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Improving Your Teaching Skills

Posted January 19, 2018 By Callie

Knowledge is power. There’s something you know that other people are desperate to know. Whether it’s information for their business, life, or passions, you can do people a great service when you teach them. It’s an excellent way to help others while leaving your mark on this world.

After all, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort to become an expert on something. You’ve used a lot of elbow grease and spent a lot of your time and money on a particular skill or topic. Surely, it’s a good idea to pass your knowledge along to other people in the form of coaching, right? People are clamoring to know what you know, after all.

But, what about all of the crummy teachers and coaches you’ve had in your life? What about the books you’ve read that didn’t actually teach you a darn thing? What about the confusion you’ve felt when trying to get a grasp on new concepts and your teacher didn’t know the first thing about helping you?

What about those natural born coaches? There are some people who seem to be able to teach anyone, anything, at any time. It’s seemingly impossible to reach that level if you don’t consider yourself to be a natural born teacher.

I’m sure we can agree that it’s one thing to be an expert on a topic– it’s another thing altogether to be able to teach that topic to someone else.

It’s time to meet somewhere in the middle. Spend some time learning how to teach so you can be effective for the people who want to learn from you. By the way, learning how to teach effectively isn’t something that’s going to take you years or even months to master. Sure, you’ll absolutely get better with practice, but I’m going to show you the easiest, fastest, and most powerful methods to become a masterful teacher.

Don’t think of teaching as something you should stay away from if you’ve never done it before. Don’t think of teaching and coaching as something only “natural” teachers should do. People are out there waiting for you to teach them. Now you’re going to have the skills to do it.

You want to become a coach to show clients how to do something that you’re personally proficient at (and you want to get paid well for that, of course!)– I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to get started as the most effective teacher you can possibly be.
Why You Teach

There are so many different kinds of teachers out there. Most people usually think of classroom teachers, but the truth is that we’re all teachers to some extent or another. You teach your children how to do things, you teach those you work with, you teach clients and customers, you teach others in groups and organizations you belong to, and more. This teaching happens whether you’re conscious of it or not.

There’s a reason you’ve decided to sharpen your teaching skills at this moment in time, and it’s because you want to coach others and earn money by doing so. The fact is that you’ll have a much bigger impact on your students if you understand how people learn and what you can do to help them learn most effectively.

There’s something amazing about seeing the light bulb go off in your students’ heads as you teach them. You’re passing along knowledge that they are desperate for. It’s an amazing accomplishment to make an impact on the world like that.

So while your reasons for teaching are very individual, teaching and learning are universal. You’ll be able to use your newfound teaching skills to make a bigger impact in a very fulfilling way. As far as I’m concerned, everyone should learn how to teach and communicate more effectively. It’s a skill that will serve you well personally and professionally.
Who You Teach

Who do you plan to teach? Maybe you’ll be teaching a classroom full of clients in your local area. Maybe you’ll be teaching at a local university, college, or community college. Maybe you’ll be training employees where you work. Maybe you’re starting an information-based coaching business where you teach through books, audio, video, or online webinars. Maybe you’ll be teaching individual clients either in a group setting or one on one either in person or over the phone or elsewhere.

You might be coaching in a one-on-one or group setting, speaking in front of an audience of a few people or thousands of people at a seminar or on stage, as the leader of a webinar, or in an otherwise influential position with as few as one or as many as thousands of people looking to you to teach them something.

You have to think about the people you’re going to teach as you embark on this journey. The people you teach and coach are different from the people I teach and coach.

Far too many coaches only think about themselves when they plan their lessons and prepare their materials and lectures. They, consciously or not, only think about what’s best for them– their teaching style and preferences– rather than thinking about what’s best for the student.

You’re going to teach people from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. They’ll all have different personalities, goals, and desires. They’ll have subtly different first impressions of you when they first meet you as a teacher. They’ll all thrive on different learning styles and combinations of learning styles.

Often, though, you can get a pretty clear picture of the typical student in your class or the typical person listening to you or reading your materials. They’ll generally be of a certain demographic and share at least one common goal– to learn what you’re teaching. For instance, I’m teaching you right now. I know that you want to learn how to teach more effectively for your students, clients, customers, etc.

I can also make generalizations about the demographic you belong to, and maybe even about some of your connected goals. My audience tends to be typically entrepreneurs in business and online marketing, so I can infer that many reading this are from that same crowd. At the same time, I can’t forget that I’ve targeted this information to a wider audience than just business owners and marketers– it’s for anyone who wants to learn how to be a better teacher or coach. That gives a shift to my focus.

There are two things that come into play when you think of whom you’re teaching. You have to consider what they want to know and how they learn best. You also have to think about your personality and teaching style and what you bring to the table. There’s a reason people are going to want to learn from you specifically—remember that.

Remember first and foremost that just because you learn best in one way (reading, listening, or watching) your students will often learn best in one of the other ways, so be aware of that.

In future episodes here, I’ll get more into the “nitty gritty” of how to specifically improve your teaching skills, but the purpose of this one was to make you aware that teaching skills are indeed something you need to be aware of, improve, and master if you want to be the best coach, author, mentor, etc. in your business. It indeed matters.

