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Every affiliate marketer knows how important it is to build their list and to ensure it is highly targeted towards the niche they’re selling in.

There are thus a vast number of strategies that can be used to grow an affiliate list more quickly – and one of the most popular of these is to use a pop-over. Pop-overs are opt-in forms that appear over the top of a web page and thus are impossible to ignore. These then invite people to subscribe and they have to make a decision there and then to remove the box from the content. Unlike pop-ups (which appear outside of the browser) these don’t clutter up the desktop but they do still force an interaction.

Weighing It Up

Of course there’s a risk with pop-overs though, which is that they still interrupt the visitor and they’re still irritating as a result.

So are they worth it?

The clue here is to think about how many other blogs and websites use pop-overs: which is most of them. This tells you right away that they must have at least some value and indeed many bloggers will say that they increase their subscribers by several hundred percent at least.

But there are some caveats and some considerations to ensure you’re not unintentionally driving your visitors away:
Make sure that your pop-over is mobile friendly. Some plugins don’t let you close the pop-over on mobile which is highly frustrating.

Set the pop-over to appear only after a set duration. Wait until your visitor has read some of your content and thus shown an interest in your site before you market at them.

Avoid showing the same pop-over to repeat visitors. This can be avoided simply by using cookies and it’s a very handy feature.

10 Tips for Sending Better Emails to Your List >

Posted October 12, 2015 By Callie

Even though you might have acquired a good email list, how you send emails to your list will determine whether your email marketing campaign fails or is successful. This blog post take a look at 10 tips for sending better emails to your list to ensure your email campaign has a higher success rate.

Attention Grabbing Subject

Your email message is not the only one in your subscribers’ inbox as many people have more than 20 emails that they have to read. To ensure they open your mail, make sure you have an attention grabbing subject that will excite them and make them want to read more.

Cover a Single Issue

Focus your email on addressing a single issue to maximize chances of converting the reader as you will have them focused on the single subject. Having numerous messages for subscribers in a single email may confuse or distract them from your main objective.

Be Precise and To the Point

Many email readers usually skim through the email message and it is important to ensure your email is precise and to the point. In addition, create an email that can be skimmed through while providing adequate and relevant information to the reader.

Give Your Email A Personalize and Human Touch

No reader wants to be addressed in a mass. Ensure you add a personal touch in your email by framing it in such a way as if you are addressing a single subscriber. You can have their names in the salutation and use an email with your names as opposed to using a general company emails.

Have a Clear and Compelling Call to Action

Your email must have a compelling call to action to encourage readers to try out what you are marketing to them. You can use compelling call to action phrases throughout your article to maximize conversion rate.

Create a Sense of Urgency to Your Readers

To make your readers respond to your email right away, you should create a sense of urgency. This can be done by offering discounts in a limited duration or a free gift for a first 100 subscribers to purchase the product or service.

Tell Your Readers Benefits Rather Than Features

Do not waste valuable time telling your readers the features or a product or service rather focus on how the product or service will benefit them. Most subscribers usually want to know how buying a particular product will make their life better

Do Not Bombard Our List with Emails Every Time

Send emails on regular intervals but not every time as most of your subscribers will be irritated if you keep bombarding them with emails and will either set them as spam or even unsubscribe from your list

Be Truthful and Factual

Make sure you are truthful in your emails and do not exaggerate facts in the name of marketing as once your readers begin questioning your content, they will not respond to your emails as they will view you as untrustworthy.

Proofread Your Emails

Although it is obvious, make sure to proofread your emails so that you can correct grammar, add overlooked content and remove unnecessary content. Having typos and content which does not flow properly will hurt your credibility among your subscribers.

Aspiring business entrepreneurs need to understand certain essential marketing pointers before a successful home-based business could result. One of the building blocks of modern businesses today is list building. More specifically would be an opt-in list building that brings on more potential leads that would support the brand and business.

