube. You will need an account with this website to post videos. Creating an account on all such social networking sites does not cost anything. It is a simple process and you are ready to advertise once you have created your account.

Websites that want to catch the attention of search engines must consider SEO-friendly links and proper link structures. The first item of interest to search engines on websites is their URL structure which must be well designed and effective in implementing. A confusing structure is unlikely to get the approval of search engines for all its pages to be indexed which would result in lower page ranking and disbanded content regardless of its value.

The common issue with URLs is the vagueness, they represent about the page. There is also the possibility of multiple URLs pointing to the website homepage. Such duplication is common from the ineffective sorting options selected and the execution of different tracking parameters.

SEO-friendly URL Structure
It is not difficult to ensure that a website is SEO friendly if best practices are adhered to. Some professional assistance may be required for a more dynamic setup to have the website properly indexed to attract not only targeted audience but also search engines for higher page ranking. This would spread the visibility of the company and brand across the Internet and the marketplace.

1) Simple and Straightforward
One of the features of a good URL is a simple and straightforward structure that is easy to understand by users and search engines. This would refer to the best choice of keywords that gives a better insight of the site without difficulty in remembering the URL name for more frequent access.

2) Accessible
Good URLs must be easily accessible by web users who are highly encouraged to visit the website for the business information that would boost sales and bottom lines. The URL must also be readily accessible by search engines to be indexed when crawled.

3) Consolidate Various Domains
All domain link structures need to be consolidated to avoid good backlinks from getting lost in the sea of domains. When the domains are consolidated, there is a proper flow of backlinks to their targeted locations for easy access by web users and search engines.

4) Preference for Absolute URLs
SEO-friendly link structures avoid relative URLs which could cause infinite loops that would trap search engines. Moreover, relative URL tends to depend heavily on the context which may change; this would cause the URL to be irrelevant. Hence, absolute URLs are preferred.

5) Create XML Sitemap
There is a difference between the HTML sitemap and XML sitemap. The latter is useful to search engines in finding the web pages of the business website easily. Webmasters and business owners of websites must include relevant web pages that would be displayed after the search engine crawls through to confirm and acknowledge good incorporation of SEO features.

6) Conceal Irrelevant Pages
A webmaster may get on the web page frequently using different IDs that could generate duplicate URLs which could confuse site visitors. These pages should be concealed if they do not contain target keywords to attract web visitors.

Specific instructions could also be directed to search engines to avoid indexing these pages which would not show up in the SERP listing.

7) Special Tags for Specific Canonical URLs
The canonical tag is extremely useful in highlighting the canonical URL. This is excellent to assist search engines in deciding the specific canonical URL of the targeted website for indexing and display in online searches.

8) Reduce Irrelevant Links
As the saying goes, “too many cooks spoil the soup”, too many links may not augur well with search engines on higher web page ranking. Webmasters and marketers need to be discerning in attaching links that are useful and relevant to the topic or brand to encourage web visitors the right click and be directed to the right page for a definite call-to-action response.

Good link structures are SEO friendly when the links are well affiliated and instrumental in boosting market visibility and brand presence for the company’s bottom line.

9) Relatively Shallow Link Depth
The depth of the URL link structure should not be too deep for easier navigation in a minimum number of clicks. This would constitute a successful link structure site for any company in any industry. A shallow link structure enables web visitors to navigate and explore the business or brand offerings more easily.

A better online experience would draw more potential business leads to the site for more sales conversions from shallower link structures that allow web visitors to find what they want quickly without diving in too deep.

10) Enhance Link Dynamics
Other links dynamics could be exercised to ensure a more SEO-friendly URL and website. This includes backlinks on internal pages to promote the site offerings. These well positioned backlinks help web visitors to go back and forth easily in their search while bringing them to the homepage quickly with a click of the button.

Moreover, links should be in the same language throughout the web pages for consistency and easy understanding of the action to be taken and what is in store at the next page when web visitors click on the link with the keyword.

The Need for SEO-friendly Website
Every website must be SEO friendly with the proper links that are useful and well positioned to attract the right web visitors to enjoy the host of information that has been prepared. It is crucial to offer an enjoyable online search experience for all web visitors who are potential business leads and customers for more sales.