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Hire Others to Ghostwrite For You

Posted January 17, 2018 By Callie

There’s something you need to know if you want to succeed in business and earn a great income online – content is currency. If you have content on the web, then you have a business.

What if you don’t want to write for yourself or you feel like you can’t write well? This is something a lot of people I talk to deal with. They know they need content to succeed, no matter what their business is. But, they just don’t have the time or inclination to write all the content they need.

And that’s the thing right there – you can’t just have a “little bit” of content on the web. It’s important to have a steady stream of high quality content surrounding your business. I’m talking ebooks, reports, sales copy, email copy, blog posts, and everything else that makes the web go ‘round these days. Your content should really be everywhere around the web where your customers are likely to be.

That might lead to a dilemma. The lack of a desire to write content has sometimes caused people to neglect their web business pretty much all together because it’s all so daunting.

That’s not what you want to do. You want to find a solution that will allow you to generate a fantastic income from content without having to write all of that content yourself.

Hiring others to ghostwrite for you might be the answer you need.

When you hire others to ghostwrite for you, you can generate an income in ways you probably never thought possible. Finally, it’s not up to you and you alone to write content. You don’t have to procrastinate and put your business off anymore because someone else is writing the content you need.

Hiring Others to Ghostwrite for You

You have a variety of options when you hire others to ghostwrite for you. Some people hesitate to hire others because they don’t want to give up control. You’re not giving up control totally, though, and you can decide exactly how much control you do want to give up.

For example, you can hire others to turn your outline and notes into books and content. So really, you’ll be doing the research and creating the outline with your thoughts and unique angle and they’ll just put it into finished form for you.

Or, maybe you’re not so much of an idea generator so that doesn’t appeal to you. That’s okay too. You can hire a ghostwriter to come up with ideas, outlines, and rough drafts for you that you turn into finished content.

Or, you can set it up so your ghostwriter does both for you. They can come up with the ideas, do the research, write the content, and turn it into a finished product.

There are great ghostwriters out there who will fill whatever role you need them to fill when it comes to content.

Who to Hire As Your Ghostwriter

It’s so important to hire someone you know (or will get to know before hiring) and trust and who will do a really good job. There are, unfortunately, some ghostwriters out there who won’t be able to match your voice or understand your audience. That’s a waste of your time.

That’s an important point that many people who are new to hiring ghostwriters miss. You have to give people you hire a solid understanding of what you want and need for your content. As good as many ghostwriters are, they are not mind-readers.

You need to inform them about who your audience is and what they need and want. You can send them links that will help them understand your audience.

Also, make sure they understand your goals. They should know why you want the content you’re hiring them to write.

It can also be really helpful if you send them links or samples of the style and voice you want them to capture in their writing. Since you’ve hired them for ghostwriting (content that will be in your name), you want them to very closely emulate what you would write for yourself, if you had the time or inclination.

There are so many different ways you can hire ghostwriters and freelancers. You can hire private freelancers, freelancers through bidding sites, freelancers through content companies, and so on. Look around and see who stands out to you. You might be able to get recommendations from others you know who use ghostwriters.

Remember that this is your business. You don’t want to receive content back that is unusable or end up spending more time editing the content than it would have taken you to write in the first place.

Spend some time finding the right freelancer before hiring. Maybe give them a small job at first and then ramp the job up once you know you can trust them and they deliver good work.

What Will You Hire A Ghostwriter For?

It’s time to think about exactly what you’ll use ghostwriters for. If you want to generate an income by hiring ghostwriters to write content for your business, then it’s important to have a plan in mind. I’ll start by telling you a simple plan you can use to generate an income by hiring ghostwriters right away.

You can hire ghostwriters to write information products for you. Give them an outline or solid understanding of your ideas and audience and have them do the research and turn it into a finished product. You can then do the work of selling your new info-products. It really can be as simple as that.

You can hire a ghostwriter to write ebooks, kindle books, information products, physical books, and more.

They can create books and products you can put up for sale to earn from very quickly. Product creation can be very lucrative, and hiring ghostwriters is one way to enter that side of online business without having to do all of the writing yourself.

You can also hire ghostwriters to provide other content to support your business. You can hire them for things like blog posts and articles, for example. It’s so important to have a lot of content out there these days, and hiring ghostwriters to write blog posts and articles can help you get more traffic and grow your authority even if you aren’t writing the content yourself.

If you struggle with copywriting, then you may want to hire a ghostwriter/copywriter to write your sales copy. Note that not all ghostwriters are trained in writing sales copy, but it can definitely be worth it if you find someone who is and can write copy that converts well and helps you earn more.

You can choose to hire ghostwriters for just one of these things or all of the above. Figure out what you need in your business, what your budget is, and maybe what you don’t enjoy doing in your business. If there’s a certain type of writing or content that you really don’t like to do, then hire someone to do it for you.

Remember; don’t just hire a ghostwriter you’ve never worked with before to write an entire book for you. Test them out first. Hire them for small jobs and scale things up as you gain confidence in them.

