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There are several reasons why being an entrepreneur is much better than a J-O-B. With the responsibility of running your own business, you also have the freedom to pursue the most financially and personally rewarding avenues.

Instead of sitting behind a desk and being told what you have to achieve for the day or for the year, you’re free to set your own goals and objectives. No more time spent working on projects that don’t fulfill you.

When you’re an entrepreneur, you get to set the goals, you get to choose the direction your business takes and which projects will be the best fit for your endeavor. Because you will be the one to know your company best, achieving your goals will not only feel financially rewarding but will also be personally rewarding as well.

In addition to getting to decide the direction your business heads, you’ll also be cutting down on the time it takes to get back and forth to work. For many people, their daily commute represents time that could better be spent on other activities like connecting with new clients and working to build their company’s brand – both of which are essential to having a successful business. For entrepreneurs working at home, the longest commute is from the shower to the computer (or laptop) freeing up valuable work time.

One of the most exciting work at home perks is the flexibility it offers you. When you run your own business, you don’t have to worry about being put on the schedule for holidays or on family birthdays. If you don’t feel well yourself, you don’t have to go in to work or beg your boss to stay home or get docked in pay.

When you work at home, you don’t have to clear it with your supervisors if you need to leave work early to pick up your sick child. You don’t have to work hours that someone else specifies.

Your schedule is completely your own. If you’d rather work in the wee hours of the night so you can spend more time with your loved ones while they’re awake, then you’re free to do so. When you work at home, you can be as free as you wish without worrying you’ll lose your job.

Another perk is the stability that comes from working at home. In this economy, even the most dedicated employees sometimes find themselves being let go. But when you work from home, you never have to worry about being fired or downsized because you’re the boss.

Running your own business allows you the freedom to change directions, work your own hours, avoid the frustrating commute and the knowledge that your never have to worry about being laid off again. Plus, it’s so much more exciting building something yourself and seeing it take off than working for someone else to build their business.

Who Is Starting Their Own Online Businesses?

Posted April 8, 2017 By Callie

Starting an online business is one of the smartest moves you can make to invest in your future. Now more than ever, people are putting their ideas into practice and becoming first time entrepreneurs.

Beginning a new business owner in today’s world is much easier than it was even ten years. Booming online businesses make up a huge percent of products sold. It’s evident that e-commerce is here to stay.

The beauty of running an online business is that the start up costs are very low – you can even start some businesses without having to come up with any money at all. Young or old, people of all ages can create a business they love from whatever they’re passionate about. Whether it’s selling antique pieces of history, gift ideas or selling services, there’s a niche tailor made for your talents.

So who are the people who are breaking free from their ordinary routines, or from their cubicles and taking control of their lives? Many of the people who are first time entrepreneurs are moms. Whether they’re stay at home moms or currently work in an office, mothers make up a large majority of those running Internet businesses.

Putting their years of expertise from both life and business to work for them, many baby boomers are stepping out and taking the plunge into a new endeavor of starting their own online business.

Sometimes in a tough job economy, baby boomers are some of the first people to get laid off. Employers aim to keep the younger, less experienced people on the job because they can pay them less.

No, it’s not fair, but it does happen. If you’re in that category, losing a job can be the springboard that catapults you into an adventure that can bring so much good into your life as you start working for yourself.

In certain jobs, there are government mandates in place for when people must retire from that job, which is unfortunate in many cases because it’s those years of experience on the job that make them better employees than the newly hired.

Thanks to smart financial planning, most retirees aren’t forced to work due to needing the income after retirement, but many choose to in order to keep their minds active and to give themselves something to look forward to.

Changing from a life of active work to being home all day can be quite an adjustment and running an online business can make that adjustment a lot easier on the one retiring and his or her family. Plus, for those wanting to retire but who want to stay busy, there are plenty of opportunities available online to start and run a successful business.

When it comes to starting your work at home business, few things are more intimidating than creating your very own website – especially if you don’t know your way around the technical side of things. While there are many terrific options out there for new or inexperienced business owners, getting started can have some hassles.