Generating an Opt-in List Building

Business entrepreneurs and marketers must understand the power of a list in their business venture to be successful. A list plays a strategic role in building a successful online business that is foundational to quality email consumers. This is the primary objective of opt-in list building where targeted niche markets are identified and pursued for greater business success with less effort and cost.

An opt-in list is a preferred list to be secured by marketers and business owners to identify the right group of potential customers in promoting their business brand and offers. This forms a dynamic database of potential customers with their names and email addresses besides their needs and interests if possible for the right products or services to be recommended. Such marketing approach would increase the success rate of the marketer in attracting opt-in subscribers who are open to the brand and offers of the business.

These are potential customers who are open to the marketer, brand and recommendations with a genuine interest that could be tapped on for a sale in due time. However, gentle handling of these potential leads is vital to establish trust and confidence in a friendly and mutual relationship between the subscriber and marketer before a transaction could be executed.

Opt-in subscribers are consumers who are ready to receive business and brand updates regularly to be kept informed of possible benefits for them through promotions and developments in the brand and business. Marketers could identify them through online surveys, web chat rooms, webinars and blogs as well as social media platforms where various commonalities may connect the parties together.

Cost Effective List Building Tools

Opt-in subscribers to the brand and business could be enrolled into the database easily through a simple click button that indicates their acceptance to the marketer’s offer such as a freebie or giveaway in exchange of their contact information like email address.

The marketer could deploy an auto-responder that would capture the necessary contact information of the opt-in subscriber into the mailing database for further processing in different marketing campaigns. Such consumers are seeking certain relevant information which the marketer promises to offer; this may come in the form of market reports, business benefits, newsletter, e-books and training. Hence, these opt-in subscribers would be ready and eager to receive emails from the marketer in the future.

If interesting and relevant information is sent out to these opt-in subscribers, there is a higher likelihood for them to convert into paying customers over time. This would become a positive outcome that boosts the ROI of the business.

Home-based Business Dynamics

The truth of the matter on businesses today is that not every consumer would make an immediate purchase decision on the first review. Many web consumers visit a business site briefly once and move on without returning. The business opportunity is gone, especially with home-based business ventures that are small and insignificant in a competitive market. Hence, home-based business entrepreneurs must seek out the most dynamic marketing tools and strategies to win the right customers and be successful.

Research reveals that the average buyer takes about 7 sightings before making a purchase decision on a product or service unless the offer is very compelling. Hence, dynamic marketing strategies must be designed and implemented proactively to capture the right consumers and engage them in supporting the brand and business offerings.

Opt-in list building could prove to be very powerful in small businesses such as home-based business ventures by offering desired or helpful information on a product such as e-book, report or newsletter that would benefit consumers. However, the potential lead must submit their contact information such as name and email in exchange of the offer. Hence, the home-based business must have a dynamic website that provides a squeeze page with an online registration form to secure the required.

Manipulating the Opt-in List

The proactive business entrepreneur needs to understand the opt-in list and its dynamics to build a strong and meaningful database of potential leads that would be helpful to the business. This list comprises potential customers who are ready to embrace the recommended products and services. This is the customer base in which home-based business marketers would interact and engage with to secure sales and enjoy handsome profits through the right recommendation of products and services.

The business profitability depends highly on the size of this customer base which offers repeated sales when a stable professional relationship is established through a personal engagement with the subscribers. Business entrepreneurs or marketers should identify the needs and expectations of every subscriber in their database or customer list to offer only what benefits or meets the needs of the customer in order to secure a sale.

Growing the Opt-in List

A successful home-based business must continue to grow and develop into a competitive entity in the market over time that would be a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Hence, the opt-in list should grow dynamically using different marketing approaches as there are millions of untapped potential leads in the market.

The home-based business entrepreneurs need to be innovative in seeking out the right avenues holding many potential leads that could fuel their business from one level to another. It is necessary to grow the opt-in list as the current list subscribers may not always respond to every brand or business offering. Some may even opt out of the list after a while and this would shrink the earning potential of the business. Therefore, business owners or marketers must grow their opt-in list through creative means and methods.