It can be really helpful to set up milestones and check-ins along the way so you know your ghostwriter is working on your book or whatever the project is and that it will turn out how you expected it to turn out.

More on How to Earn with the Content Ghostwriters Produce for You

You can have them write books that you can sell on Kindle.

You can have them write content for a blog where you sell your own products or products as an affiliate.

You can hire them to write content that will help you build your brand to authority level.

You can hire ghostwriters to create an info product empire with you or for you.

You can hire ghostwriters to help you earn a full-time income or whatever your dreams are.

And the great thing is, since you’re not doing the writing yourself, you really can work just part-time hours. It depends on how you structure your business, of course, but you can save yourself a lot of time if you aren’t writing all of the content yourself.

Consider Hiring a Ghostwriter Today

You’re overworked and overwhelmed. You don’t want to do all of the writing for the content you need by yourself. It makes sense, then, that you would turn to ghostwriters to help you.

Don’t delay on this decision. Ask people for referrals to find good ghostwriters. Start off hiring out a small project and work your way up.

Make sure you have a solid business plan for how you’re going to use this content and how you should go about hiring ghostwriters to give you the best returns for your business.

It’s smart business to outsource some of the tasks in your business, and hiring a ghostwriter can be one of the smartest decisions of all. Writing content is very time-consuming, so this is one thing off your plate that can lead to a much more lucrative business overall.

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Habits and How You Treat Yourself

Posted January 15, 2018 By Callie

How do you talk to yourself about your habits, successes, and failures? Do you tend to beat yourself up when you fall short? I think, to a certain extent, that we all do. But if you’re constantly berating yourself and feeling sorry for yourself, then the chances are good that you’re setting yourself up for failure.

It’s important to start monitoring your internal dialogue. When you fail to complete a project on time, do you say things to yourself like, “Great job, dummy. You stink at this!”?

You’re not alone in those thoughts. It’s time, though, to change how you speak to yourself. It’s important to speak differently to yourself if you want to change your habits for the better.

You need to give yourself a break sometimes. Life really isn’t all that serious. You’re a good person. Do you know how I know you’re a good person? Because you’re here now, reading about habit change. You are destined and determined to change yourself for the better, forever.

I’ll bet that if you could see all of the negative things you tell yourself every day written down, it would make you feel sick. As it is, these thoughts are probably fleeting. They run through you and you hardly acknowledge them. Unfortunately these negative thoughts build up and leave a big stink pile on your mindset and enthusiasm.

The irony is that you have this negative self-talk out of habit. You’re used to telling yourself these things. You’re used to feeling this way about the things you do and don’t do.

Today, I want you to start paying attention to your internal dialogue. Is it mostly good self-talk or is it mostly negative self-talk? Do you constantly tell yourself that you’re fat, ugly, and undesirable? Do you tell yourself that you’re absolutely terrible at your job and that everyone is going to hate what you do?

Or, do you pat yourself on the back for a job well done? Do you think to yourself that you have a ton of value and that people are lucky to have you working for them? Do you tell yourself you’re a kick-butt boss or business owner? Do you look in the mirror and notice the positives? If you don’t do these things, then that’s a huge problem.

The more negative your self-talk, the less likely you are to follow through and change your habits. If you don’t believe that you have worth and that you are a strong and capable person, it’s going to be difficult for you to change your habits.

One of the best things you can do is figure out where all of this negativity stems from. For many people, it stems from their childhood. Maybe you had a difficult childhood or you never got over the angst you felt in your teenage years. Maybe your negative self-talk comes from some of the things you’ve done in your life– the major mistakes you’ve made. Or maybe it’s just that you hung out or around with people in your formative years that loved to put people down just for the fun of it.

I had such a problem myself. Some of the most influential people in my life talked down to me on occasion… a grandmother, a priest, some teachers and bullies at school. I got over it and so can you.

I believe you know that you’re a good person. I believe you know that you have worth. I think you just have trouble bringing that to the surface sometimes. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you want to have true and lasting change then you need to decide to treat yourself better.

Think of it this way– if you had an employee you were trying to train, and you berated him or her every day and yelled at him whenever he did the simplest things wrong, do you think the outcome would be positive? Would he learn and grow and eventually do a good job if you always have him crying in the corner? No– he’s probably doomed to become a terrible employee and will most likely quit.

But, what if you treated him better? What if you forgave him for his mistakes and helped him look for ways he could do better and be better? What if you lifted him up when he was down and praised him when he did well? You’d still show some tough love every now and again, but you’d build him up to the point where he could carry himself. I’ll bet he would become a wonderful, helpful employee with great confidence in his abilities. I’ll bet he’d rise up in the ranks and have a long and lasting career.

You need to think of yourself as that employee… you are your own boss, after all. Yes, give yourself some tough love every now and again. Acknowledge when you don’t do such a great job and find ways to do better. Use every mistake as a learning experience so you can do better next time. Realize that nothing you do is a true failure. We’re all learning on this path in life. We are all finding our way and growing and developing as a person every day.

