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Using Forums to Promote Your Business

Posted December 12, 2017 By Callie

If you visit forums frequently, you can use them to promote your business without worrying about spamming. This doesn’t mean that you go there solely with the intention of promoting your business. However, if you’re subtle in your approach, there are a few things that you can do that may land you some new customers. This can be one of the simplest ways to draw business to your website without much effort, as you’re just engaging in normal everyday conversations.

In most forums, registered users are allowed to add a signature line underneath their name. Your signature will show up each time you make a post, which works in your favor because in this way you will be subtlety promoting your business without spamming anyone. It is important that you post to the forum frequently, some forum posters don’t bother to look at the websites of users unless they are regular users of the forum, and then they may eventually get curious. You have to build your reputation at a forum as a trusted reputable source, someone who is in tune with the online business world.

Another thing is if there was a discussion and you just happened to mention that you have a website, some people may decide to check it out just out of curiosity. It doesn’t matter why they chose to do it, the important thing is that you provided enough interest to make someone want to check your website in order to obtain more information.

But you must be careful when doing this, some chat forums may consider this to be spamming, your best bet may be to ask the person if you could pm (private message) them the information about your website, this way you won’t run the risk of spamming anyone.

Another way a forum may help you draw traffic to your website is to casually weave your business into conversations as appropriate. For example, if you’re promoting website domains and hosting, and someone posted that they want to create their own website, but they didn’t know where to begin, you can casually mention you know of a place where they can get reasonably priced domains and hosting, you can then just ask the poster to pm you for more information, when they pm you can than giving them your website. Also, you don’t always have to promote your product or website.

If you show that you are knowledgeable about business, the other chat forum posters will take note which works to your advantage because now the posters are more likely to want to click on the link in your signature. Posting Blogs and articles are a great way to drive traffic to your website. They create back links to your website. Blogs, articles, and forum posting are all very subtle but powerful forms of marketing. Chat forum posting is a very effective form of marketing, you just have to stick to the rules of the chat forum, especially the main rule NO SPAMMING!

Build your reputation of someone that’s knowledgeable and experienced, keep your marketing approach subtle but informative, let your signature do most of your advertising, make sure your signature line grabs the people’s attention. Just remember subtle yet powerful.

Social Marketing Through Forums

Posted December 11, 2017 By Callie

Social Marketing through forums, it could help you generate traffic and link popularity for your website.

Forum marketing or Social Marketing can truly be another great hidden source to add to your over all Internet marketing. It is a place where people with similar interest gather to discuss all types of topics for that subject.

How effective is it for your Internet Marketing and generating website traffic?

Forum Marketing can help in many different ways when it comes to marketing your website, here is how:

First, you want to find a discussion board or forum that is targeted to your website theme. Think of it like this would you market your website about jewelry to a forum about cooking? The answer is no.

Participating in forums can help you and your website build an expert status online by posting answers to questions others have on a specific topic.

Never posted in forums before?

The first thing you should do before just jumping in and posting wildly, take a look around and see what other are posting about, view the setup and feel the mood of the forum.

Once you have a good understanding of the forum then you can start participating in this targeted marketing platform.

Note: There is a sign-up process for most good forums. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Forums normally use the sign in to help better monitor the forum and protect it from spamming.

Keep in mind that most forums do not allow advertising in their post and the regular participants of these forums can smell an ad from a mile away. This way of using the forums will not make you any friends so keep your content exactly that content. Add value to the forum by providing your own unique quality copy.

Forums allow a signature line where you can place a small description about your business along with a link to your website. Here is where your link popularity can climb and climb steadily as new post creates new fresh content that the search engines love.

Search engines pick up and index forum posts high so be sure to include important keyword rich topics and content in every forum posts so they will attract targeted traffic to your website through your popular keywords.

Consider Forum Marketing as part of your Internet marketing strategies, it can have many benefits for your website and business that you may not have thought about.

Marketing on Forums

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

Many online businesses view forums as a means of marketing goodwill to their customers, and it can do just that. However, forums are equipped with two sides, standard.

If you make a forum available to site visitors you have accepted one side of the coin. You can, in fact, utilize that forum as a means of marketing trust with your customers. Feedback is an important component of a forum and this mechanism allows for the free flow of thought and allows every individual voice.

Many online businesses view forums as a means of marketing goodwill to their customers, and it can do just that. However, forums are equipped with two sides, standard.

If you make a forum available to site visitors you have accepted one side of the coin. You can, in fact, utilize that forum as a means of marketing trust with your customers. Feedback is an important component of a forum and this mechanism allows for the free flow of thought and allows every individual a voice.