An opt-in list is a powerful tool for a home-based business to grow quickly in the market. The business entrepreneur needs to be innovative and diligent in growing the list for consistent earnings.

Modern businesses must consider the most effective of marketing strategies to set up, build and grow their market presence as competition continues to intensify. Dynamic marketers consider list building a crucial marketing entity that must be deployed with versatile marketing plans and approaches to win over potential leads for the business and brand.
Importance of Building a List
A successful company in today’s competitive market must generate a strong and dynamic list of potential leads that would fuel the business operations in terms of sales and branding.
The primary feature of list building is to establish strong personal relationships with every opt-in subscriber to the brand and business that would support the business in all ways. Every consumer has the potential to be a loyal customer to the brand and business even if there is no inclination at the beginning.
It is only a matter of time through a diligent personal connectivity that wins over hardcore consumers who do not believe in the brand or business. Strategic marketing plans could be developed in meeting the needs of these diehard consumers who are against the brand or business products. Consumers who are sitting on the fence could also be persuaded to support the brand or business if they are included in the list where a relationship is established to understand their concerns and needs.
Hence, a meaningful connection with targeted potential leads is crucial to the survival of the brand or business in the market as these are the lifeline of the company with their sales and goodwill. Their favorable testimony on the market is very effective in convincing other consumers to incline their support to the brand and business.
Important Communication Skills
Once the understanding of the importance of building a list for the business is clear and established, the next point is to acquire good communication skills as a meaningful and strong personal relationship needs to be established between the list subscriber and marketer. The former is probably a total stranger who may not be convinced of the brand or business introduced. Gentle persuasion is required to convince them of something worthy awaits them if they open the opportunity for themselves.
However, the marketer must also be credible with the right and accurate information on the brand or business offerings that would benefit the subscriber. In-depth research and proper training must be undertaken by the marketer to be well equipped on effective communication skills to interact proactively with consumers in any planned marketing campaign to be successful.
Establishing Strong Relationships
Potential leads subscribers on the mailing list could be converted or transformed into dynamic and loyal customers through a strong and personal relationship built on trust and belief. The marketer must perform the necessary groundwork in understanding the potential leads that opted in as subscribers to the business mailing list. Trust must be established between the subscriber and marketer in the online relationship where only the best of subscriber interest is the marketer’s priority. The marketer would feed the subscriber with plausible solutions that would eradicate subscriber’s problems, especially through the available business products and services.
The subscriber’s belief must be changed from fear to understanding of the brand and its benefits to self before any purchase is to be executed by the subscriber. There must be a degree of product or service worthiness that would solve the subscriber’s problems through the expertise of the marketer. Hence, a good business relationship would be established with the mailing list subscribers where eager consumers are ready to receive the marketer’s recommendations of the brand or business offerings.
Subscribers on the mailing list are ready to understand more about the brand and business with the show of the tangible successes from the brand and products or services where a strong market reputation would be impressive. High Google page rankings would also strengthen customer relationships quickly when web business sites continue to be updated with the latest technologies, branding successes and good customer reviews that would convince subscribers of the brand and company.
Effective Tools in Relationship Building
Once consumers opt in as mailing list subscribers, the marketers could engage different types of relationship building tools to strengthen the bond and communication channel effectively. Personal emails as well as business newsletters could be sent out regularly to stay in touch with the subscriber not only to update the subscriber on brand and business progress or development, but also a personal note to establish a stronger personal relationship that would allow the marketer to understand the specific needs and preferences of the subscriber to make relevant product recommendations that would not be rejected or ignored.
The videos are very effective in building a strong image of the brand and business with promo videos that are entertaining and informative. Promo videos are simple to produce even for amateur marketers and new business entrepreneurs to attract potential leads as subscribers with cheap tools and skills. Good promo videos could be reused or edited easily to cater to different marketing campaigns without high costs.
A high ranking in popular search engines on websites would be another free list building tool marketer and entrepreneurs could consider. This is a logical marketing approach as a high web page ranking indicates a high reputation which attracts more potential business customers. This would also mean that the website must be properly optimized using SEO features that are augured by search engines in their search algorithms.