There are a few steps you can take to make your cyber home comfortable and cozy. Start by purchasing your very own web domain. With so many websites offering “free” domain names, this may sound silly to spend money on.

But many of these sites are really just giving you a subdomain – for example: mybusinesssite.whatever.com. Not only is that difficult to remember for consumers, but if your customers mistype your site address, they could land on a site that’s offensive or contains a virus costing you valuable clients.

Buying your own domain name immediately gives your site credibility in the eyes of web visitors. While you’re at it, avoid free hosting. When you use free hosting (examples: blogger.com, wordpress.com, webs.com, etc.) your site is bound by another company’s terms of service.

Let’s say you’re running a health and beauty business and your website is being freely hosted. Now let’s say this free host provider suddenly has an influx of spammers taking over the health and beauty category.

Suddenly, your top notch website is mistakenly labeled spam and you log on one day to find it’s disappeared – deleted without warning. Your existing customers don’t know where to find you online and you’re losing out on potential customers and sales.

If you can afford it, pay for hosting. You’ll rest easy at night knowing you won’t wake up tomorrow to find the website you worked so diligently on suddenly deleted. While you should be paying for hosting, you shouldn’t have to go broke paying for it.

Expect to pay between four and ten dollars per month for hosting. If you pay more than that, then you’re overpaying. If you pay less than that, then read the fine print very carefully.

Once you have a domain and hosting, how can you build a professional looking site with correct search engine optimization that attracts thousands of visitors each day? While you can certainly pay a web designer for a fancy site with all the bells and whistles, you don’t have to.

You can research free open source software for building your very own website. These software packs even include professional templates for you to use. Some suggested open source software is WordPress, Joomla and others. All are great options to use for your website. And if you get a host that has Cpanel, then installing your new software will be a breeze!

How many times have we all said, “If only I had more time then I could get more done in my online business?” The solution is not getting more time – we all have the same amount. The key is to manage the time we do have and make it work more effectively for us.

Even if you think you don’t have time to take on anything else, you might be surprised to discover how much time you’re actually wasting during the day. You can start an online business whether you hold down a full time job or not.

Sometimes when it comes to starting a business, many people have the mental picture that it’s all or nothing – that in order to be their own boss, they have to take the plunge, quit their day job and put all of their effort into building an online business.

If you have a day job that pays the bills and provides you with health benefits, keep the job while you work on launching and growing your business part time. You can get up an hour earlier in the mornings to work on your business.

You can spend your lunch hour working on the business. Since your job will be online, you’ll be able to access it anywhere. If you commute to work via train or other method where someone else is in charge of driving, you can work on it then, too.

You can also temporarily give up the hours you used to spend sitting in front of the television. You can give up one hour of sleep at night to work on the business and work two weekends a month.

It seems like a lot of time, but if you work it around your day job and stick with it, you can steadily increase your income with the online business until you can comfortably afford to let go of the job you now have.

For some reason, let’s suppose you’re in a position now where you can no longer wait to leave your day job – it’s become unbearable, the stress is going to wreak too much havoc, or there’s something to cause you abandon your current career now.

Suddenly, you find yourself having the same forty plus hours you gave at the office to work on your online business. Always begin right away. If you start out working your online business when you feel like it, you could lose valuable initiative. Let the excitement drive you and propel you forward.

With the benefit of working your online business full time, you’ll be able to devote the steady attention the business needs to continually grow. Rather than squeezing it into the schedule, you’ll have the time you need.

It’s not so much about finding the time as it is taking the time and if you’ve always wanted to start your own online business, there’s no better time than this moment. Today will soon be yesterday and you won’t ever get that opportunity back.

Having the exact same article content show up in various places on the Internet over and over can dilute your chances of having your domain show up in a top spot in the Google SERPs.

So what can you do when you need a lot of content, but writing from scratch is too daunting? Article spinning is a form of multiplication for marketers. It means that you can take a handful of articles and turn them into hundreds of articles.

