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The Importance of a Sales Letter Layout

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

Writing sales copy is beyond content, it is also about presentation. If you selected a brochure on a table and all you saw was one huge paragraph, you would return it right away without reading it much. In this multimedia age, people look forward to being fed information in a way that is so easily understood, that it has almost been “pre-chewed” for them. That means they do not want a copy that is too complex to interpret, hard to read, or makes them tired after they’re through reading it.

Here is some easy presentation expertise that you should use in all your sales copy to assist your copy to jump out of the page, capture the reader’s attention, all the while they are being fed the most important benefits of your product or service.

Your web page or paper is your canvas. You don’t want to fill every inch of your canvas with words. Leave some white space for the reader to appreciate. This serves two functions. One, it is more visually appealing. Two, it is less tiring on the eyes. If you have very small white space, what eventually happens is that your copy looks muddled and too complex to wade through. This may look insignificant, but it is actually one of the most significant pieces of information on good web page design and copywriting.

In this era of multitasking and digitized communications, having to go through a ton of copy to pass a message across is just too much work for many people, especially those who are busy. You don’t know when the visitor is truly checking your website. They might be at work on their lunch break.

They might have come across it from a search engine or they even have friends who tell them about it on a social networking site. Odds are, they aren’t going to want to give you more than three minutes’ top to make a good impression. If that impression is one of clutter and disorganization, you will have lost a visitor potentially before they’ve even read a single word.

If you want to add white spaces without ruining your copy, there are several ways to do it. The most obvious are to write copy that sells the benefits in bulleted lists. By what you’ve just learned within this article, you would have got a better understanding the layouts of a sales copy.

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So… What Is Copywriting

Posted December 11, 2017 By Callie

In general, it is writing that promotes a person, opportunity, idea or opinion. Since we’re discussing websites, we will just assume the writing will be on a website (and this will be referred to as search engine optimization copy).

There are definitely other mediums that make use of copywriting and copywriters; television ads, radio commercials, billboards, bus ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. You come up with the idea and the point behind writing copy.

It is particularly designed to persuade, entice, motivate a listener or in the case of a website a reader to take action. That step could be anything from buying a product to subscribing to a newsletter, from sampling a product to participating in a survey or poll.

By the way, you can also make use of copywriting to persuade a reader to not do something or not trust something.

What types of materials make use of copywriting? Body copy, headlines, slogan, direct mail pieces are biggies, taglines, jingle lyrics, slug lines, scripts, captions, the World Wide Web, news releases, research and white papers and Internet (website) content. It’s a pretty extensive list, isn’t it? And it’s just the tip of the iceberg too.

Don’t forget there are also things like print ads, mail order catalogs, brochures, postcards, greeting cards etc. Copywriting is an excellent line of work to be in if you are any good at it, as there will always be work.

When used on websites, copywriting usually refers to the method or style of writing and wording content that is slanted to achieve higher rankings with the search engines. This is actually known as content writing which means the proper positioning and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on a website.

At some time, writing content for websites served as a means of getting better rankings because the writing was geared to the search engine algorithms. That is no longer the case and writing is now more geared to human visitors and search engines.

Another form of viral copywriting can be in putting a lot of content on other people’s blogs. In fact, you can pay to have your product promoted on different blogs for a set fee. You may not have to choose the copy related to your link, but it can be a straight mention on a blog that may have hundreds, or even thousands, of readers. The trick with this type of writing is to produce fluent and readable copy/content written with an eye to search engine optimization.

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SEO Trusted Copywriting

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

Google has its own reliance factor relating to site pages and their copy. I did not know this with my years of experiences as an SEO copywriter. The norms that I have been preaching with passion were what Google Librarian Newsletter revealed in a recent column, explaining what Google watch out for in a copy. With this wonderful job done, it is easy to become a trusted source and potentially help in increasing your rankings for Google.

As written in the original issue of this newsletter, Matt Cutts explained by beginning to reveal many factors (other than Page Rank) Google uses to rank pages and to evaluate copy. He advances by portraying the use of keywords and their connections with other page factors.

A suitable example Is this. If “flat monitor” is the one key phrase you are working on your copy. My preaching over the years has been that all words should remain in their exact order. Single words should not be used like “flat” and “monitor” individually, the entire phrases “flat monitor” should be used.
Matt affirms this by saying that Google’s eyes will see relevance and trust increased when the two words “flat” and “monitor” are placed and used next to each other.