A well structured website with the proper URL links encourage web visitors to procure the information they require without confusion or wasting time directed to irrelevant pages. This is the dynamics of SEO-friendly links and link structures of a website in its optimization endeavor.

With the rising competition in the market as technology progresses, it is vital for web business owners and webmasters to be proactive in the design of their website appearance inside out for greater business outcomes.

When the website is well structured with proper links and structure, search engines would be highly instrumental in directing more traffic to it. Website owners and marketers need to be kept abreast with changing market trends and consumer demands to stay relevant in the market.

Solo Ads

Posted May 25, 2016 By Callie

Not like ad swapping, solo adverts are typically individual advertising campaigns. However, there are some similarities. Emailing is not completely out but you need not stick with the monotony. Instead, you pay someone else to do the mail and put in your name somewhere in the email.

This technique works as it allows you to position your adverts in other people’s emails. As a result, you get access to an audience that couldn’t have been possible without outside assistance. This is a neat way to popularize your brand and get people talking about your services and products.

There are several firms and directories that allow you to do this. Keep a watch on Discount Solo Ads and Solo Ads Only. These companies offer the widest reach at the lowest price possible. However, there are price variations and the bigger list campaigns may run into a few thousand dollars. A couple of hundred dollars should fetch you a decent campaign.

Dig out the full potential of solo ads by having their site traffic driven to your email opt-ins. Simply put, use solo ads for building a list from the service provider. If done right, you’ll have several thousand new potential customers and subscribers in no time.

Solo ad campaigns can be very helpful with building additional traffic for your website. But don’t take this campaign for granted and use your discretion wisely. Without the right focus, you won’t get anywhere. Therefore, take an informed approach to see your traffic figures rising like never before. If you are not sure how to get your solo ads rolling, hire some expert help.

It is amazing how progressive technologies bring on dynamic marketing options for marketers and business owners in promoting their company and businesses more effectively. Marketers and business owners love cost effective and efficient marketing tools to be competitive and Ad Swap is one of these available options that could boost the company email list for more sales and higher profits.

Ad Swap Dynamics
An Ad Swap works well with 2 marketers who share similar business interests and a personal mailing list. They synergize to exchange their mailing list records without payment to enjoy a new set of potential business leads for their business development.

The details could be worked out between the parties to enjoy the best of benefits such as the number of agreed record to be swapped and the schedule of the send-out. Such marketing swaps are common in Internet marketing to grow the mailing list of the business without incurring high cost.

There are certain pros and cons to Ad Swap endeavors. Marketers could grow their mailing list more quickly than generating their own and savings could be enjoyed if the record swaps are mutually agreed based on certain terms and conditions between the parties. However, there might be some repercussions where email recipients may be turned off with the flooding of business emails and advertisements from various marketers and this annoyance may cause more unsubscribing from the original list.

The primary goal of Ad Swap is to build a strong mailing list through a meaningful relationship between the marketer and subscribers. This would ensure a responsive list that benefits the business with more sales and profits if the marketer takes care of the good relationship with their subscribers.

Ad Swaps could be a dynamic marketing strategy to build a strong list quickly, for free when it is manipulated appropriately. The success of Ad Swaps requires an existing list of a couple of hundred of records on the business mailing list. This would be a good size for record swapping of potential business leads between marketers for Ad Swap to be effective and successful. Hence, marketers must build up their own distribution list to a reasonable size before venturing into Ad Swap.

Building the Email List
Every vibrant business in the market must have its own distribution list that could be manipulated in various marketing strategies such as email marketing which requires an email list. This list serves to promote the business offerings by informing current customers and potential business leads in the company’s customer database or email list through emails and Solo ads marketing approaches.

Ad Swap and Solo Ads synergize the marketer’s marketing endeavors cost effectively and efficiently. These marketing strategies work well together to benefit the parties involved. Marketers need to interact with each other in the market, especially those in similar industries to enjoy relevant potential leads to be opted into their own mailing lists.