Building up a list of potential leads to fuel the business is an essential task which marketers must take on to be successful in their business endeavors today. The progressive technologies provide many tools that are free and easy to use in attracting targeted niche marketers while marketers must be trained to establish a strong and meaningful relationship with every opt-in subscriber to promote the brand and business through meeting their needs and expectations.
A satisfied customer always remains with the same brand and company that provide what is desired as a solution to a current problem.

Successful businesses today operate with a high number of supportive or loyal customers who are on the businesses’ mailing list. It is vital for business entrepreneurs to generate a responsive mailing list that would boost business sales, market presence and bottom line quickly to be a market leader.
There are many ways to build an effective mailing list that would benefit the brand and company. Business owners or marketers could generate such a list personally or buy leads from established list suppliers.
Market Tools for List Building
The market offers a myriad of options when it comes to building a strong list to support the business and brand. Marketers could buy list building programs that could generate the desired potential leads for business growth and development in the form of manuals or software; however, there are many scam deals in town that could be detrimental to the purchase.
Many list building offers may be frauds without real leads to be converted into real customers. Some leads may be priced at high prices which many small and financially tight businesses could not afford. However, there are powerful legitimate lead generation programs for list building activities to build the business properly.
Legitimate List Building Tools and Solutions
Smart marketers and business owners must be alert to the fraudulent offers of cheap and attractive list building solutions in the market to avoid being cheated. There are many legitimate tools and solutions for building a strong list successfully if proper training is undertaken to identify the false from the truth.
Scams are always attractive with a lot of sugar coating to entice desperate and ignorant business owners who do not take time to confirm the enticing claims on list building offers. Unscrupulous operators in the market thrive on preying the innocent and desperate marketers wanting to earn a fast buck easily.
A good list building software tool must be well designed with appropriate features that aid in the identification of potential leads which boost business bottom line. There could be a trial offer on such programs highlighting special features and functions to prove their authenticity in power and results. These programs automate many communication tasks that enhance list building outcomes. Emails are automatically responded to; online newsletters are sent out regularly on time; updates are posted. This would free marketers and business owners to concentrate on expanding the business in other ways.
Realistic Goals on List Building
Emails are proven to be cost effective means to boosting the brand and business in updating potential leads and customers on business offers that benefit them with a purchase. Well written emails that promote the business and brand could convince subscribers of the usefulness of recommended products or services if purchased through a clear presentation of the business offerings’ advantages and benefits. This would drive more traffic to the web business site for more information about the business products or services to increase sales conversions.

Giveaways are attractive to potential leads in checking out the brand or business as there is no cost incurred. Freebies are very effective to lure new customers to the business for an opportunity to promote the brand and products or services. More subscribers could be added to the mailing list when attractive freebies are given away for free. A simple announcement of such giveaways on social media could prove viral with many responses. It is every marketer’s dream to be flooded with potential leads for conversion into business customers.
Using the social media platform is another great tool to amplify any marketing promotion in reaching a vast and targeted audience while enhancing the market visibility of the brand and business. However, not all giveaways bring about the same desired success all the time depending on the subscribers’ needs and the usefulness of the giveaways. Hence, many attractive list building tools may not work all the time for different marketers and businesses. Marketers would need to check out each potential list building tool to discover what works best in their industry and market.

Effectiveness of Blogging in List Building

Another dynamic list building tool is blogging. This is a very cheap and effective tool which could be executed personally by marketers and business owners who can write well and passionately. They could also be involved in writing guest posts that promote their brands and business products to attract targeted niche markets into their list.