This is the simple explanation for it. The word “flat” can refer to practically anything or be used on a page that has absolutely no relevance with monitors; while the word “monitor” can mean a screen used with a computer, and there are numerous different types of monitors. So, if “flat monitors” were the search words specifically used, CRT monitors and other types pages would have little relevance and would be deemed trustworthy. “Monitor” can also mean to observe, which might not be in line with the search query used in the example. So, the most relevant application is using the phrases as it was typed in the search engine.

Next is to have your key phrase in the title. Though Matt does not state this as a vital element, he does suggest that key phrase “give a hint”, which will make the page more relevant and thereafter trustworthy to the subject at hand, compared to a document that does not include key phrase in the title.

Highly relevant pages are what Google wants to include and that is the fact. You have your copy as content for Google by writing your copy in a way to highlight the relevant factors. Your visitors will also add to their experiences and eventually become your customer. It turns out to be a win-win-win case as it benefits you, those who visit your site and Google.

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Prospect Copywriting

Posted December 9, 2017 By Callie

With results achieved from your sales of widgets to anyone does not guarantee that you already know your customer’s requirements. No, not at all as no one can sell it to everyone. With targeted sales campaign, you would have correctly identified your target audience.

From a study, more than half of the results achieved in a sales campaign depends completely on identifying the right target clients.

Clearly, to have effective sales and marketing, copy write for those targets, you must have clearly identified who your customers truly are. There are many ways to achieve this and the most notable way is to research the database of your existing customers checking out for attributes of what brand they like, their buying behavior, how much they spend, motivators, when they buy, and any other customer attributes, this process of researching could be tagged mining and in most cases, it is the work of an expert to successfully achieve this.

From an example of choosing a customer base with ages ranging from 35years to 65years to market widget to, an average result of about 1% will be responders. These responders are customers who are rest assured will buy the product or services offered to them. Implementing data mining is discovering unknown databases, taking actionable and profitable information from massive databases and using it to drive the marketing strategies. From this, you can say, an arbitrary email marketing campaign will produce about 1000 sales from 100,000 customers.

With the use of data mining, been able to identify which customers will likely respond, your response rate could be raised to possibly 1.5%, that is 1000 sales from emails pushed to 66,666people. An advantage of website marketing in relating to the people you are marketing to be that your copy will be tested and tailored consequently. More like using the powerful software.

Your target customers can be reached with the use of continuous market research which is another method. Continuously researching customer’s needs will enable you to keep an update of your customer’s needs and wants as they constantly changing. This method is expensive and time-consuming; it will yield a greater result when the sales take off. It must also be done on a constant basis. Once target customers are known, writing to them can begin.

Using Focus groups, complaint logs, customer observation, customer feedback, lost and current customer interviews, and be your own customer are some other methods to recognize customers’ needs.

Watch your sales skyrocketing when you discover what your prospects need and want.

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Making Visitors Read All Of Your Sales Letter

Posted December 8, 2017 By Callie

Different perspectives on the writing and reading of sales letters. While some feel it is too much a work as it is being wasted because no one is reading them, some people still want to write sales letters. Reading a sales letter is doing a lot of work to some people if it is very bland and boring. A sales letter is meant to be read to communicate information and it will be a waste of time and effort if it is not read.

Sales letters just have to be good, and should not be strenuous and a strain. Sales letters are to serve as reminders of some necessary points and give some tips to follow. It becomes very easy and fun, profitable to you and your site once you become better at doing them.

You must be knowledgeable about certain topics and themes to be able to write a sales letter. You must be able to write most times especially if you are the owner of the site. Make your sales letter creative and interesting as you already know what to write about and what it is all about.

These few tips will ensure your sales letters get read and enjoyed. These include:

– Use Short paragraphs: Sentences are no longer understood when the words in the reader are too many as a result of lengthy paragraphs. Lengthy paragraphs result to hard work to read and confusion mere looking at it. The reader will play smart by avoiding the lengthy paragraphs and move to much easier ones to glance and of course, read. A single word sentence can sometimes make paragraphs.

– Use bullets or numbers: Your points can quickly be shown by making use of numbers and bullets for each of the points. This aid quick remembrance and digestion of the points. Using bullets or indents will enable readers to where each point, guide, tip or method starts and stressed. Don’t let your sales letter look like a single block of square paragraphs, make use of indentations to properly format your numbers and bullets. You can also make use of a bit of style and seasoning to your sales letters shape.

Making it as a Copywriter will take time, effort, and a lot of hard work. The more of these attributes you insert into your sales letters, the greater the accomplishment you’ll achieve. You should constantly be willing and prepared to stick with your training on an ongoing basis to build up your writing skills and earnings.