What article spinning does is save time and money for the marketer who needs content – and needs it fast. Coming up with 100 original articles about the same product or business is a lot harder than taking five articles and turning them into a hundred by spinning.

Article spinning is saying the exact same thing but using different words to mean the original thought. There are three main ways you can spin articles. One way is by hand, but unless you happen to have forty-eight hours in your day instead of twenty-four, you’re going to be stuck at the keyboard for days on end – especially if you have to have massive amounts of content.

The second way is to hire someone to rewrite an original article hundreds of different ways, but even the best writer will eventually end up not knowing how else to turn the material into something new. The third way to get the content that you need is to use an article spinning tool.

An article spinner is software or an application that switches certain words in the articles with other words that have the same meaning. The spinner also moves around portions of the article so that it’s not in the original place.

For example, paragraph three might end up becoming paragraph five or vice versus. It all depends on the tool you purchase. Basically, what an article spinner does is take the original article and continue to make it fresh and new again and again. This method ends up saving you both time and money – especially if you have to have a great deal of content and don’t have the time to wait for it to be produced by hand.

The spinner will pick out words and change them out with words from a thesaurus. You can also do the same for entire sentences or phrases. By using an article spinner, you’ll get the unique content you want but without the hassle.

Choose a spinner that’s been on the market awhile and is known to deliver what it promises to. Some opponents of article spinners say that the content spun and released as articles can come out looking like a bunch of jumbled phrases that don’t make any sense.

That can happen, but it usually happens with people who don’t really care if their content makes sense or not. Make sure you read through the article to ensure it’s viable to represent your website on the ‘net.

What Works Better – Banner Ads or Text Links?

Posted March 27, 2017 By Callie

When it comes to making money from a website, one of the first questions entrepreneurs ask is, “What works better, banner ads or text links?” First, recognize that there is no one size fits all answer when it comes to advertising. You’ll get a variety of responses depending on who you ask.

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that adding advertising on a website is a process of trial and error. Because what works for one website may not work for another and vice versa, so it’s important to carefully track the conversion rates of ads on your site.

Pay attention to which type of ads work best as well as where they’re placed. Some website owners find visitors respond best to ads immediately under the posts, while others see the best response from ads in the sidebar.

Also pay attention to the coloring. With many advertising networks allowing you to customize your ads, try to choose advertisements that complement your color scheme. Ads that complement your color scheme foster a sense of confidence in your site visitors because the ads look like they’re part of the site instead of being placed randomly.

With banner ads, one of the advantages is being able to use pictures or animation in your advertisement. But banner ads also have some disadvantages – including banner blindness. Banner blindness is the result of visitors “expecting” banners and ignoring them. Most consumers will navigate around banners to read the content they want to see. Some banners will annoy site visitors, especially if they flash on and off rapidly.

Unless you run a shopping website, chances are visitors aren’t interested in ads specifically – they’re seeking information. The way that banners are set up, they might grab attention, but they rarely generate high click through rates.

By contrast, text links are often viewed as trustworthy and have higher click through rates than banner ads. Text links also load faster and are rarely blocked by web browsers.

Before you place ads on your website, make sure you fully understand the settings for your advertising network. Some networks like Google Adsense allow you to restrict certain categories so they never appear on your website.

If you’re running a family friendly website, your website visitors may not appreciate ads promoting a get rich quick scheme or male enhancement product. Block the ads that aren’t relevant to your website or that might be deemed offensive by visitors to ensure high relevancy and soaring click through rates.

What Kind of Online Businesses Can You Launch?

Posted March 24, 2017 By Callie

Starting an online business can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. It can also be the most confusing if you’re not sure what kind of business you’d like to have. There’s a popular saying that says, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

That means you need to make sure that your online income doesn’t all come from just one source. A way that you can diversify that source is to start selling info products. You can create an information product in as little as a day, depending on what the product is.