Ad Swaps basically manipulate Solo Ads dynamically by promoting the company brand and offers using another marketer’s list through an exchange of lists. This is the marketing reciprocity practice that benefits both companies without incurring costs on either party.

This is an excellent way to build up the email list as there are potential business leads to be secured from other marketers’ lists. However, the bottom line in building a strong mailing list is to develop a strong and meaningful relationship with list subscribers to generate consistent high sales. This would ensure a responsive list that benefits the business.

Cautions on Ad Swaps
Although Ad Swaps are dynamic in building up the business email list, there are pros and cons with this lead generation option. Marketers would do well in exercising the right cautions on Ad Swaps to enjoy the full benefits to leverage on it.

Marketers are advised not to execute Ad Swaps excessively, which may trigger certain repercussions. It is recommended that a maximum 3 exchanges to be transacted per month as time should be used to build strong personal relationships with the new subscribers to fit into the new company environment as these leads were from another company list.

Ad Swaps are more effective if the swaps are done with companies or suppliers who are in the same or similar industry. These must be reputed market brands which are recognized in the market to have good lists. It is also good to check out the size and quality of the list before an exchange so that there would be an optimal outcome. The response rate of the list would indicate the feasibility of the list on any marketing campaign. A high response rate from the supplier list indicates a highly responsive email list.

Every successful Ad Swap activity should have a well designed domain available with reliable web hosting services to host the capture page where web visitors would be directed to for an opt-in to the business mailing list. It is preferred to have an auto-responder system that would handle certain lead generation tasks to ease the workload of the marketer. The capture page needs to be optimized for the best effect while the marketer should prepare for irresistible offers that would attract these external subscribers to opt into the business mailing list.

Once these subscribers opt in, time and effort should be exercised in building strong relationships with each one so that there is a higher chance of converting them into loyal customers. This would require a personalized dynamic marketing strategy in a versatile marketing campaign to convince them of the company’s potentials and offerings.

Ad Swaps are cost effective when it comes to dynamic marketing strategies in building the email list of a company. The exchange of subscribers between two marketers incurs no cost to ensure a low budget for high gains. Hence, this marketing option in lead generation is very attractive to all businesses that understand its concept and application.

However, marketers who want to indulge in Ad Swaps must be careful to exercise it cautiously as there are possible repercussions that would cause the mailing list to shrink instead of growing.

Social Advertising

Posted May 24, 2016 By Callie

Social networking sites provide an excellent way to generate high level of online traffic to your website. These websites allow you to share contents. You can place ads which are viewed by users who use such networking websites.

If you have used Facebook, you must have seen small pictures with some text underneath those pictures. These are special type of social site advertising. Millions of users who log in to these websites every day cannot resist on clicking on ads that provide them some kind of value. Most networking sites work in the same way. You have to use various ad options including text and banner ads if you want your promotional campaign to succeed on social networks. These sites offer pay per click ad model which is very efficient. You pay only when someone clicks on your ads. You can target only those individuals who fulfill the demographic criteria for your ads.

You can take help of Myads and POF ads to advertise on social sites. Facebook has its own Facebook Ads to help marketers advertise on its website. You can use short posts on twitter to take readers to your websites.

It is completely up to you how you carry out your social ad campaigns. You should also take advantage of social bookmarking sites, such as Reddit, Technocrati,, among many others. These websites can bring lots of traffic to your website.

It is easy to create a free account on these websites. At the same time, you need to upload new contents regularly if you want regular visitors to your posts.

