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There’s been a lot of buzz about mobile marketing and mobile advertising. And for good reason – it works well and is one of the least expensive advertising channels out there. Let’s take a look at what makes Facebook a great place to get started with mobile advertising.

Facebook Ads Are Easy To Set Up

Facebook ads are simple to create and pretty straight forward to set up. If you already have some experience with basic Facebook ads, targeting mobile channels in particular will be very easy. If you’re new to Facebook advertising there are lots of great free and paid resources out there that walk you through the process of setting up your first ads.

Facebook Ads Are Inexpensive

It’s very inexpensive to get started with Facebook advertising. You can spend just a few dollars per day, or even per week and get a feel for how this platform works. This is great when you’re starting out and want to play around until you figure out what works for your niche, your market, and your products. Start small until you see a good return on investment, then start increasing your advertising budget.

Facebook Ads Have Great Tracking and Targeting

With other advertising methods it can sometimes be tricky to figure out exactly how well it is working. With Facebook ads and a tracking pixel, you will know exactly how many people clicked on your ad, where they came from, and what they ended up buying or singing up for on your site. There are even retargeting pixels that allow you to target a group of people with your ads that have already shown an interest in your site.

Speaking of targeting, this is one of the areas that sets Facebook apart from the rest. You can target certain demographics, people that like a particular page, or those that are in a certain local area. This helps no matter what your small business is and what you’re selling.

Facebook Ads Make It Easy To Target Mobile Users

Last but not least, Facebook is perfect for starting to target mobile users with your ads. You get to decide where you want your ads to show up, making it easy to set up specific advertising campaigns for the mobile feed of Facebook or Instagram for example. Get in front of your ideal customers while they are engaging in their favorite social activities on their smart phones.

Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Facebook Page Fans

Posted November 9, 2016 By Callie

One of the easiest ways to increase your Facebook likes is through the use of Facebook Ads, which allow you to target specific demographics, which means it will allow you to bring the traffic you desire to your page.

Do not confuse Facebook Ads with Google Ads, because they are not the same. Google Ads will show up when a person actively searches your keyword(s). They will usually want to know what you are offering at that time, which elicits a click that is relevant to their search.

Facebook Ads don’t work that way. A Facebook Ad shows up when a person is browsing their News Feed so they likely don’t have any intent to purchase from you at that time. That means you must offer incentives to drive clicks on the Facebook Ad using one of the three methods – coupons, contests, or ebooks.

These Facebooks ads let you target those who haven’t already likes your page. You can even include a like button right on your ad. You can use the basic format ‘“Like” us to (insert what they’ll receive)’. You can drive Likes based on the incentive. Here are a few you can use:

* Like us and get your Free Guide to Growing Your Facebook Business
* Like us to get an Exclusive 20% Off coupon
* Like us to win a $200 Marketing Consultation
* Like us and enter to win a trip to Vegas – draw every 3 months

Facebook Ads are also much more affordable than Google Ads. That means even if you have a very low budget you can take advantage of Facebook Ads. If you want to know more about using Facebook Ads and how to setup your Facebook Ad campaign, Facebook has an in-depth section on how to set up your campaign, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Your goal with your Facebook Page is to grow your Likes and your fan base. To do that you need to take advantage of the many tools that can help you to create a powerful Facebook Ad.

Facebook ads are still one of the most misunderstood opportunities to grow your Facebook Page and increase your targeted traffic and your likes. The rest is up to you. With the use of strong posts that engaging your followers you can increase your reach further and continue to grow your Page.

The main goal of your Facebook Page is to grow your likes and your targeted fans. One way to do that is by taking advantage of Facebook Offers. With Facebook offers, you can share a discount with your audience by posting an offer on your Facebook Page.

How to Successfully Design a Facebook Offer

To make sure your offer is claimed as well as shared, you should consider the headline and the image you use along with the value of the offer. Remember, if people don’t understand what your offer is, they might think its spam and hide it from their News Feed or unlike your Page. That is not what you want to happen, so make sure your offer is clear.

