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Do you know what one thing is that nearly all of the successful people in the world share in common? They read books. Almost every single person that has become a millionaire, started a successful tech company or achieved some other level of financial success learned from self-help books. There must be something to the practice of reading them if they have been responsible for so many success stories. So, how do you choose self-help books that are going to give you the tools that you need to become successful? In this article, we’ll cover some strategies that will help you choose the best ones.

1. Research the person that wrote the self-help book. One of the things that you’ll realize when you get into the self-help world is that there is no requirement that someone know what they are talking about to write a self-help book. Make sure that the person that you are taking advice from has actually achieved some success in the field that you are considering.

2. Keep things as simple as you can. You don’t need to read a hundred self-help books and formulate a plan that incorporates all of the advice that is given in them. Find something that works for you and then use it to reach your goals. The simpler a plan to achieve success is, the more chance of it working.

3. Don’t be a leaf blowing in the wind. In other words, don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the current book that you are reading so much that you abandon whatever it is that you were currently doing to achieve success and start a brand new journey. Wait until you are sure that your current method isn’t going to work before you move on to a new one.

4. Get recommendations from others. People are always happy to give you a recommendation on which books they think you should read. If you can’t talk to someone you admire face-to-face, look for an interview or another resource that gives a list of the books that they have read or recommend. Many of the biggest entrepreneurs out there like Elon Musk and Bill Gates are happy to share with people the books that have helped them on their journey. Of course, if you can get a personal recommendation, then all the better.

5 Easy Ways to Overcome Barriers

Posted December 25, 2017 By Callie

If you have struggled with achieving your goals in the past, one of the reasons might be the barriers that you experienced. Barriers are events that happen in life or factors out of your control that sort of stop you in your tracks and prevent you from traveling forward. Sometimes these can be small events, and sometimes, they are so large that they seem unmanageable. Here are 5 simple ways that you can overcome barriers.

1. Take a different direction. When there is a stumbling block in your path, try to take a different direction, through the metaphorical woods for example. In other words, if you are faced with a barrier in your path and you don’t see any way to move forward, try to think of a solution outside of the box. Come up with something creative and you might find a way around the barrier.

2. Think about it from someone else’s perspective. Think about this problem pretending to be someone else. You might think of a solution that you would never have normally. Imagine that you are someone else that has had a great deal of success in business. What would they do if they were in that situation?

3. Try to think of a way to make the barrier smaller than it currently appears. For example, you might think that a problem is a huge, life-changing event that will prevent you from ever achieving your goals. But if you think about it for a while, you might find that it’s not nearly as big as you thought it was.

4. Take a break and let your subconscious mind do the work. When you have a problem to overcome, and it is keeping you from the success you desire, consider just forgetting about it for a while. Sometimes your subconscious mind can do its best work by itself, and long after you have moved on to a different task, your mind might pop up with the perfect solution.

5. Turn the problem to your advantage. You might think that something is a barrier keeping you from reaching your goals, but what if you could turn it around and make it actually work for you instead of blocking your path. When you come upon problems, try to think of creative ways that you can make them actually get you closer to your goals instead of stopping you.

Humans are their own worst enemies sometimes, and there are definitely beliefs that everyone has that can be destructive. If you happen to have those beliefs, then you are going to have a very difficult time achieving success, because they do a terrific job of blocking the path. We’re going to discuss three of those habits in this article and give you some great tools to help you to eliminate them from your life.

Belief 1: You Don’t Have the Ability

The first belief that we’ll discuss is a common one among just about everyone on planet earth – not having the confidence to do whatever task that you’ve set for yourself. In nearly all cases, this simply isn’t true.

As a demonstration, I knew a man who wanted to be a singer more than anything. The problem was, he couldn’t carry a tune. Everyone told him that he wouldn’t ever be a singer because he lacked the ability. You either had it or you didn’t, they said. The man didn’t believe them, and took lessons and practiced for about 10 years. After a very long time, it clicked, and he was able to sing on key and hear and correct himself when he sang off key. You should look at your business goals the same way.