This has always been rare in customer relations. Typically, it is only the glowing testimonials that are shared with site visitors while any negative feedback is generally inaccessible. Forums allow both, but you may find that others who will champion your product or service may refute a disgruntled comment by one individual.

But negative comments in a forum also allow you to be very public about how you handle customer complaints. This scenario provides the opportunity to turn a potential negative into a highly visible positive experience for consumer and business alike.

The other side to the forum coin is trust marketing on a personal basis. What I mean by that is you may do well to find a select number of industry related forums to participate in. While this idea is not new most business owners who use a forum do not use it in a specific enough way.

Here’s what typically happens. A business owner signs up for an industry forum and makes a few posts with a fair amount of marketing information in their signature line. The hope is that this ‘free’ advertising will convince other forum members to come to the business website. If this simplistic view of forum marketing is how you approach the subject it can often come across as disingenuous or insincere. In fact, on some forums, it may even be considered spamming.

If you, as a business owner, use a forum with links back to your website embedded in your signature line you should seriously consider engaging yourself in the forum community as your prime objective. Respond with helpful information when an individual post a question you are qualified to answer. Include links to helpful articles when appropriate and act like a member of the community instead of that guy that puts sales flyers on car windows – obnoxious and disliked.

Forums are a great way to reach out to existing customers, but the use of peripheral forums can help establish trust with those who may have never heard about you or your company.

In a way, similar to a blog you can use these industry specific forums as a means of allowing others to catch a sense of both your personality and expertise. When you actually engage in the community you signed up to be a part of you will get to know many of the personalities on the forum and become a trusted source for information as you encourage those who may need the advice and information you can offer.

Use forums as a means of marketing your site, but don’t forget there are TWO powerful ways to get your message out utilizing forums. Make use of both.

Increasing Your Exposure

Posted December 9, 2017 By Callie

SO, you created your website for whatever purpose, to sell a product or service, to show off your photographic genius… whatever its YOUR pride and joy!! But you have no visitors to see your wonders in design or marketing?

The VERY FIRST STEP in driving traffic to your website is through what is commonly referred to as Online Forum Marketing. Online Forums are very interactive web pages that allow you as a registered user to read, interact and participate in discussions about a certain topic of interest. You would do everything you can to participate in as many discussions as you can about your favorite topic, wouldn’t you?

The reason is that with these ‘discussion groups’, you realize that this is your opportunity to learn as much as you can from these people in the shortest amount of time! and more importantly, you can establish your credibility as an authority on your chosen topic!

Forum Etiquette – Every forum has its own set of rules. It is your duty as a member to find out what is acceptable and what is not. This can include how to set up your signature. Do they allow links? If so how many? How long can your signature be? Some forums do not allow you to post links that are of the certain type of nature. This can include links to porn sites, gambling sites or even affiliate links. What is the general subject matter of the forum?

If using a Homeworker Ideas forum, for instance, don’t post things that are off topic unless they have a specific thread for that. There are forums that do not allow discussions of a political nature or discussion of religious topics. Even others discourage talking about specific products and companies.

The bottom line is that each forum is different and if you are to be an outstanding member, you have to play by the rules. If you don’t, you might get slapped and even publicly humiliated. That doesn’t amount to good marketing.

In conclusion, the best way to market yourself in a forum is to not really market yourself at all but rather to be a consistent member that contributes quality and substance to the community. When your motive is to help others, contribute good content and become an integral part of a community, you end up marketing yourself without even trying.

When you start participating in various forums, you’ll notice the various Signature Boxes on the bottom of the majority of the comments posted by forum members. You’ll also notice that after you read a member posting that intrigues you, you’ll find yourself clicking on the link of that particular member’s signature.

Just like that, you just created a click through to that particular member’s website!

When you simply register for your first online forum, the VERY FIRST THING you should do is create your ‘Signature’. As mentioned in the section above, a Signature is basically what is used at the end of email messages to give your recipient that ‘feeling of credibility’ about you. However, the SAME THING could be accomplished by adding that signature at the end of EVERY SINGLE ONE of your forum posts.

This is one of MANY times you’re going to hear me teach you about the importance of your CREDIBILITY when marketing your product or service online.

Your first major accomplishment as an Internet Marketer is to first ESTABLISH your credibility. As you are well aware, the Internet is enormous – and being able to establish even a small amount of credibility is a major accomplishment, and COMPLETELY doable! Do everything you can to use Online Forums as your first step in establishing your online credibility! Why not, it’s free! Warning!