There is no minimum value or discount required to create a Facebook offer. However, discounts of 20% or more will usually reach the most people, and giving something away free usually performs better than offering a discount.

How do People Claim My Offer?

Your visitor simply clicks ‘Get Offer’ and an email will be then be sent to them. The person will then need to print the email and bring it into your business to redeem it for whatever the offer was. You should make sure all of your staff are aware of the Facebook Offers you are running and that they know how to honor and process these offers, otherwise you will have unhappy customers, who will be quick to share their bad experience with their friends.

How to Create a Facebook Offer

You must have at least 50 likes in order to take advantage of Facebook Offers. Here are the steps you need to follow to create your offer.

1. On your Facebook Page’s Timeline go to the sharing tool. Click Offer, Event+ and then click Offer.
2. Fill out all of the details about your offer. This includes your Headline, uploading your image, adding an expiration date, and choosing your audience. You will also set your budget.
3. Click the ‘More Options’ and add your start date, terms & conditions, and online redemption.
4. Preview your offer and when you are satisfied click ‘Post Offer.’

There you have it. It’s as easy as these four steps to create your own Facebook Offer and begin to enjoy the benefits of both increasing your Likes and bringing potentially new customers into your store. It’s a win-win all the way around!

Tricks to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

Posted November 7, 2016 By Callie

Your goal is to grow your Facebook Page ‘Likes,’ which means your fans grow. Let’s look at some tricks to grow your Facebook Page Likes and reap the benefits.

Trick #1 Featured Likes
You can display as many as 5 ‘Featured Likes.’ These are Pages that are liked by your Page on your Facebook Page. Another excellent technique to use is to ask your Featured Likes to return the favor for you. This gives you a little advertising drop.

Trick #2 Marketing Growth
Add your Facebook URL to all of your marketing opportunities such as letterhead, business cards, brochures, etc. Make sure that you use a customized Facebook URL for your page, because the assigned URLs are long and ugly.

Trick #3 Make Sure You Offer Valuable Content
If you want your fans to visit your page often and share it, then you need to make sure you offer content that’s of value. If you consistently provide top-notch content, your fan base will grow as your reach grows. In addition, the first time someone finds your page they’ll like what they see and want to read more of what you have to offer and so they are much more likely to ‘Like’ your page.

Trick #4 Create a Newsletter
If you haven’t already taken the step to create a newsletter to send out to your customers and fans, then now is the perfect time to do just that. MailChimp along with other providers provide a simple newsletter solution. You can also post on your Facebook Page when your newsletter is available. Do a good job and provide valuable content so that your fans share it and you grow your fan base.

Trick #5 Create a Facebook Calendar
Planning is important and being able to plan in advance what you want to post about helps you to schedule and organize your themes. This creates an environment where you can tie themes together with what’s going on in the community, online, etc. and then you can create valuable material that gains even more power because of your ‘timing.’

That’s it – 5 great tricks to help you grow your Facebook Page ‘Likes’ and fans. There are plenty of tips and tricks that can be of value, but start with these 5 simple ones and enjoy the benefits. Remember for your Facebook Page to be a success you need to grow your fans, so nurture it and care for it!

There are Facebook pages and there are “Facebook Pages.” Some pages are just there. They exist, they are boring and they do nothing to draw in their audience. Other pages have the ‘wow’ factor. They are attractive, they offer great value and the audience is drawn in. Which type of Facebook Page do you have? Here are some top-secret tips to help you run a successful fan page that not only brings people to your page, but helps you grow your fans and likes.

Start With an Incredible Cover Photo
The image at the top of your page can draw you in. It can capture your imagination and take you to some place beautiful. Make sure that you understand the importance of your cover photo and that you choose one that will work for you. There are tons of online resources to help you with this.

Create a Profile Image That’s Unique
When it comes to profile pictures, we tend to stick a picture of ourselves up there and that’s that. But there is so much value in using a unique profile image that your audience will remember or associate with. Start with defining what your business about. Then try to create an image that is memorable and creates strong branding. Hire a visual artist if you need to. It’s worth it!