Talk to yourself the right way. Praise yourself and focus on what’s good about you. If you’re able to do that, you’ll find it a lot easier to develop positive habits. If you focus on the good and stop berating yourself for the bad all the time, you’ll find that better things come out of you.

Nothing good comes from beating yourself up all the time. Nothing good comes from telling yourself that you’re worthless and that you’re destined to fail. But a whole lot of good comes from treating yourself well and looking for the positive. You’re on a path toward living a better and happier life. This starts with talking to yourself better and treating yourself better.

Yes, there absolutely are areas you need to improve and that you’re really falling short on. But instead of being a Negative Nelly about those things, try to look at them as objectively as possible. Help yourself figure out ways you can work around or improve those issues.

You’re an awesome, incredible person who’s going to go on to do bigger and better things than you’re doing right now. You can’t do that if you’re crying in the corner of your mind. You can do that if you’re lifting yourself up, feeling confident, and feeling strong and ready to tackle anything that comes your way. Negative self-talk is just another form of self-defeat, and you can’t let that happen to you. You won’t let that happen to you.

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Guest Blogging

Posted January 13, 2018 By Callie

Other people have the traffic you want. It’s one of the most frustrating things in the world. Here you are, writing great content and really working hard to deliver to your audience.

But, you look around you and no one is paying attention to what you’re doing. It’s a fact of being a blogger or marketer on the web, honestly. It can be really hard to get anyone to pay attention to you, especially in the beginning.

Heck, it can be hard to get anyone to pay attention to what you’re doing, writing, and promoting even if you’re a seasoned marketer. They always say, “build it, and they will come,” but it doesn’t really work that way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or really experienced, you have to try hard to get traffic. You have to keep up with new methods of getting traffic and evergreen methods of getting traffic alike.

I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to get people in your audience to pay attention to you. You’re jealous of the traffic others in your niche are getting and wish you could do something to start to funnel that traffic your way.

If only that were possible…

Well, it is possible. You can leverage the traffic other people have. You can connect with their audience to win them over.

The best part is, those high traffic getters are going to willingly hand their traffic over to you.

I know—it seems like a long shot, right?

It’s not. What I’m talking about is actually a seasoned and celebrated strategy. It’s one of those evergreen traffic-getting methods I hinted at earlier.

It really surprises me that more people either don’t know about this method or don’t use it to its full effect. It’s one of the smartest things you can do to easily get more traffic and more recognition in a niche, whether you’ve been present in your niche for years or you’re brand new to it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about guest blogging.

What Is Guest Blogging?

You’ve written blog articles for yourself. Now, you’re going to write blog articles for others. You’re going to write blog articles that those high trafficked and popular marketers you admire so much are going to post on their web properties.

Lets say there’s a really popular blog in your niche. This blog is regularly visited by thousands of people in your niche every day.

What you can do is approach that blogger or marketer. Pay attention to their style and their audience. Do you have a different approach you could share with their audience? Do you have a method, strategy, or information their audience would find interesting?

Approach that blogger and offer to write something for their audience. You can give them full rights to use the exclusive content you write or create for them.

Focus on what they get out of the deal—free, original content they get to use on their site. The way you get someone to work with you is by focusing on what’s in it for them.

In exchange, you’ll get an author’s resource box that will go at the end of your article. This will link back to a page on your website. This could be a blog post or something like that. What I really recommend is that you link to a page that has an opt-in form on it, such as a squeeze page.

You don’t want people to click the link and read an article of yours once and never again. You want them to click the link and sign up for your list so you can tell them about your content, products, promotions, etc. You want them on your list so you can start to build a lasting relationship with them.

So, link to a squeeze page (or whatever) at the end of your article. Tell people they can find more information and a free gift at the link. Give a call to action so they’ll go ahead and click that link.

Are you starting to see why this is such a great strategy? Both you and the other marketer get something great out of it. You can get instant access to an audience you wouldn’t have been able to get in front of otherwise.

How To Find A Blog To Write A Guest Post For

It’s definitely worth noting that some bloggers and marketers want nothing to do with this. For whatever reason, they want every post on that site to be their own. It might be that their audience only responds to posts they personally write.

But, don’t give up hope. For every 10 who say no, 1 or 2 or more may say yes. That’s all you need. Rinse and repeat.

You can start by taking a look at some of the most popular blogs in your niche. Look through their archives. Does it seem like they sometimes have guest bloggers? This could signal that they will accept you as a guest blogger. Remember—many bloggers love to have guest posters but very few ask them. The worst they can say is no.

You can also do some searches in Google. Search for, “your niche guest blogger” or “your niche submit a post” or “your niche contributors wanted.”

Try different keyword variations. Be smart in the way you search. Look through the links and see if any are a good fit for you.

Make a list of the blogs you think will give you an opportunity to guest post (and even those you’re not sure of).

Then, start personally contacting the blog owners. Don’t send out a form letter—make it personal. Get to know their blog and style first. Start commenting on their blog after you read their current content. Show them that you’re an active participant and they’ll be a lot more likely to let you guest post.

Guest Posting Can Be Very Effective

Guest posting can be very effective as a method of getting traffic. There are so many benefits here.