Forums are VERY interactive in nature, with back-and-forth replying from just ONE particular post lasting for weeks and months at a time! You should post as frequently as possible: 2-3 times a week in as many as 5 different forums.

Try not to spend a tremendous amount of time on the forums. Just simply log in, locate your prior posts to check out any possible responses, respond if necessary, then go ahead submit your NEW POST, maybe read a few other members’ posts, then LOG OUT!

Forums could be VERY ADDICTIVE if you let them affect you in that way. Millions of other forum members around the world find themselves investing TOO MUCH TIME in forums. So don’t forget the reason why you are a forum member – that is to learn as much as you can, and DRIVE TARGETED TRAFFIC to YOUR WEBSITE! Another reason why you want to be careful in forums is that, depending on the forum, it may be a case of ‘the blind leading the blind’. You’ll notice that the MOST SUCCESSFUL internet marketers may not even exist in the forums anymore because of this.

Just to remind you, when you are just starting your internet marketing career, establishing your positive professional credibility is your first and main concern. Forums are one of the PERFECT places to accomplish this goal. However, as your credibility starts to rise and you start to ‘brand’ yourself, you may make the decision whether or not you still want to invest your valuable time in the forums. This is completely up to you and your business.

Your Action Step for driving massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website using Forum Marketing TODAY! Simply sign up and register for as many RELEVANT forums as you can, insert your Signature Box, and publish your first posts! Don’t hesitate to involve yourself with 3-5 separate forums – of course, the more the merrier!

The first step is to modify your profile to include your Signature Box. When you create your first post, make sure you can ‘preview’ your post to make sure your Signature Box appears. Don’t forget to make sure your website link is WORKING, then post away my friend!

Forum Marketing Tips

Posted December 8, 2017 By Callie

In order to be successful using forums to do viral marketing, there are some things that are required.

Do Your Homework: Prior to joining any forum, you must do some research.

1. Join relevant forums that are in some way related to the promotion’s primary sales market. For example, someone involved with a health related product, many types of forums could apply everything from holistic medicine to stay-at-home moms.

2. Choose popular forums. There is no point in wasting your time and energy on forums that few members and few posts. Page ranking and a number of active members are two good ways to check for this.

3. Choose forums that allow sig tags. If it’s possible to read the rules before joining and pay attention to them. Your time is important, too. It is better to find out that a forum doesn’t allow posts with sig tags before you go to the time and trouble of joining.

After You Have Joined: OK… you have chosen two or three forums that meet your requirements…now what?

1. Keep your sig tag short and update it regularly. The ideal thing is to limit yourself to one link, preferably to your main website.

2. Never create posts that are nothing more than an advertisement. This all but a universal rule and only displays the marketers lack experience if he does so. At best this kind of post will be deleted by the monitors….at worst, it is grounds for being banned.

3. Work the room. Be an active member of the forum. Plan to spend at least an hour each day there and take the time to get to know the users. Take the time to introduce yourself with intelligent questions depending upon the forum’s topic.

As a marketer becomes a regular member, they will hopefully develop a good reputation and without saying a word about their promotion, those who are interested in their product will approach them.

Forum Marketing Campaigns

Posted December 7, 2017 By Callie

Ask any online marketing veteran and he’ll tell you that the road to internet prominence is paved by a race to have the most number of back links possible. With Google leading the way among the hundreds of search engines in the World Wide Web, link popularity, or the number of websites linking to your pages, has become a very important ingredient for good positioning in search engine results. The number of back links your website would have will significantly affect your we…

Ask any online marketing veteran and he’ll tell you that the road to internet prominence is paved by a race to have the most number of back links possible. With Google leading the way among the hundreds of search engines in the World Wide Web, link popularity, or the number of websites linking to your pages, has become a very important ingredient for good positioning in search engine results. The number of back links your website would have will significantly affect your website’s page rank (PR). The higher your website’s PR is, the higher it will place in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Using this known formula, online businessmen have tried to move heaven and earth to ensure the most number of back links possible. Article marketing was developed to boost such a number. Triangular linking was conceived to go around the prohibition against reciprocal linking. Ezine ads and links to high PR sites have been bought to deliver some much-needed back links.

One of the most potent marketing strategies of this nature is forum marketing, or, the proper usage of online communities for the promotion of your website. Please take note. The operative word in the definition above is “proper.” Yes, people do tend to abuse forum marketing, and as a result, the tactic backfires on them. So, it is very important to know the exact measures that should be taken so that you’d be able to make the most out of your forum marketing campaign.

Here are some pointers.