Belief 2: All the Good Ideas are Gone

This is simply a cop-out. All of the good ideas are not gone. In fact, every ten years or so, as technology improves by leaps and bounds, a whole new crop of ideas are available. If you think all of the good ideas are gone, then it is likely that you aren’t opening yourself up to new ideas and inspiration. Instead, you are letting negativity convince you that you’ll never be able to have an idea as good as the ones you’ve heard about, when the truth is, you might have one better.

Belief 3: You Don’t Have the Determination

Finally, you need to get rid of the belief that you do not have the determination to reach your goals and be successful. There is one very simple way to combat this. Understand that if you believe you don’t have the determination, you don’t, and if you do have the determination, then you do. It is completely your choice whether or not you have enough sticking power to reach your goals.

Three Great Goal-Setting Methods You Can Use

Posted December 23, 2017 By Callie

Are you looking for a new way to set goals so that you can achieve them? Goals are difficult to achieve and not having the right method can make this challenge even harder. Luckily, there are some terrific and creative methods that you can use to set goals and make sure that you achieve them. We’ll cover three of the best goal-setting methods out there in this article.

The Long & Short Goal Method

The first goal-setting method that we’ll cover is probably the one that you’re most familiar with. This is the setting of long-term goals that can be broken down into smaller ones. The way that this method works is by setting long-term goals that you want to achieve over a specified period of time.
For example, write down 10 goals that you want to achieve in the next five years. Then determine what short-term goals that you will have to accomplish in order to make this happen.
These short goals may be things that you can do in a week, month or it may take as long as a year. There are no time limit requirements on short-term goals. The only rule is that they lead to long-term ones.

The Checklist Method

If the above method doesn’t appeal to you, then you may want to try the checklist method. The checklist method is similar to the long and short method, but it brings your task list down to a daily level. How you use this method is by creating your long term goals. Then, make a list of things that you can do daily to achieve those goals. This will be your daily checklist. Put it on your phone or tablet, or as the background of your desktop computer, and make sure that you check off all of those goals every day. At first, it will be difficult to get used to it, but after a while it will become second nature to finish your checklist before you go to bed.

The Journal Method

Finally, there is the journal method. The journal method simply encourages you to write your goals down in a journal or diary, and then write an entry as often as you can about what you are doing to progress towards your goals. This is a much less restrictive method than the checklist or journal and highly creative people may prefer it.

When it comes to finance, some people have developed habits from the time they started handling money that have brought them some level of achievement in their lives – whether that be having good enough credit to putting money away for emergencies or future investments. But most people aren’t quite as good at managing their money. You don’t have to become a financial guru to be successful, but there are three habits that nearly everyone does that are very likely going to prevent you from achieving the success that you desire.

Spending Money on Convenience

One of the worst bad habits that people have, especially in the United States, is wasting money on convenience. Store owners know this too and they take advantage of it. For example, while you might be able to go to a big box department store and buy motor oil for $2.50, you’ll be paying $5 or $6 if you get it at a convenience store. Knowing that you are paying a great deal more money for not much more convenience will allow you to stop yourself when you are considering it. Put that money in savings instead.

Not Keeping Good Records

Another financial habit that will make it difficult for you to be successful is not keeping good records. Keeping records of your income and expenses is important because then you know what you are earning and spending in relation with each other and can see ways that you might be able to save money. Saving money is vital to future financial success because it is available in the case of an emergency, it will help you avoid credit card debt that could block your path to wealth and it could become your startup money when the next great idea comes along.

Failing to Create or Stick to a Budget

Another thing that people do is fail to create a budget, or even if they have a budget, they often do not stick to it. This means that they are less likely to save money and will not learn the skills that are going to be required to start a business and run the financial aspect of it down the road. Creating and adhering to a budget is directly related to success in business, and many of the top entrepreneurs in the world say it is one of the most important skills to have.