One of the best info products to sell is to write and sell your own eBook. You need to write an eBook on a topic that people are searching for information about. The topic can be one that you’re very knowledgeable about or it can be one that you become knowledgeable about by researching the information you need to know. Other than eBooks, you can also create online courses or workshops sharing your expertise.

You can also promote products as an affiliate. You find a product that you believe is good and will sell well and you begin to promote it for a commission. Promoting just means that you’re raising awareness about a product by driving traffic to it.

You can promote products without cost to you and many people find this type of an online business one of the easiest to break into. You can promote products by writing articles about it and submitting them to article directories, or you can blog about it, promote it on your own website or on any of the common social sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

Many budding entrepreneurs create membership sites. A membership site means that you get paid to pass your knowledge onto others. Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re an expert on how to fix computers. You set up a site where people can log in and get access to answers to their questions, they can participate in a forum there, etc.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to set up and profit from your membership site, you can turn around and teach others how to do it by writing a how-to eBook or by setting up a course!

Another way you can launch an online business is by offering freelance services. Freelance just means that you are your own boss – you can take on the gigs you want and turn down the ones that you don’t.

There are so many ways you can branch into having an online service business. You can do graphic design work, build websites, edit what other people wrote or you can write articles from scratch for other people.

What’s great about all of these businesses is that start-up costs are often cheaper than buying a meal out! To get started, you need to set up a website and you need a way to accept payment (PayPal is a great way to do that).

Once you begin to get to work and build your reputation, you’ll be able to take your pick of the kind of jobs you’d like to take on. One word of caution, though – if you don’t take a freelance job through an online service that matches jobs with those seeking them, make sure you define the work you’ll be doing in email or message board documentation so that there are no surprises down the road.

Video Marketing Helps Your Promotions Go Viral

Posted March 21, 2017 By Callie

If your business isn’t utilizing the advantage of video marketing, then you’re missing out on an essential tool that’s a prime way to promote your business. In an increasingly digital world, visitors want content they can digest in more ways than text – and they want it delivered faster and easier than ever before.

Videos are also beginning to rank higher in search engines, and video content goes viral just as well as a lengthy blog post. There are several important tips to follow if you want to increase the chances that your video will go viral.

Before you do anything, take a few minutes and consider what you want the video to accomplish and how you want to get it done. Choose the tone of the video, too. Will it be an amusing video promoting the use of your newest product? Will it be a serious video giving an important report to customers and prospects? Or will it be a combination of humor and learning?

Spending a few minutes brainstorming will allow you to come up with a vision for your video so that you know what you’re aiming for. Those who don’t plan their videos, record aimlessly – and it’s easy to tell in the final product that no real planning was put into it.

Even accomplished vloggers (video bloggers) will tell you that they carefully plan out their videos so they don’t run into the dreaded ‘dead zone’ where nothing is being said and nothing is happening on the video.

During this planning stage, it’s also important to think about the length of your video. While YouTube now allows video uploads of different lengths, depending on what your account has been granted, long videos rarely ever go viral. Your video should be three to six minutes in length at the very longest. An ideal time for a video is two to three minutes.

Now that you know what your video is going to be about, it’s important to get a quality recording device. Avoid using webcams, which are often grainy and hard for viewers to watch.

Instead, invest in a high quality camcorder like the Flip Video. Once you have your camcorder, it’s time to choose the location where you’ll record. If you’re using a public location, it’s not a good idea to record on any premises without permission from the owner first.

You’ll also want a spot that’s well lit and has minimal noise. If you can’t find an area that fits the bill, try your home office. Take a warm up recording of thirty seconds or so. Replay this recording and look at it carefully. Is there anything visible in the background that shouldn’t be? Do you have food on your shirt? This warm up recording will prevent you from having to perform lengthy edits later.

Be controversial. Be funny. Be inspiring. All of those qualities combined or tackled individually can help you achieve viral status for your video if done correctly.

Use everything in your content to your advantage – the headline, the content wording and the imaging. Spread the word about the video on all of your social media sites. Talk about it to your list, on any of the business forums that you’re on, etc. A video promotion that goes viral is proof that people are talking and taking notice of your business.