• To find targeted users, as well as to lead the search engine spiders to your website, you will have to find a forum that is dedicated to the subject that your website is servicing. To find such a forum, use the free tool at .

• Remember to make good use of the signature box that you will have once your account is created. You could include a direct link to your website in your signature box. Some forums even allow you up to five links, so this will be great if you’re promoting just as many websites.

• Do not advertise your links in your posts. Let us repeat that for emphasis – DO NOT ADVERTISE YOUR LINKS IN YOUR POSTS – sorry for the caps lock, but this point is very, very important. Forum members would chastise you if you will do some self-promotion. They will find that very inappropriate, more so if you will be advertising affiliate links.

• The best approach is to post significant replies in meaningful threads. Let your words do the talking, and let them judge your business through the wit and wisdom you could share. Your signature box will appear in every post you will publish, anyway. The trick is in publishing as many substantial posts as you can.

• Be friendly. Build relationships. Such would go a long, long way in building your brand. This is a very welcome addition the benefit of being able to earn some back-links courtesy of your posts and your signature box. You could win customers, or even joint venture partners, by just being nice and helpful.

• Learn from your co-members. Keep an open eye about what they need and what they want. Let this aid you in your market study. Pinpointing a necessity or a luxury, after all, is key in coming up with a highly sellable product and an efficient web design.

Forum marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing tactics in existence today – if it will be implemented correctly. Keep in mind the things we have discussed above, and for certain, you’ll be able to reap a lot of benefits from this technique.

NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this article within your website or newsletter as long as you leave the article fully intact and include the “About the Author” resource box.

Driving Traffic Using Forums

Posted December 6, 2017 By Callie

The use of forum posting to gain traffic and improve sales is a much-neglected part of online marketing. There is a spectacular growth in the establishment of forum boards and blogs today, and the interactivity the boards and blogs provide form a good base from which to conduct forum marketing activities. Posting to forums gives you publicity, and a chance to gain targeted leads to your website. The author describes how this can be done.

Do you need more traffic to your web site, and more sales? If you do, then you need to consider an often-neglected side of web site promotion which is called forum marketing.

Most web sites make use of forums to provide the element of response from the user to the owner and vice versa. These forums take many forms and include the standard forums, discussion boards, bulletin boards and currently blogs where the visitors to the web site can leave their comments on the site.

Marketing has always revolved around relationships. The basic element of relationship from the aspect of online marketing is to weave an element of trust between the potential purchaser and the vendor or web site owner.

Once there is this element of trust, even the tiniest bond that has been sown between the potential buyer and seller, it becomes easier for the potential buyer to take a further step to buy the product. That is why many marketers are establishing forum boards and blogs to interact with clients and to provide support and to answer queries.

These forum boards provide a fertile ground for you to test out forum marketing for your products.

You need to compile a list of the discussion boards and blogs that are related to your product or service line that you are going to market. Then on a daily basis, visit these forums to read their postings. These forums are the best sites where newbies to internet marketing would congregate to seek free resources or request information or advice from more experienced forumers.

When you see a post where you can respond, make a brief informative post, and more importantly make sure you leave a reference to your web site in your signature line. This confers on you two advantages. Firstly, you gain a backlink to your site when you leave your website address in a much-visited forum, and secondly, forumers who read your post will tend to visit your web site by following the link in your post.

Some internet marketers channel all their visitors to a squeeze page and not to a sales website directly. This squeeze page is a sign-up page where you get the email address of the visitor in return for a free download of a ebook or report or software. By using this squeeze page, you gain targeted leads.

Statistics show a potential buyer would need to be exposed at least 3 to 5 times before he becomes interested to take the next step to purchase anything from you. By getting his email, you can email him on a regular schedule or use an autoresponder to channel your marketing message across.

The most important part of forum marketing is to identify a group of marketing forums and blogs related to your product or services that you are selling, from which you can then launch off. Once you have the list of forums and discussion boards, it becomes a daily affair to spend enough time to visit these forums and to post to them.

Beware though, forum reading can be addictive, and you can be spending a whole lot of time on reading and posting to forums. Track your leads, and as you continue to do your forum posting daily, you will see a steady increase in your web site traffic and your sales.

Don’t Get Banned On Forums

Posted December 5, 2017 By Callie

Forum marketing can be a bit tricky. You have to be subtle or you can get banned. Look below at the “long post” for a list of the forums I have joined. It is a good idea to read and post in each of them every day which I have been really lax on. Now that I am not trying to publish my articles every day I can start posting there again. Forums can be a lot of fun because they allow for open communication.

Make a fun avatar

Say something cute and memorable in your signature and you will get a good and friendly reputation.