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Keyword Research For Your Sales Letter

Posted December 7, 2017 By Callie

Noticeably, the most significant part regarding your copywriting is your sales letter’s capability to sell. Another thing that you may want to consider when writing your next website sales copy is on how searchable it will be on Google.

Keywords are terms or words that relate to specific topics on the internet. Keyword research will engage different aspects, such as discovering sales related keywords or driving highest qualified users to increase their online sales.

Keyword research is the fundamental step towards a thriving search engine optimization campaign. You have to be very cautious when choosing keywords, as it can be very complicated to select targeted keywords for a website.

The choice of keywords should constantly be based on different aspects such as product names, brands, services, or general terms. Habitually, people neglect to target geographical terms when they have gained global presence.

When carrying out keyword research, it is highly suggested to do a very scrupulous market research analysis to find the best keywords implemented by search engines to find products and services online, and research what keywords are used by competitors who are doing well in marketing on the internet.

The basic step in finding the top keywords is to create a list of the products, services, and topics that you offer. You can also apply the use of your website logs to know which keywords have fetched you the traffic in the past.

Be certain to choose keywords that clearly define your business and products to coerce traffic from the search engines. There are some websites which obtain high levels of traffic via general keywords although they might not end up being sales.

Today, users of search engines are conscious of how they work, for searching products and services on the net. Users constantly look for the better locations, products, etc. As a result, you should cover all conditions for each product, locations, etc.

There are numerous tools available which will help you identify keywords that are suitable for search engines. The challenge here is to establish which keyword is the best to create traffic.

The more searchable you make your sales copy, the more likely that you will find customers who you have never had before and increased your sales to new heights. So just keep this in mind that when you are writing your next sales page, keywords play a very important part with selling a product or whatever it may be.

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How To Make Your Copywriting Sell

Posted December 6, 2017 By Callie

You will be judged on the quality of the content of the products or services you offer by the committed and returning customers. So, irrespective of the market you find yourself; always have appealing, convincing and direct communication with your existing or prospective customers. Those that your visitors will suggest you to will indisputably evaluate you by the text you make available on your website, therefore, your web content matters. Your prospective customers may be their associates, friends or relatives. You can only retain them with your convincing and catchy content. In normal day-to-day life, when there are memorable phrases, we take some unplanned decisions; same relates to copywriting, their decisions can change to induce them to take some actions. Conclusively, copywriting can be seen as a written message, text, or substance that induces your clients to buy the products or services. It is also any written text, message or content that supports your business. Proficiently, a steadfast customer is one has been transformed from an informal visit through written copywriting.

Copywriting works simply by the method which includes easy-to-read convincing text, developing web content and interesting memorable content headlines. The attention of a visitor to your site must be caught immediately once they visit your site in the rapid world of today. Remember, not every text will do and the majority of the visitors will not read all your text but will rather skip through. Vice-versa, what is wrong for a person can be right for the other. Your content must also be specific to the address the audience and to be able to catch the attention of those who will really be interested in your products and services. So, in order to achieve the best result, copywriting and marketing must go together.

Understanding the study of the market and the company you operate in will enable you to write suitable content. If it is a marketing research, a copywriter should write content containing the following information: information on your prospective customers (what products and services they would like to purchase, the preference of your potential clients, etc.), information on the major competitors of the company (especially how they advertise their products and services and tactics they use), detailed information on the market (saturation of the market, trend on it, etc). After getting this information, development and copywriting can begin. Remember that gathering this information is a complex process and it is recommended that you hire some professionals to execute this task especially if you are a beginner. You can use this copywriting copy to write your future copywriting messages once the task is achieved.

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Copywriting Newbie

Posted December 5, 2017 By Callie

Information regarding charges of fees and services are frequently checked out on my site by other copywriters. On my part, I still take some looks from time to time on my competitor’s websites, just to keep in check some things I ought to be doing that I’m missing out on.

I was surprised the other day I received many emails from some students working to have degrees in marketing or related media degrees, seeking for few guidelines to achieve success in the “Copywriting Industry”. I never reasoned Copywriting to be an industry in the first place. What I know is that many of the freelancers are copywriters who usually prefer to work from home.

I also questioned them when they asked about advertising and marketing agencies. What’s with them? I asked. We had a nice time together until they understand that a freelancer is completely different from a copywriter who works in an institutional and structured organizational setting. This leads us to the next subtopic to compare between a freelance and institutional writer.

Freelance and Institutional, What’s the difference?

There are many differences between an agency writer and a freelance writer. But first, let’s understand who an agency writer is. An agency writer is possibly and usually a gifted person who has been educated on the psychology of selling, how to write in an attractive way, the aspect of communication in his or her coursework. The writer also has excellent use of English as a language and with creative skills.