For one thing, you’ll get the benefit of getting backlinks in Google. That can help to ensure that your site ranks more highly.

You’ll also get right in front of their active audience. This is a great thing, because it can help you get instant traffic.

Having your articles on blogs as a guest blogger can also help build your authority in your niche. Being everywhere in your niche is a great way to showcase your authority. The more places people see you and your wisdom on the web, the more likely they are to seek you out and stick around.

Make A Plan And Schedule For Guest Posting

Please don’t just dismiss this as a nice strategy that you’ll try “someday.” Make a plan for it. Make a list of blogs you’d like to guest post for. Start contacting bloggers and setting up a schedule.

Then, get to work writing the content and getting traffic through guest blogging.

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All About Google+ and Google Hangouts

Posted January 11, 2018 By Callie

Why Google+?

Google+ is excellent for social marketing these days. When most marketers think of Google, they think of SEO. Well, those days are gone—these days, Google is all about community and interaction. Google is a company you want to cozy up to if you want a huge market reach and a surefire social marketing campaign.

There’s definitely more than one benefit to paying attention to Google+. You’re not just forming a community on one platform. You’re also taking advantage of Google+ as a social network, Google+ as a community platform, your YouTube channel, and Hangouts. You’re really killing FOUR birds with one stone when you sign up for Google+. Google’s made it so that all of these things are integrated—you really can’t help but go for them all if you so much as sign up for something like a Gmail account these days.

Not only that, but Google+ communities are easy, free, and fun. There are many opportunities to tie your Google+ interactions with your other business ventures. You can even make it so that your Google+ community is free or paid. In this case, and for maximum growth and maximum exposure, I’m going to assume that your focus is on free for now. Though, I have seen some successful paid Google+ communities and events as well. People happily pay for them and get a lot of value out of them as well.

You can easily run webinar like instruction via Hangouts, which is a huge plus for your community and can bring you a lot closer together than you can with other options like Facebook groups. Google+ allows you to reach a whole new segment that may not be on Facebook or within your membership community. There’s nothing saying that you can’t or shouldn’t have both a Facebook group and a Google+ community if you have the time for it or if it fits into your social marketing strategy.

There’s even a great sort of email marketing tool built right into Google+– this is a great thing if a big segment of your niche uses Gmail. Basically, your Google+ communications can land right in the inbox of your users and it’s all nicely integrated via Gmail, giving you a ton of visibility.

The Four Parts of Google+

There are four main parts built into Google+.
Google+ profile:

You really can’t escape from signing up for one of these, especially if you have a Gmail account. The Google+ profile is there for you to connect socially. This is Google’s answer to Facebook. Here, you can talk about yourself and connect with friends, family, and business associates. You can also connect with people with like interests.

The way you connect with people on Google+ is through circles. You can circle anyone you’re interested in. In this way, it’s a lot like Twitter. It’s also unlike Facebook in this way, as on Facebook there has to be a mutual friending. However, in order for people to see your updates on Google+, they do have to circle you back. Again, it’s like Twitter, in that way. On Google+, you can connect with people you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Other than that, it doesn’t feel like Twitter at all—it really is its own place with its own vibe.

When you have a Google+ profile, you can post on your profile just as you would a Facebook status update. People can comment on what you’ve posted and they can also click the +1 button. Only those who have circled you can see what you post, depending on what you’ve selected as the privacy settings of your post.

You can share things from around the web, comment on things others have commented on or shared, and more. Google+ has a nice interface. You’ll probably enjoy it if you haven’t given it a chance before. You can even post to your Google+ community straight from your main Google+ page or even from pages on the web that have a +1 button, which makes things easy.
Google+ Communities:

Google+ communities are what you’re mainly going to focus on for this type of community. These can be more public or private communities. You can create a community on just about any topic. There are probably many communities out there connected to your niche that you could join right now. Communities are a great way to connect. Again, communities work hand-in-hand with the all four parts of Google+.

As the leader of a Google+ community, people can find your community in the search bar and join right into the conversation. You can host Hangouts for people in your community to join, you can host events for them to join, and you can share things to your community, and have a really great time and grow your business. Google does a nice job of integrating many different options and opportunities for their communities.

Google includes many nice tools for community leaders. You can easily bring in moderators, set community guidelines, set the type of community you prefer to have, create categories for posting, and more. As far as flexibility goes, Google+ has it.

Hangouts are a great addition to Google+ as well. Hangouts are kind of like webinars. They allow you to be face-to-face with up to 10 people (plus an unlimited number of others can watch you). These Hangouts are broadcast live. You’ll probably be the leader of these Hangouts as part of your community, though you may want to join in on a few as a guest before you try to host one.

People from your community can join in or just watch. These Hangouts stay up on YouTube even after they are over, which can give you a lot of great traffic and exposure for your community long after the live event has ended as people find them and watch them.