Top Tips for Creating Better Live Content

Posted May 23, 2016 By Callie

Creating live content is something that most marketers won’t have much experience with. The big live streaming sites have only been around in the last year and so this is still very much an area where we are learning and honing our craft.
Fortunately, video content is not so new. If you’re used to creating content for YouTube, then largely this is going to be similar and you should find that the skills are transferrable.
But there are some differences and there are some best practices that will help a lot on a live video. Read on to find out what some of those are and to make sure you create the best videos possible for Facebook Live.
Ensure you have a good connection
This is something that you wouldn’t have to worry about with a YouTube video but it is paramount when streaming live. Ideally, you should wait until you have a WiFi connection to ensure that your video will stream well and won’t be interrupted. Otherwise, aim for at least 4G.
Greet new viewers
As you are filming, new viewers will log in and find your content. A great tip is to welcome these new viewers by name and say hello. This really wakes them up and immediately shows off the power of live video for them. No longer are they passive viewers – now they’re active participants and they can be seen by the creator of the video!
Structure your content lightly
In other words, don’t just ramble on with no structure to what you’re saying. Make sure that your video has some kind of point and some kind of structure – such as an interview or a top 10 list. At the same time though, be flexible and free to react to your audience. People love feeling as though they’re getting to know you and if you are too rigid and scripted then it may as well not be live!
Cater to viewers just coming in
When structuring your content, remember that very few people will have watched your content from start to finish. This means that your most important audience is probably the people who arrived after the start and won’t stay to the end. This is why it’s a good idea to ensure that your content can be enjoyed from halfway through as well. Recap back occasionally and make sure that you keep everyone up-to-speed!

A new year in the market is filled with new expectancies as new advanced technologies come on board. A lot of web traffic is expected by web businesses when new marketing tools and solutions are implemented as part of the marketing plan and strategy.

However, marketers are able to draw organic traffic in bulk if they implement the 5 best ways of generating the desired traffic.

1) Frequent Article Submission
As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind”. If targeted web consumers or current customers do not receive good articles consistently from their preferred marketer or website, it is likely that they would turn to other eager sources which are likely to be competitors.
This is where marketers need to be consistent in submitting good articles at least twice a week to reputed article directories for maintaining their customer list and growing their customer database. Good articles must be consistently developed to keep targeted potential business leads and customers interested in the business, brand and products or service offerings.

Good articles must be related to the website or brand theme that would interest targeted web readers. This would generate more web traffic to the website and boost the market visibility of the company or brand. There are many excellent reputed article directories on the Internet with high traffic volume to draw free web traffic. These include EzineArticles, Articlesphere and Articlecity which boast of good search engine rankings.

2) Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
An SEO – based website is a definite approach to generate high organic traffic for any business today. If the proper SEO elements are aptly included in the website and web content, the path is paved for more web traffic to flow to the website as such features augur well with search engines.

SEO optimized websites are likely to gain higher webpage rankings when the search engine spiders find the proper Meta tags and Meta descriptions aptly included for quick searches. This includes the securing of a catchy and dynamic Title with selected keywords and Keyword tags which are linked to the primary keywords for an easy search by web users.

Moreover, the domain name should include the primary keyword while every page should have a proper Title tag for a quick find. The primary keyword is preferred to be noted in the first paragraph of every website page for the search engine spider identification when it undergoes indexing.

Images are good attraction components which could be included in the website if they are also optimized with the proper alt tags and keywords. The keywords should only be incorporated as 2% of the text for an optimized content that augurs well with SEO specifications.

3) Blogs and Backlinks
The good web traffic flow could be generated by the creation of 2 blogs which serve as backlinks to the website. These blogs are easily generated free of charge through or Search engine giants like Google tend to index blogs from these platforms and blog updates would have the bots running through the blog content and find the backlinks to the website.

Articles which are submitted to reputed listing directories on the Internet with a posting on these blogs would draw more web traffic as the search engines identify the high volume traffic from these reputed platforms to approve the connectivity of the website in the market.
This indicates the worthiness of the blog that is worth a visit with web visitors directed to the blog that has a backlink to the website.

4) Online Forum Dynamics
Online forums are dynamic platforms which web users could participate in easily to seek out the desired information on the Internet. Marketers could deploy online forums with specific niches to kick start some interesting discussion threads that would attract the right crowd of participants or observers. These are the potential business leads for the marketers to follow up on.

It is easy for marketers to sign up with any existing online forum platforms to join in the online discussion or start their own to attract targeted niche markets to their shores if they have the knowledge on a particular topic or theme. Alternatively, they could be forum facilitators with invited subject or market experts as the primary speaker at the online forums to attract a bigger crowd.