Use Squidoo to Cash in on Your Keywords

Posted March 18, 2017 By Callie

Not every great marketing tool online will cost you something. In fact, some of the best ones that you can find are free for anyone to use. Take Squidoo for example. With well over a million lenses, this website is loved by search engines everywhere and continues to have a high ranking. So how can you, as a marketer, take advantage of the strength Squidoo has?

Start by making sure that your keywords are in the URL you pick to use for your lens. For example, if you were selling men’s custom wallets, then your URL would read like this: squidoo.com/mens-custom-wallets or some variation of that. What you’re looking to use are top keywords that people look for when searching for the product. Whatever niche you’re in, you would want to make sure you target those words.

You would also want to make sure that the titles of the modules of your lenses also contained your keywords. For example, you might have, ‘How to choose the best men’s custom wallets’ as one module title. If you were selling your own products or selling as an affiliate, then you would create text hyperlinks to your domain.

You’ll also want to mention the keywords within the content of the lens. You would write between two to three paragraphs (200 words per module) and use the keyword phrase a couple of times.

The trick is to write the lenses so that they sound informational and have value. Lenses that blatantly sell don’t fare as well as the lenses that have quality content. Squidoo helps people with very few site building skills create a professional looking page online to promote almost whatever they want.

You’re going to be competing with others for the attention of millions of potential customers. Because the Internet is so vast and people have shorter attention spans, you’re going to want your product to be in the top search results.

Squidoo ranks high in the SERPs because it’s already recognized by Google as an authority site. The keywords used in your lenses and hooked to the power of Squidoo’s ranking is what gets your lens noticed, but you have to do a good job creating or curating the content provided to your visitors to get the click throughs you’re after.

When you embark on a journey to build Squidoo lenses, focus on quality, not quantity. And prepare both the SEO elements of the page as well as conversion aspects to make the most of this free, yet very powerful, web 2.0 site.

Turning Your Profits Into Monthly Payments

Posted March 15, 2017 By Callie

If you have a niche or a business idea that you believe is an evergreen one (evergreen niches never get outdated) then you can choose to turn the profits you earn from that niche into a recurring monthly income.

How can you do that? By creating a membership site. The great thing about a membership site is that instead of selling once, you make money repeatedly. And because it’s a repeat moneymaker, you’ll find affiliates who like that as well and want to promote for you.

A membership site is a place online – a website, forum, etc., that you set up and guard from the general public by limiting access to only those who pay a certain fee for the knowledge you share on that site.

Why would people not simply do free Google or other search engine digs for the information they want? First of all, not all information found on the Internet is reliable and people know that. People know that if they want the best advice, the best training, and the best information, then they have to go to the experts to get it.

Whenever you excel in an area, you deserve to get paid for your expertise. You wouldn’t expect an attorney or a doctor to give you in depth information about how to handle your legal or medical issues for free would you? Of course not. You would understand that their time is valuable and they should get paid for sharing with you how to solve your problem or improve your life.

It’s the same concept for a membership site. Content is a goldmine online and smart marketers know how to prospect content and make it work to bring in profits. You can teach people how to make money online by setting up weekly how-to articles and giving them the information they need. Not only can you cover how-to segments from start to finish, but by constantly giving members fresh material, they stay with the membership site longer.

You can base your membership site solely on information you share in the form of text lessons or you can set it up to be varied with multi media (video tutorials, audio streams, and live webinars). A site can be simple or complex depending on how well you can handle the growth.

Inevitably, the questions most new marketers ask when it comes to creating a membership site is, “What should I charge as the monthly access fee?” The answer should be based on how much the content is worth.

Not how much it’s worth to you, but how much it’s worth to the members. How will you know if your content is worth your fees? You’ll see your site growing and keeping the people who do sign up for your site. If you start losing members left and right, then you’ll want to recheck the value of what you’re offering. Always test and tweak different price points.