Marketers and business owners could be bloggers who can identify their sources of potential leads by checking out the market. Besides social media platforms, there are many other platforms where targeted niche audiences congregate. With the right blogs, attractive and interesting contents would lure these potential leads to the brand and business.
Guest posting is a powerful way to establish a market presence in avenues which one would not have the authority to venture into unless invited. Bloggers need to present themselves as industry leaders through quality content that would have heads nodding about their talent and expertise in some areas. This would draw out the interested parties to the marketers for a personal relationship that could be enriching for brand building and business bottom line.
Smart marketers who manipulate blogging to drive traffic to their websites would choose blogs that are popular with large followings in optimizing their position as guest bloggers. This would attract more potential leads in a shorter time frame than engaging small blogs that require more time to build a market presence.
The market offers many creative and cheap ways to build a strong email list that would help business to grow with more customers embracing the brand and business. Marketers who are realistic and objective would be clear minded on the direction of growth for their business using relevant tools and marketing strategies.
Small businesses may need to start small and secure small steps of success before venturing into the deep through trial and error. Marketers and business owners can check out what works well for them without incurring a heavy cost but generates high returns.

7 Rules of Engaged Email Marketing

Posted February 24, 2015 By Callie

Email marketing is becoming a very popular marketing tool amongst aggressive online business owners and marketers today to combat the intense competition in the marketplace. Any online business today must consider email marketing strategies in a cost effective campaign to bring about the desired outcomes that boost business brand and market visibility.

The Past and Present Trends

Before emails came on the scene, businesses had to rely on flyers and leaflet distributions to promote their products and services. However, this mode of marketing is ineffective and costly while incurring the wrath of environmentalists against the high use of printed materials.

When modern technologies brought forth email technology, information could be conveyed very quickly across the globe for personal and work matters. Businesses caught on the opportunity to convey business updates and offers via email. Hence, the marketing costs were brought down drastically for businesses to enjoy high savings that boost bottom lines.

Mass email marketing was quickly adopted by many businesses across the board to enjoy higher sales and wider market presence. Business updates were quickly received and read by consumers who spend a lot of time on their computers.

Millions of potential leads to a business could be connected easily via email marketing. However, the best is yet to be experienced by business owners and marketers who want to stay ahead of the crowd.

With a proper understanding of the dynamics of email marketing, modern businesses would be able to capitalize on more sales and profits. Mass email marketing allows a strong focus on target audience via business emails that are well written to avoid being labeled as spam mail.

As the business market continues to woo consumers to their shores, specific rules of email marketing should be put in order if such a dynamic marketing tool is to be engaged effectively and efficiently. These rules were designed to fulfill anti-spam laws to ensure that all business emails via email marketing would reach the targeted audience and bring forth the desired outcomes.

Rule #1 – Proper Format

Emails may seem simple enough to be employed in modern marketing endeavors today. However, it is more than sending a mail with some lines of information about the company offers or brand. The email must be well designed to be acknowledged as a professional email from reputed companies with a specific intention.

The email format must comply with the standard form and layout that allows recipients to confirm its authenticity and value to be opened and read. There should be a proper format that constitutes a professional company represented by the email. This would include the display of the company address to assure recipients of the validity of the business entity.
A professional layout is preferred for an effective and efficient email sent out to customers and potential leads who would judge the value and professionalism of the company from this aspect. Busy consumers today are not going to waste time opening emails that are of substandard quality in format to appreciate its contents.

Rule #2 – Accuracy in Email Components

An email is a very crucial marketing tool that is designed to promote the business brand and offerings. Hence, every component about the business email must be accurate and true in representing the brand and company.

This refers to the email subject line which must be carefully worded to display an accurate offering in the contents of the email. This would prompt the recipient to open the email as the subject line of the email captures the attention and interest of the recipients. The right words used on the subject line can trigger a sense of urgency and importance to compel the recipient for an immediate reading of the mail.

The subject line information must correlate with the email content to increase the recipient’s confidence in business emails. The actual email content must be well written to engage the recipient and motivate a positive response such as an immediate purchase or order of the business offerings.