Steer clear of political and religious comments and threads and if you choose to post something there be sure to be extremely tactful!

If someone starts to goad you to stop and don’t respond at all unless you can be super professional.

Read the whole thread looking for tips and opinions that can help your business. Then post if you have something meaningful to say.

Never post an ad on a forum!

Make sure that your signature has your link and talk about what you have learned or how your life is changed by “your opportunity” but don’t use phrases like “Come Check this out!” or “Come to my site”

If you find someone who you think (from reading their posts) would be a good member of your team send them a PM and don’t invite them to join up. Just say hi. Mention that you enjoy reading their posts and would like to be friends. Give them your MSN username or your email address.

After you get to know them a bit they will likely ask you what your opportunity is or for sure they will check out your site. You likely won’t even need to invite them. Go to theirs and if they list a blog link add it to your blog link.

Be Friendly!

Be always on the lookout for people who you can connect with. Maybe they have a service that would help you market your site or maybe they are just fun people to get to know. Maybe they would benefit from your encouragement.

Forums are a lot of fun and I have only posted about three days of posting in each forum and I already have two good leads from my forum posts. These are people who PMed me and asked specifically for Success U information. So I think it is a very good marketing idea.

Sign up for as many forums as you can handle.

Being on Top at Forum Marketing

Posted December 4, 2017 By Callie

So, you are an internet marketer. You have been doing your thing for about 3 years now and you are just starting to feel like you have a handle on what is going on. You feel like now is the time to take what you have going and start improving things slowly based on all of the data you have been able to collect. This is a good time for you and you are excited about some of the things that you have learned on the marketing forums that you are in.

In fact, when you think about it’s…

So, you are an internet marketer. You have been doing your thing for about 3 years now and you are just starting to feel like you have a handle on what is going on. You feel like now is the time to take what you have going and start improving things slowly based on all of the data you have been able to collect. This is a good time for you and you are excited about some of the things that you have learned on the marketing forums that you are in.

In fact, when you think about it some of the most useful and productive things that you did was to join these marketing forums. Being relatively new the internet as a sales place has so much untapped potential. There is also a relatively few number of people trying to sell things like you. This makes it nice because the competition is much less threatening.

As there are new things being invented every day to automate different steps in order to ramp up the scale of your operations it is useful to be able to share this knowledge freely with each other. At this point in the game, this is as close to symbiosis as it is ever going to be in this business.

Marketing forums are valuable both as a way to share information among fellow marketers at the same level as well as a way for the “elder-sage-types” in the industry to teach and coach others concerning all of the secrets you possess. Knowledge is power after all and power in this industry is worth a lot of money. So not only is it a way for another internet “gurus” to make money but for you too to cash in on your valuable experience.

Forums, marketing forums specifically, are really the perfect form of gathering among internet marketers. They allow privacy for the sensitive information that is being passed. It allows anonymity when that is important for certain questions, challenges, and general statements. The software is inexpensive, if not free, and works really well for open lines of communication between participants. They also usually allow file sharing which is often necessary.

Lastly, it makes a great place to unveil your products. So, what you are doing is using marketing forums to market your products which pretty much have to be marketing tools and specific strategy models.

Becoming Viral On Forums

Posted December 3, 2017 By Callie

Recently, forum marketing has been touted as a kind of free, organic, viral marketing. But because so many marketers go into forums purely with the intention of marketing products or services, their actions and attitude unwittingly cause the exact opposite of the desired effect.

Forums aren’t marketplaces but when used as such, the marketers’ actions become offensive and will only inspire the wrath of fellow members and marketers, not to mention moderators who can ban them from the site with the click of their mouse.

In order to be effective, this kind of marketing carries a certain degree of commitment, responsibility, and respect. The first requirement is to take a personal interest in the main topic of the forum. Not only does that mean visiting it regularly, but it also means developing a good relationship with both other members and the moderators, as well as taking an active interest in helping others.

Of course, it also means abiding by and all rules that exist. By doing this, one can develop a reputation and, since it is human nature to work with a trusted colleague, business will naturally develop from this.

This type of marketing has already suffered some abuse and because of this, many forums have recently developed stringent rules designed to protect their members from abusive or overly-aggressive marketing tactics. One forum grants .sig files only after a member has created one hundred valid posts and another has disallowed ads in sig files altogether.

Marketers must respect that the purpose of a forum is to be a platform to exchange ideas on a given topic. It is not there to advertise products and services. By focusing on the topic and posting questions and answers, a marketer’s reputation will grow and this creates the potential for sales naturally.