When it comes to success, there are varying levels. In addition, success is extremely subjective. What can seem like success to one person can mean something entirely different. But no matter what you consider to be successful, there are some habits that will help you to get there. We’re going to discuss five of them in this article. Not only are these habits extremely helpful in becoming successful at business and life in general, they are also easy to incorporate into your life – so easy, that you can start using them tomorrow if you want.

Get Up Earlier

One of the things that you can do to be more successful is to give yourself more time to work on stuff. That can be easily done by getting up an hour earlier. Some of the world’s most successful people aren’t morning people at all, but they get up early to get things accomplished.

Learn Something Useful

You can also start learning something that will help you to be more successful in the future. This might be how to budget better, how to improve your credit, or a brand new skill that you think might be useful later. Make a list of things that you think you’ll need to know to be successful and choose one.

Save Money

Another great way to prepare for future success is to save money. Think about saving several times a day. If you are about to go get a coffee, think about putting that money into your savings account instead. Check with your bank and see if they can automatically transfer money to savings or if they have any other tools that might help you to save money.

Make Friends with Like-Minded People

You may want to make some new friends, particularly people who like you have a goal to become successful, wealthy or well known in business. Join a meetup group if you don’t know where to find these friends. Talk to people and find out what they are striving for and try to spend time with those people who you think can motivate you.

Be Open to New Ideas

You should also try to keep an open mind about new ideas that might come along. If you are prepared, you will have a much easier time recognizing a genius inspiration when you have one.

How Being Nice to People Makes Your Business Grow

Posted December 20, 2017 By Callie

Pop quiz. When you think about all of the personality traits or habits that you could develop to be successful in business, which one doesn’t come to mind. Whether or not you are nice to people does not seem to matter much in business at all on the surface. But the truth is somewhat different.

In this article, we’ll discuss why some of the richest, most successful and famous people in the world consider being nice to others as one of their top business priorities. You’ll find out just what the benefits are, and what can happen in business if you aren’t nice to others.

The Successful Businessman

The shark investor or the grouchy businessman are common themes in books and movies, but the truth is, most successful people are well known for being nice to other people. That’s because they have learned that in the long run, it nets them more rewards. If you look at Bill Gates, Larry Page or any of the big tech millionaires out there, you’ll find that they value kindness and decency in themselves and people around them just as much as programming ability or education.

So, why is this the case? Simple leadership. When you are nice to other people, but still stand out as someone to be respected and admired, you have figured out one of the most effective leadership models out there. People will follow someone that treats them with kindness. They will work harder for you. They won’t mind sharing their ideas with you. In general, you just do better in business when this happens.

What Happens When You’re Not Nice?

So, what happens when you are not nice? You might be able to get people to work harder for you for a while, but when you aren’t looking they are going to be slacking. If you treat people horribly then they will find little ways to get back at you, and they certainly aren’t going to come to you with their best ideas, which means that you could miss out big.

Finally, think about the people around you right now. If you were mean to them would it come back to bite you at some point down the road. If you treat people well, there is a good chance that they will be valuable to you if you should encounter them somewhere down the road.

Why Health & Financial Success Are Related

Posted December 19, 2017 By Callie

Are financial success and health actually related? The answer is yes. Science has found correlations between someone’s physical fitness or health and their success in business or other areas of their life. The simple fact is, healthier people make more money and achieve more of their goals than those who are not as healthy. Let’s look at five reasons why that’s the case.

You release endorphins by working out first thing in the morning

When you work out first thing the morning, you release a bunch of endorphins that stay with you for hours. This means that you head to work with a glow about you and an easier time focusing on tasks and getting things done.

You have more energy when you are eating right

You also have more energy when you are eating the right foods. Fast food, carbohydrate overload and other habits that people fall into can actually zap your energy, make you tired and cause you to get less accomplished throughout the day. People who get the right nutrients from their diet and who do not overeat are much more able to get things done and have the energy that is required for reaching goals.