There are many great ways to get to know the people in your community. However, Hangouts really set Google+ apart because of the face-to-face interaction that almost makes it seem like you’re in the same room together. You and your community members can really get to know one another. You really feel like you get to know people when you interact with them on a Hangout.
The YouTube Channel:

Then of course, there’s your YouTube channel. When you create a Google+ profile, you’re also creating a YouTube channel. Google really wants all of this integrated these days. Having a YouTube channel and YouTube videos is great for search engine optimization. It’s a great lead-in into your community, brands, and products. Your Hangouts will go here after they’ve been done live. You can also post additional videos that brand you, showcase your community, and more. Again, all of these parts work hand-in-hand for a well-rounded Google+ experience.

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If you are an online business owner, whether your business is large or small, you may be able to benefit from the use of affiliate tracking software. Affiliate tracking software, when used in conjunction with an affiliate program, should be able to help you raise your sales.

As previously mentioned, to be successful, an affiliate tracking program must be used with an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that business owners create. They use their program to work with webmasters who are willing to place advertisements on their websites. Each time that a sale is generated, from banner advertisements or link advertisements, the webmaster will receive commission. To determine whether or not an affiliate assisted in a sale and which one, affiliate tracking software is used. With unique code impressions, you will not have to worry about wondering who helped you with a sale.

If you are interested in purchasing affiliate tracking software, which you should be if you want to start an affiliate program for your business, you will need to find a program. Online, there are a large number of different tracking programs. Many of these programs accomplish the same goal, but that goal is often achieved in different ways. This is why it is extremely important that you know what you are buying. To do this, you will want to examine a software’s product description.

Most affiliate tracking software product descriptions can be found on the product’s main website. This information is important because it will not only let you know what the program does, but it will also let you know how it does it. Product descriptions should also include a small list of services and features; perhaps, these are the things that you should most be concerned with. Depending on the type of affiliate program you plan on running, you may need to have certain software features.

In addition to a list of services and features, you should also have a small explanation of them. This is important, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing. Popular features that you may want to be on the lookout for include customer service support, varied commission levels, an affiliate sign in page, and advanced earning reports. Varied commission levels will allow you to reward high performing affiliates by offering them a higher commission percentage than your other affiliates. An advanced earning report is important, especially for your financial records. An affiliate sign in page will not necessarily benefit you, the business owner, but it will make it easier for your affiliates to view their stats.

As previously stated, all of this information, product descriptions, product features, and product services, should be easy to obtain. If you cannot find this information online, you may want to think about contacting the software seller’s customer service department. If a customer service department does not exist, you are advised against purchasing the software. The cost of affiliate tracking software may run high. For this reason, you will want to stay away from tracking software programs that do not provide you with detailed information upfront. In most cases, these types of programs are not worth the money.

By reading all product descriptions, you should easily be able to determine whether or not the affiliate tracking software of your choice can offer you what you need. That, alone, is worth the time that you will spend researching a number of different software programs.

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Give It All Away and Get More Back

Posted January 9, 2018 By Callie

There is a lot more digital competition these days. There are so many other marketers and there are so many other things that can be distracting for your readers and customers. Even if they really love you, remember they may not remember to check you out again. That is… if you can even get them to notice you in the first place.

How can you stand out in a crowded marketplace? It can really take some brainstorming to get to the bottom of it. One of the problems is that there has been a dramatic decrease in the perceived value of digital products in the past couple of years. Yes, people are definitely still willing to buy information products. That’s the basis of a lot of my business. As long as people are getting results, they will buy the info product.

With that said, there’s so much competition for selling info products these days that it can be difficult in certain niches. Depending on how you angle your product, it can be tough for new marketers. It’s just not as easy for a new info product seller to break in as it was in the past. You have to prove yourself, really differentiate your product (and yourself), and show that it’s worth it. How are you going to stand out, once again?

Well, one of the best ways to stand out is by giving away content. I know this might seem unfair. After all, you work really hard to produce your content that it just doesn’t seem fair to give it all away. But I promise you that you can make a lot of money and attract a wide audience if you’re willing to give away some very valuable content.

People love to get things for free. If you create free reports and products, you can get people to download them like crazy. It’s a nice way to stand out and attract an audience. It’s certainly easier to give things away than it is to sell them.

Does this scare you? It shouldn’t. You’re probably well aware that there are some freebie-seeking customers out there. I also promise that you don’t have to worry about freebie seekers with the method I’m about to share with you.

Yes, you’re going to give content away and some people will download this free content just because it’s free and they’ll never even look at it or think of you again. But, those aren’t the people you’re worrying about. You’re doing this for the audience that’s going to be initially attracted to your free offer and that will stay to become lifetime customers because of the value you offer. You’re going to attract your ideal audience based on what you give away for free.

I should also mention that you can attract joint venture partners and affiliates by giving them content and things they can give away for free. This is one of the best ways to get others to spread your content around so you can all make more money. This is definitely a winning situation for everyone involved – from the JV partner, to you, to the customer.

First, let’s talk about how you can grow your list by giving things away for free, and how this leads to an actual income.

Giving things away for free is a list-building concept that has been around for quite some time in the online world. It’s how you get your foot in the door. People won’t sign up for your list just because you want them to. They’ll sign up for your list because there’s something good in it for them.