Rule #3 – Authentic Sender

Professional business emails must display the authentic sender information on the ‘From’ header. This is to assure email recipients that the email message is not a spam mail, but one that is sent from a real and reputable company in the market. It is a worthy email that should be opened to enjoy the contents.

The ‘From’ header must have the company name for a quick and easy identification of the email recipient. A fast recognition of the company would motivate the recipient to open the email confidently, especially if the recipient is a regular customer of the company.

Rule #4 – Personalized Emails

An effective email marketing campaign must engage the recipient. This can be achieved by addressing the recipient personally as with a friend than a customer. A personal greeting warms the heart to open doors of opportunity for the business.

It is easier to introduce and recommend business brands and offers when a personal relationship is activated which could be kick-started with a personal greeting than a formal mode.

Rule #5 – Clear Labels of Content

A business that engages email marketing strategies could be of various kinds. There are businesses that service adult niche markets with adult content. Such email contents should be clearly labeled and identified to inform recipients.
Proper warnings and caution should be included on the subject line or header to deter unauthorized opening of the mail that is not suitable for children.

Rule #6 – Unsubscribe Option

Professional business emails must allow recipients the option to unsubscribe. Marketing needs and demands of consumers may change over time and the business may not be catering to the changed preferences of the consumers. Hence, it would showcase the professionalism of the company to allow consumers to exercise their marketing preferences.

Rule #7 – Opt-in Option

Just as consumers may want to unsubscribe from a website, consumers may also want to opt in on certain business affairs for more savings and benefits. Hence, an opt-in option should be made available in the business email to allow email recipients choices to receive future business updates that would benefit them.

Tips to Getting Better Email Open Rates

Posted January 13, 2015 By Callie

There is absolutely no point building a list in the thousands if the majority of your list can’t give two hoots about opening your emails. This is not an imaginary problem. There are many solo ad sellers who have thousands of subscribers on their list but none of them are opening the emails from the sellers.


They are “numb”. That’s the best way to put it. The subscribers receive so many worthless emails from the solo ad seller that they just automatically delete the emails or they mark it as spam and never bother about it again.

The most important tip to getting better email open rates is to have a respectful relationship with your subscriber. Do not spam them with affiliate offers daily just to make sales. Make them wait for your emails and not sigh every day when they open their inbox and see a ton of emails from you.

If the relationship is good and you offer value often, the subscriber will open your emails just in case they miss out on something good.

Make your subject lines interesting. The email subject line must grab their attention. For example, if your email has a link to a traffic generation report, don’t have a subject line like, “Traffic Generation Report”… Instead, have one like, “4 Highly Effective Ways of Building Traffic!”

Spice it up. Hype it a little. As long as what you’re providing is good, a little hype is ok.

Another tip you must follow is to segregate your list. Make sure anybody who buys a product from you gets taken out of the free list and moves to your buyers list. The hard truth is that the majority of people who join your list will be freebie seekers.

The nature of freebie seekers is to get and hoard as much information as possible and never take action on any of it. Their hoarding is activity in their mind.

An excellent practice will be to have about 7 months of emails in your autoresponder. If the subscriber does not buy anything from you within these 7 months, delete them. They’re never going to buy anything from you.

The reason you should do this is because the more subscribers you have, the more your autoresponder service is going to charge you. Furthermore, the freebie seekers will not bother opening emails that hint that they might have to buy something.

Another tip worth bearing in mind is that your personality needs to shine through your emails. You need to separate yourself from the herd. Most of your subscribers will be on several marketers’ lists and will be receiving emails daily.

What makes you different from the rest? Are you more interesting? Knowledgeable? Offer lots of value? Entertaining?

Whatever the case may be, you must stand out. If you’re an expert at ranking keywords, like Becker from, and you offer a tip to your subscribers every now and then, you can bet that a huge chunk of them will open your emails because you are an expert on the subject.