Make Use of the Facebook Page Apps
Facebook offers you some great apps, so make sure to explore them and make use of it. Add any that are appropriate. Don’t be afraid to make use of several. It will help to increase your viewers along with your likes.

Post Regular and Engaging Posts
Creating a post now and then isn’t good enough. You need to have regular posts every day so that you show up in the news feeds and so that your fans look forward to your posts and are ready to read and share those posts. In addition, you need to make sure you have engaging posts so that they encourage your fans to comment and participate in a discussion. This will help to increase your reach.

Strong Call to Action
It is very important that your Facebook page has a strong call to action, because without it your visitors won’t know what they are supposed to do. Ask friends to click the ‘LIKE’ button in a clear and concise way that leaves no room for mistakes.

Facebook Fan Page Tips and Tricks > Free Ebook

Posted November 5, 2016 By Callie

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Growing your fan base is an important part of your Facebook Page but what’s just as important is having fans that will engage on your page. This means that you will have fans that will like your page, comment on posts and share posts because they want to, not because they are being enticed to via a prize such as a free giveaway or coupon. It call comes back to providing good content.

What is Good Content?
Good content will play on life, living situations and interests of your target market. It can be related to day-to-day life and should provoke a personal response immediately. It relates to all kinds of content, asks for the opinion of users, and tells interesting stories. What it does is create a town square attitude where users gather to socialize and find something interesting to engage with like minded people.

If you are still unsure of how to create strong content, then have a look at some of the Facebook pages created and managed by large companies such as Proctor & Gamble.

You can create this kind of content by defining your target market and then determining what relevant topics are for that market. Then create themed content that you can schedule so that you have constant posts going out to your users. You can use some of Facebook’s options, such as Facebook ads to target your audience and expand your reach through your posts.

To make sure you are on target and getting the ‘reach’ you are after, you should use Facebook Page Analytics to analyze your posts. This can provide you with sound information that will allow you to be able to make good decisions related to your posts and future posts that you might make.

There are many ways you can build your fan base that won’t actually help your business prosper, so keep this in mind. However, by taking the time to bring targeted traffic to your Facebook Page and growing a relevant fan base you can enjoy the full benefits of the work you put into this.

Long term your goal is to continue to grow your fans through ‘Likes’ and for them to love what you offer so much that they tell their friends who in turn tell their friends and that reach can continue to expand and grow, offering you a very powerful marketing opportunity.

The Best Methods to Increase Facebook Likes

Posted November 4, 2016 By Callie

Facebook likes are at the heart of your Facebook page. You want to build your fans, but you also want those fans to be relevant! So let’s look at the best methods to increase Facebook likes.

Method #1 Increase Facebook Likes Using Contests
One of the easiest methods to interest people and draw them to your page is using contests. People like free items and so you can see why offering something free would increase new fans to your page especially when the condition to entering the contest is that you must like the page first. The lure of winning a prize helps you to target your market and grow your likes.

Method #2 Grow Your Facebook Fans and Likes With Like Gated Coupons
Coupons are another great way to promote your Facebook page. The coupon doesn’t have to be big. It can be as small as 10% off a purchase. It is a great way to provide your audience an incentive to purchase the product(s) you offer and you can still keep your profit margins looking pretty healthy.

Method #3 Increase Facebook Likes Using Ebooks
Depending on your industry, education can be a better incentive than even offering a prize or a discount. This is especially true with B2B companies who like to receive free e-books or white papers that provide them with information and tools to help them grow their business. This is a great way to drive large numbers of visitors to your page and increase your fans significantly. You are dealing with a targeted audience, which is exactly what you want.

If you aren’t sure what your ebooks should be about consider what your business is about and what you can share with your potential customers that will be useful and hook them on what you have to offer. Your ebook should also include a strong call to action that has the reader wanting to know more and wanting to take advantage of the service(s) you offer.

If you want to maximize your reach in promoting your offers, consider taking advantage of Facebook ads, which are very affordable and allow you to easily target your market to maximize your benefits. These ads are different than Google Ads so don’t confuse them. You can learn more about Facebook Ads under the help section on Facebook.