There is a manager or team leader assigned to the agency writer who supervises, scrutinizes, and decides on the work of the agency writer in relation to the interest of the company if the article written is worth publishing. The manager also gives them assignments daily to work on. Submission is compulsory.

Achieving results over the years after running similar stuff successfully, they are given the chance to write original contents by themselves with the manager or team leader or mentor not supervising. To keep their job, securing the interests of the company, they have to produce in line with what they have been doing as before time, playing safe. If it were you, will you not?

After doing this over time, they become highly imaginative, bringing out the talents in them and some might want something different for themselves apart from the institutional way of writing. With this, they become known as a freelancer.

A person who writes with a passion and obsessed for writing is known as a freelancer. Some might develop the passion because they studied English, some got the passion because they started out working for agencies, while some found themselves passionate about writing through different routes.

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Copywriting For Email Marketing

Posted December 4, 2017 By Callie

A very effective tool as far as successful low-cost internet marketing endeavors are concerned is the Email Copywriting. It has the most respected reputation of bringing targeted traffic to websites and it is widely used. It has been effective in staying in touch with your prospective customers or clients make special offers and sending out invitations.

Email marketing may be in a form of a newsletter or a plain announcement being sent to several targeted prospective customers. It is beyond just sending out emails to anybody as there are perfect ways of doing this. To further explain this; let’s check some simple tips in doing email marketing to accomplish your goals:

1. Sign up for a “Can Spam” promotion: Spamming is quite different from Email marketing. Information that will be sent to your email list must be valuable useful to them. No point sending just any useless information.

2. Make your email subject line attractive: You should know that numerous emails are received by inbox owners every day, avoid getting your email missing alongside. Beginning each word with a capital letter, asking compelling questions, not making any unnecessary claims, avoiding the use of the word FREE, adding text symbols and making use of extra white space creatively, develop your subject line.

3. Stay real: Avoid using any doubtful statements that not related to your subject line. Let your email content convey promises your business can keep. Let your offer be genuine to your prospective customers.

4. Have a benchmark: Substantial discounts are more effective compared to informing your recipient’s minimal discounts. Consider your profit and do not give discounts that are below your profit margin. This will make your email marketing effort more effective.

5. Let it be action-packed: Remember the advice of keeping your email short and sweet, don’t contradict it Include it in your email if you have conferences, seminars, and other events. Repeat your RSVP if your business requires email to convey training benefit. Allow enough time space before pushing out your reminder email.

6. Send news broadcast: Send out helpful information to your subscribers such as postcards and newsletters as they are effective. Remember to keep it simple, direct and short as these are some other brilliant methods of getting in touch with your current or new customers.

Following these simple means of executing your email marketing, your effort on your business will yield results in no time.

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Being Successful in Copywriting

Posted December 3, 2017 By Callie

Presently, internet marketers are on the increase as numerous online devotees are joining the society. Becoming a Copywriter is one of the best decisions to make with the internet been dominated by the business world and e-commerce flourishing.

To be a winning Copywriter, it is always best to discover the basics of the Copywriting business, and then appreciate what sacrifices will need to be made for you to accomplish your goals. To excel and get to the pinnacle of the Copywriting market, you’ll need to make the essential sacrifices.

Before you begin writing any copy for a new product, you should study as much as possible about the company that is selling a product. It is actually very easy to research companies, as search engines are simply one of the principal sources for information. To be on the safe side, you should make sure that the company has a good image with customers, because even great sales copy may have a hard time advertising a product for a company with a poor image.

Many folks are under the intuition that you can make a lot of money with Copywriting and not have to invest a penny into training yourself at the skills of copywriting. Things couldn’t be further from the truth.

Making it as a Copywriter will take time, effort, and a lot of hard work. The more of these attributes you insert into your sales letters, the greater the accomplishment you’ll achieve. You should constantly be willing and prepared to stick with your training on an ongoing basis to build up your writing skills and earnings.

You will also require designing a variety of different methods and strategies for getting new customers to write for, which range from creating websites to product promotion. You’ll also need to broadcast, as well as keep in constant contact with your present and past customers. You should be ready to put in the most time during the first few months of starting your new business, as once your network begins to get established, your workload will get bulkier and heavier which may leave you a little time for a marketing copywriting business in the future.
By getting your audience to take action (a call to action) means a “sell” of sorts, but a soft sell. It will also connote you will need supportive documentation, pamphlets, other flyers, or what not since if you use a sales letter, it often doesn’t do the entire job of selling for you.

Congratulations on your decision to get into the copywriting game, I hope you have much success.

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