You’ll give them something valuable in exchange for their name and email address. But now you can take it to the next level by constantly creating free material to give away with intention. It’s not about giving any old thing away for free—it’s about giving things away that people would otherwise pay for.

Let me give you a personal example, from an offline point of view. Shortly after I was married, when my son was less than 2 years old, I took the family on a vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia. One morning we were walking back to our hotel from breakfast, and were stopped on the street by a young man who was probably college age.

He asked us if we would like a free bottle of champagne and a bag of taffy, and I said “what’s the catch?”. He said we just had to attend a short presentation about the beautiful condos that had just been built.

So, believe it or not, I said sure, we’re not in a hurry to do anything else, so we went into the building, sat through the presentation, and ended up buying 2 weeks of a time share that cost something like $10,000. That was well over 30 years ago, and it turned out to be a purchase that we’ve enjoyed since then, and I was never disappointed that I accepted a free gift in order to be marketed to.

So the point of my story is that this is something that’s done all the time, and has been for a long time, online and off.

Freebie list builders are just part of this concept. You can also create free groups with free, personalized help and support. This is something I haven’t seen nearly as many marketers doing. But, it is a concept that I wholeheartedly support and recommend. I created my IM Inside Track Facebook group and it didn’t take long for thousands of people to join, completely for free. It has really boosted my business and especially my branding. It has given me a lot of exposure, new customers, and a lot of credibility and clout in the industry.

I highly recommend you consider creating your own free community if you want to take advantage of the strategy. There’s no better way to attract a great audience, to really help people, to get people interested in what you have to offer, and to build yourself up as an expert. You can get started today by creating your own free Facebook group.

Once again, you can get other people to help build your business for you. All you have to do is give affiliates free rebrandable reports. You can simply allow them to rebrand reports with their affiliate links to your products. Make sure these reports are extremely valuable so they’ll want to give them away and people will want to download them.

That “value” word holds true for everything we’re talking about here. Everything you give away for free has to be extremely valuable so it’s worth it. Allow affiliates to deliver reports that you would otherwise sell. These have to be great reports that are worth it for you, your affiliates, and the reader.

Another method is to give away free content on your blog. Obviously every blogger writes content for their blog and it can be read for free. You can take it to the next level. Make it content that would otherwise be sold. Make it so helpful and so extensive that people are wowed by it. Make it so fantastic that other bloggers can’t help but share it. Make it so amazing that readers want to share it on their social media channels. Also, you can make it clear that they are welcome to share the content on their blog or website as long as they keep your resource box intact. This invitation can pave the way to help your content go viral and to build your list.

Now, let’s talk about the perceived problem of the freebie seeker. You clearly aren’t going to make money directly by giving things away for free. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from the strategy. Focusing on giving amazing things away for free will help you build your list. As you know, building your list is your ticket to freedom.

It is important to understand that you can’t use this strategy in isolation. Yes, it works for some companies to give things away for free seemingly forever. Twitter didn’t monetize for years. But, that’s not you—you don’t have huge investors behind you. I highly recommend that, along with the freebies you give away, you also have some high-end paid content set up and ready to go as soon as you start implementing this. You can earn money by upselling the free content to paid content.

Having paid and high end content shows that what you’re giving away has actual value. If everything you give away is free or cheap, then the perceived value of your content plummets. People need to know that you are someone who puts out content that has a lot of value. If you only give away $0 and $7 products, then you can imagine what the perception is of your content and value as an expert.

In fact, you should have content available at all price levels. You should have free content, midrange content, and high-end content. This will serve customers of all levels and showcase a range of values. It all starts from a place of extremely high value free content so you make a splash in your niche and move up from there.

To sum it up, free stuff gets people to pay attention to you. Your high-end stuff sets your value and makes your free stuff even more valuable. One of the most important concepts for any successful marketer is that you need to have as many buy buttons up on the web as possible. If you want people to buy from you, then you need to have stuff up for sale. It really is as simple as that.

So, how are you going to use this method to sell more products and build your list? I suggest you get some squeeze pages up giving away free content. I suggest you get some extremely high-quality content up on your blog, with a recommendation that people freely pass it around. I recommend you create a free community where people can get personalized help and support. I recommend you give affiliates and JV partners free content they can pass around with their rebrandable links.

Next, brainstorm your own ideas. How can you build your business from a place of free? How can you use what you give away for free to sell your paid offers? Only you know what your business consists of. You have to construct your funnel in a way that will work best for you.

If you pay attention to what we’ve talked about with this method, you can beat out your digital competition, no matter how long they’ve been in business. We’ve taken care of the fact that the perceived value of digital products has gone way down. Now, you’re building up your own values and customers will see you for the high-end expert you are.

There’s no reason to fear free. There’s also no reason to fear high-end. If you understand that now, then you need to give away extremely helpful content so you can attract a great audience. You really need to take care of your audience so they spread your name far and wide and go on to buy your paid products.

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Online, you will find a large number of affiliate tracking software programs. If you are a business owner who is looking to start your own affiliate program, you will need to familiarize yourself with all of these programs. When searching for affiliate tracking software, you will be presented with so many choices that you may not know which type of software is best for your needs. The first step is to determine what you need and want to get out of affiliate tracking software and then find the program that can give you that.

