Customer Service Archive

One of the biggest assets your business has is its reputation. A good reputation takes time and patience to build. It won’t come overnight, but it will grow with each positive customer transaction. Take the time to do things right and always keep your customer in mind with everything you do.

Set Expectations and Meet Them

Start by setting expectations with your visitors, prospects and customers. Let them know upfront what they can expect. This could be what type of content they can expect on your website or what types of products they’ll be able to find in your shop. If they sign up for a newsletter, let them know when to expect it. The same goes for product delivery. Then make sure you do everything in your power to meet those expectations each and every time.

Take Your Time And Do It Right

It’s easy to rush and get things done quickly, particularly when it gets busy. But that’s also when mistakes are more likely to happen. Slow down and do it right the first time. It will keep you from having to go back later and fix things. You don’t want your prospects and customers to find those mistakes for you. It hurts your reputation over time.

Be Prompt In Product Delivery

Don’t you hate it as a customer if you order something and then have to wait days and days for it to ship out or get delivered? You want to be prompt in getting things out the door and to your customers. This is particularly important with digital products. There’s no reason why they can’t be delivered immediately. Get the systems in place to make that happen.

Be Patient With Your Prospects And Customers

Take your time and be patient when you interact with your customers and subscribers. They will appreciate it and feel well taken care of. And a happy customer is one of the best things you can have to grow your reputation.

Last but not least, be patient with yourself. You can’t force a good reputation. It’s something that will build over time, one interaction at a time. Do what you can on a daily basis and then sit back and watch your reputation grow over time. Once you get the ball rolling, make sure you keep up the high quality of products and service your customers come to expect and your reputation will be safe.

The backbone of repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising is excellent customer service. You want your customers to rave about you and your business. It’s something that takes a little time and effort, but is otherwise very easy to do.

Here are my three keys to providing excellent customer service. Make sure they are followed by yourself and anyone else in contact with your customers.

Be Prompt

When a customer or potential customer gets in touch with you, get back to them promptly. There is nothing worse than being ready to make a purchase, or just having spent a nice bit of cash and then having to wait for 48 hours to hear back.

This doesn’t mean you need to hire customer service personnel to work 24/7. Something quick and easy you can do is have customer service emails sent to your phone (or that of your virtual assistant). This gives you a chance to quickly respond even outside your regular working hours. Take care of simple or urgent tasks right away and leave the rest to tackle during regular business hours.

It won’t take you more than a minute to resend a download link for example. And your customers will appreciate your prompt attention.

Be Reliable

Set expectations with your customers and then make sure you meet them. If you say you ship a product out within 2 to 3 business days, make sure it gets done no matter what. If you promise an email newsletter every Tuesday, do what you can to get that out in a timely manner. Yes, there will be times when you can’t, particularly if you’re a solo entrepreneur. When that happens be upfront and honest about it.

Work on being known as the reliable go-to person in your market. It won’t take long for customers and visitors to notice. And they’ll be much more likely to recommend you to others.

Be Patient

The third key is to be patient, both with yourself and those you interact with. It doesn’t matter if they are customers, website visitors, Facebook friends, or email subscribers.
Show patience when they have questions or don’t quite understand how your product is supposed to work, where to download it and the likes. We’re so involved in our business and each aspect of it, it seems obvious to us how things work. That isn’t necessarily true for anyone else. Show patience and don’t get irritated when you have to explain how to log into the member download area for the third time today.