Method #4 Provide Useful and Engaging Content
In addition to offering free things or coupons make sure that the content that is on your page is useful, interesting and engaging. That way your visitors are more likely to comment and strike up a conversation. In turn, those conversations get shared and that spreads your reach.

You’ve created your Facebook Page but without ‘Likes’ and fans, your page isn’t going to benefit you the way you want it to. Let’s look at how you can grow your Facebook likes on your business page.

1. Use Google Analytics to measure your Facebook ROI. If you have e-commerce on your website, it just takes a little bit of code for you to be able to track your social media activity.
2. Brand your apps so that they have the look and feel of your company’s branding and so they fit with your cover image. With the exception of Facebook provided apps (Notes, Events, Likes, Photos) you can change the image to fit your branding.
3. Create custom app buttons. Use a site like Pixlr.com to edit your image to the right size or you might even have software on your computer. You’ll want your image to be 74 pixels tall by 111 pixels wide to keep the correct ratio.
4. When you are marketing on Facebook, you should focus on one goal at a time. Pursuing more than one objective at the same time actually leads to a reduction in your impact.
5. In your Facebook marketing, it can help to think like you are the editor of a magazine. Why is your magazine better than the competitor’s magazine? How are you going to keep your visitor engaged? How are you going to balance your ads with your content?
6. Select various posts to feature on your timeline stream. Make the post visible on your main timeline by going to the recent posts by others and then hovering over the right corner of the post you wish to add to your timeline click on the ‘X’ and then choose ‘Allow on Page.’
7. Get enhanced Facebook Page notifications. That way you will not miss any posts. Facebook notification system doesn’t seem to notify users of comments on long threads so to make sure you don’t miss out on any notifications use a third party app like hyperalerts to keep you in the loop.
8. If you are new to Facebook Pages, you can take it offline until you are satisfied with the look and feel of your page. To do this go to your ‘Admin Panel’ then choose ‘Edit Page’ followed by ‘Manage Permissions.’ Check the box beside ‘unpublish the page.’ Then save your changes.

How to Grow Your Facebook Page Likes

Posted November 2, 2016 By Callie

For you to enjoy effective Facebook marketing you must have an audience. Without a large fan base that’s relevant it’s a bit like speaking to a room that’s empty. You would be wasting your time. To build that large fan base and to enjoy successful marketing on Facebook you need to be proactive. Getting ‘Likes’ is the first step in converting a casual audience to a fan and eventually a paying customer. Let’s look at the top fan building tips you can implement.

#1 Use Social Plug Ins and Website Widgets
Install social plug ins like Facebook Like Box or Wibiya Toolbar on your website or blog, which allow your visitors to ‘Like’ your Facebook page right from your website. There are many other plug ins that you can install easily to the back end of your website.

#2 Create a Like Gated App
You can provide valuable content using an app that requires visitors to ‘Like’ your page before they can access your content. How this works is really simple. The app provides an image along with a message that instructs the visitor to click ‘Like’ to see the content on your page.

#3 Engagement Ads
Most marketers see Facebook adverts as a way to encourage users to purchase something. Engagement ads are different because they aim to market your Facebook Page rather promoting the sale of a certain product.

#4 Get Your Existing Fans to Share Your Facebook Page Content
Your current fans are key to your building your fan base and watching it grow. When you publish relevant content on your page, your existing fans are more likely to share that material and that can lead to new fans finding their way to your site. Posting regularly up to date information also helps to encourage your fans to share the content you post.

#5 Email Signatures
An often overlooked way to grow your Facebook Page fans is to include an email signature on all your emails. It’s easy to implement and very effective. If you are like most businesses, every day you send out a number of emails and so having the link to your social networking sites on your emails promotes your growth.

These 5 tips are a great place to start to grow your Facebook ‘Likes’ and thus your fan base. As your fans grow and they share your content with their friends, who then share your content with their friends, you will see your reach grow and with that your fan base.