In your search, it is likely that you will come across PartnersManager Affiliate Software. Whether you are the owner of a large or small online business, you may find that this software program has exactly what you need. However, it is not safe to assume that it is. Instead, you will want to further examine the PartnersManager Affiliate Software. When doing so, you will want to examine the software requirements and the services and features that are included with the program.

PartnersManager Affiliate Software requires that your system have a PHP of at least 4.1.0. It is also required that you have MySQL, version 3.23 or higher, and a MySQL database. For a web service, it is advised that you have IIS or Apache. Since the aforementioned computer specifications are considered requirements, you will need them to run the program. If your computer is not equipped to handle the PartnersManager Affiliate Software, but you want this particular affiliate tracking software program, you are advised to update your computer to meet their standards.

When examining any affiliate tracking software, including the PartnersManager Affiliate Software, you are advised to examine what the program will require you to do. This often includes setup and installation. What is nice about PartnersManager is that they provide you with downloadable user manuals and demos before you even signup for their program. This is important because not all software providers do this, even though they should. Perhaps, user manuals and demos are the best way to determine whether or not the PartnersManager Affiliate Software is what you need.

With PartnersManager Affiliate Software, a detailed user guide will not be all that you will receive. Once you signup for the software service, you will find that a lot is included in their purchase price. For instance, all subscribers will be able to receive three free months of customer support. These three months are just enough time for you to familiarize yourself with the software and learn to use it without assistance. Other common features, such as cookie enabled software and detailed earnings reports, are included with this affiliate tracking software.

Unlike other affiliate tracking software, PartnersManager also gives you the option to try their service for free. This free trial is for a one month period. After the trail period has ended, you can determine whether or not you would like to continue on with a paid membership. This effective, but easy to use software program is what so many business owners want and need that many continue on with the paid service. If you decide to do that too, you will only have to pay a onetime license fee; there will be no monthly payments required. You will also receive free software updates whenever they become available.

PartnersManager has and is still used by many online business owners. Of course, that does not necessarily mean that the program will be right for you; however, with a little bit of research, you should easily be able to determine if it is.

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Affiliate Tracking Software Review: Affiliate Wiz

Posted January 7, 2018 By Callie

If you are an online business owner, especially one that specializes in the selling of merchandise or services, you may be interested in starting your own affiliate program. For years now, affiliate programs have helped a large number of business owners increase their sales. With the right amount of ambition, money, and software, your business can experience those same benefits.

Before you can understand what is needed to join an affiliate program, you will need to know how one works. When starting your own affiliate program, you will recruit website owners who have a website that is, in one way or another, related to yours. This relation may include a similar topic or an issue that connects the two together. Once you have found a website owner who is willing to do business with you, they will then place your advertisements on their webpage. These advertisements will direct internet users to your online website, whether it be an online store or not. That direction may, in many cases, result in a sale.

To properly compensate the website owner, often referred to as an affiliate, you will need a way to determine if and when their website visitors purchased something from your online website. To do this, an affiliate tracking software is used. These tracking software programs will let you know when the sale took place and, if compensation is required, it will let you know how much compensation is needed. As you can easily see, affiliate tracking software is important and vital to the successful operating of an affiliate program.
If you are interested in starting your own affiliate program, you will need to find affiliate tracking software. Online, you will find that there are a number of these programs available. In your search for the perfect affiliate tracking software, you may come across a program that is known as Affiliate Wiz. Affiliate Wiz is one of the many tracking programs that you will be able to find online. Affiliate Wiz has a couple of different software programs available. There is a little bit of difference between the two programs, but one is mostly just an updated version of the other.
Before examining the software features provided by Affiliate Wiz, you will need to determine whether or not the software can even be installed on your computer. Affiliate Wiz’s latest version requires that your computer have, at least, Windows 2000 and it must have a .NET framework. If this affiliate tracking software program is compatible with your computer, you will want to learn a little bit more about the program before making a final purchase decision.
One of the many things that you should want to know is how the software works to record and monitor your customer’s internet activity, namely how they arrived at your online store or website. With Affiliate Wiz, your affiliates, the website owners you partnered with, will be given special links and banners. In those banners is a code that will be used monitor and track all sales. This also requires the monitoring of a consumer’s computer activity through cookies. These two pieces of information are used to determine whether or not one of your affiliates helped to lead your customer to you. In addition to outlining this information, Affiliate Wiz will also document the event and how much the sale as worth. This will enable to you determine, by your preset percentage, how much your affiliate will make.
When searching for affiliate tracking software, it is also important to examine the services and the features that each program has to offer. Like most other affiliate tracking software, Affiliate Wiz has a fairly large number of available services and features, which are all included in the cost of service. These features include, but are not limited to, detailed financial reports, varied levels of commission for different affiliates, link and banner support, and customer support.
If Affiliate Wiz sounds like an affiliate tracking software program that you can benefit from, you are encouraged to visit their online website. This website can be found at By examining Affiliate Wiz’s online website, you should be able to learn additional information, including the software cost.

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