You have more confidence to accomplish goals

You also have more confidence when it comes to the goals that you set for yourself. That’s because you know that you can achieve difficult things already, thanks to the goals that you’ve set for yourself when it comes to health and fitness.

You are respected more by your peers

You also get more respect from people when you are fit and healthy. Unfortunately, that’s just a fact of life. People that are fit and obviously healthy get jobs more often than people who are not, they get higher salaries, they make more friends and of course, they have an easier time with romantic partners.

You save money through diet and exercise

You might not have thought about it, but one of the big benefits of getting healthy is that you actually save money. Not only do you save money on food if you stop overeating, but you also save money on things like life insurance, and getting healthy now could prevent some huge hospital bills down the road. There is every reason to get healthy, but now you know that there are reasons that actually affect how successful you’ll be in business.

If you want to succeed, one of the things that you’ll need to do is build good relationships with other people. Having good relationships in business is important because you may be able to get referrals from those people, or you may need something from them in the future. But most of all, it’s just good ethics to be nice and try to develop relationship with the people around you. Here are five ways that you can do that.

1. Be interested in them. If you want to get someone talking, and develop a relationship, one of the best ways to do it is to ask them about themselves. But you don’t to use this tactic unless you actually are interested in them. People can tell when someone is being disingenuous. Make sure that you are interested in what they are saying and your body language will reflect it.

2. Treat them with respect. Just because someone doesn’t make as much money as you, or hasn’t achieved the same level of success as you does not mean that they are a lesser person. In fact, they may surpass you someday and you definitely want them to remember you in a positive light.

3. Ask them to help you with something. People actually enjoy helping others most of the time. While they might not enjoy being asked to help you move furniture, asking someone for their advice or to take a look at something you’ve done and give you their opinion can be a wonderful relationship builder.

4. Be friendly. You always want to be friendly to the people around you. Even if you are having a bad day yourself, try to smile and remember that it isn’t their fault. You would be surprised how often people will tell others about “that guy who is always positive, always smiling.” You want to be that guy (or girl).

5. Finally, try to socialize outside of work. If you want to take a relationship to the next level and turn it from a business-friendship to an actual friendship, try inviting the person to an activity outside of work, whether that be a drink at the bar or a party that you’ve been invited to. Seminars and other learning events are also great place to take a friend that you work with, especially if you both share the same goals.

How to Become Open to Inspirational Business Ideas

Posted December 17, 2017 By Callie

You may have come across a story on the news or in a magazine that made you think – “wow, I wish I’d had that idea.” It is also likely that it made the person who actually had the idea a lot of money. You wish that it could be you, sitting back and reaping the rewards from that particular moment of brilliance. Well, it can. You just have to know how to become open to inspiration and then figure out how to recognize that inspiration when it does come along.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is get rid of your preconceived notions. That is much easier said than done, but it is possible. You’ll start with identifying your preconceptions and determining which of them might keep you from being open to an idea when it comes along. Then, get rid of that assumption entirely. This way, you have nothing blocking the path if a good idea should come along.

Next, you’ll need to start paying more attention to your surroundings. It is very easy to become so used to your regular routine that you don’t notice the things around you. But those things are going to be what inspires your business ideas. As you go about your daily life, look for things that are related to business. In particular, look for niches that have to be filled, for needs that are not being met. These are where you will find the best business ideas.

You also have to know how to recognize the good ideas and sift out the bad ones. This requires that you think through an idea thoroughly before you do any work towards it. You need to determine exactly how the idea will work and what sort of pitfalls you can expect to find. Sometimes, an idea that looks great on the surface will turn out to be terrible, and sometimes the opposite is true.

The most important thing that you can do is to continually think about things from a business perspective until it becomes so much of a habit that you are unable to turn it off. That is when you will start coming up with amazing ideas, one of which could just make you a millionaire if you put in the work. But the idea has to come first so get to thinking about things!