If the online forum provides a safe and interesting platform to address various issues which web consumers are interested in, there could be a huge volume of web traffic generated to the web business site after the forum session. This could happen easily if marketers execute proper market research prior to the forum session.

The online forum platform offers a space in the signature line to include the website link for directing interested web forum visitors and participants to connect with the marketer after the forum. Good links are critical to ensure a proper path to the web business site for further communications between the marketer and web visitors. This is vital for the marketers to establish a strong and good relationship with the web visitor who is a potential business lead.

5) Guest Blogger or Commentator
Marketers who are skilled in blogging or knowledgeable in a particular subject area could be a guest blogger or a blog commentator to draw more web traffic. Relevant market topics which marketers are highly familiar with could be undertaken at reputed blog spaces on the Internet where high traffic flows daily.

These are excellent sources of organic traffic, which marketers could engage in with their marketing skills or subject knowledge. They could also comment on blogs that post content in niches which they are familiar with; their expert advice would be highly appreciated by those seeking the best solutions. Such a proactive approach would likely position the marketers to be considered as industry experts or market leaders in those niches which they speak on regularly.

Marketers today have more than enough dynamic lead generation strategies to enjoy massive organic traffic to their website. A proper understanding and implementation of these traffic generation approaches would likely guarantee success in a short time frame.

Smart Tips For Article Marketing

Posted May 23, 2016 By Callie

If you have the skills that allow you to create interesting and engaging content you can use this skill to take part in article marketing to promote just about anything. It really is one of the most effective ways to get the attention of your target audience.

Since there are going to be customers that are really interested in purchasing your services or products you will want to provide them with solid and interesting information. When you are looking to take part in article marketing you need to make certain that you are providing your audience with useful information.

You will need to write about topics such as insider secrets and how to guides for example. You want your articles to lead customers to your website instead of just waiting for a chance encounter.

You may be looking to set up a blog for your articles as part of your website or looking to set up a stand alone blog that will direct people to your website the choice is really up to you. Make sure that each article that you write contains a link to your website otherwise the entire process of article marketing would be futile.

One of the biggest benefits that you need to learn about in this whole process is that you will be able to drive traffic to your website through writing articles. It is a proven method that increases conversion rates, meaning you will have a much better chance at gaining a customer.

Being able to set up a blog is very simple as you can use sites like Blogger or WordPress. You can also submit your articles to article directories such as Ezine Articles.

Facebook Live is a platform that should appeal to anyone who is trying to build a personal brand and establish themselves as a thought leader in their niche. This will encompass a very large proportion of digital marketers and make this a platform that a lot of people start making use of.
What this also means is that some of the people reading this and planning on creating live content won’t have much experience with creating video content. So if you’re not an experienced YouTuber, read on to learn some of the tips of the trade that will help you to create more engaging and professional videos…
Video Quality
Video quality makes a huge difference on YouTube. On Facebook Live of course this isn’t such a big issue (seeing as everyone is recording from their phones) but you can nevertheless make a big difference if you invest in a high quality camera phone.
What’s arguably even more important meanwhile is that your videos be bright. Even a low quality video will look much clearer crisper if the room has lots of light! Either invest in a light box, or try to use natural light strategically. Aim for ‘Rembrandt lighting’ which means lighting your face from one side more than the other.
Your audio is equally important. Make sure that you record your sound using a lapel mic or a phone with a clear built in microphone. Speak slowly and clearly and think as well about the acoustics of the room you’re in: this can make a surprisingly big difference! Avoid echoing spaces where possible and think about your background noise. If people can’t hear what you’re saying, they’ll leave quickly!
Being a good presenter is about being engaging and clear. It’s also about being charismatic and smart. Try to dress for the occasion but likewise don’t look overdressed as this will just make you look desperate – which is never a good look! Go for ‘effortlessly smart’ and try watching your favorite YouTubers for tips.
Finally, think about your ‘set’. The area you film in is very important and will make a big difference. In particular, try to avoid filming anywhere where there’s too much activity behind you that could be distracting. Likewise, avoid filming anywhere that looks untidy or unprofessional. Your living room is not a good choice if there is lots of rubbish strewn around the place!