Once again, it’s all about how you project yourself and how you treat your subscribers. Be good at what you do, offer value, don’t spam the daylights out of your subscribers, remove the free loaders after a preset time and your email open rates will always be high.

It’s that simple.

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The Best Times of the Year for Email Marketing

Posted January 13, 2015 By Callie

People often ask about what is the best time of year for email marketing. However, the answer is never what they expect because like most things marketing, the answer completely depends on the products and/or services you’re promoting plus your audience. It may get old hearing that answer – but the fact is, your audience and your product matters greatly.

1. Off-Time Sales – If you have a shop that is mostly frequented in the summertime, then you want to create an email series for the off time. An example often used is the tanning shop. Sending out email marketing campaigns to tanners during the winter can help bring those tanners back during the off time so they don’t wait for spring break to start their tans.

2. In Advance of a Holiday – Don’t wait until the month of the holiday to start your email marketing for a sale or event during that holiday. You want to work toward the excitement over about a 90-day period. So get your auto series completed to start marketing 90 days prior to the event, whatever it is, for the very best results.

3. Your Audience’s Schedule – You are the only one who knows your audience inside and out. You know their “on” times and their “off” times. Ensure that you are promoting hard during their off times, as well as promoting more carefully during the times they typically engage more so that you don’t turn them off.

4. Understand the Holidays – Each audience celebrates and likes different holidays than another audience. Know which ones your audience loves. If you have to, send out a survey to find out which are important to them so that you can arrange to have sales and other celebratory events during these special times for your audience.

5. Little-Known Holidays – Sometimes it’s fun to have a sale during a little-known holiday event. You can educate your audience on something new at the same time as offering a special during that time. Creating an email series around that one event will educate, inform, and bring new life to your email marketing.

6. All Year Long – The most successful email marketing never stops. It occurs all year long but takes into consideration the calendar, your audience’s beliefs, desires, needs, and schedules. There is a saying that works well in this case and it’s “always be marketing.” Never stop, any time of the year. The great thing about email marketing is that it can work even while you’re on vacation. With proper planning, it never stops.

7. Test Your Market – To know when the best times of year to send email marketing messages to your audience, it’s important to conduct tests. After sending marketing messages for an entire year to your audience you can use the data collected to see, at least for that year and your audience, what time of the year most of the emails were opened and when most of the click throughs and purchasing happened. Use that as your guide for the future.

8. Don’t Give Up on Off Times – Even if you notice a pattern for when your audience is reading, opening and responding to your emails, it doesn’t mean that you should give up during the “off” times. Instead, you’ll want to redouble your efforts during these times. Mix up your subject lines, get more direct, and try harder.

In effect, the best time of year to send your email marketing messages to your audience is really all year long. But, as with most industries, there will be off times for opening and following through of your email marketing messages. Those are the times you should work even harder to get more sales and up your email marketing exponentially to get the results you want.

You know that the money is in the list. You know that you need to build a huge list. You even have your autoresponder selected. Now you’re creating your form and you don’t know if you should go with single or double optin.

Even if you search for advice online, the opinions are so differing that you’ll still be left scratching your head and be no closer to the answer. So which do you choose?

The answer solely depends on what your preferences are. There is no right or wrong answer here because each option has its pros and cons. This article will examine the pros and cons of each option and ultimately, you will need to decide what is best suited for your business.

Single optins do not require the subscriber to click on a confirmation email. The moment they add their name to your form and click on the button, they are automatically added to your list. Easy peasy. No additional steps or hassles.

If you are a product seller and you use APIs, it is best if the buyer is added to your list with single optin. A buyers list is where the money is at. If you have an additional step where the buyer has to click on a link in a confirmation email, there is a 50% chance that they might not and you would have lost a buyer.

Recently, Aweber, changed its policy and required even API subscribers to go through a double optin. This has caused many vendors to lose potential subscribers. If you’re a product seller, this is money that is going down the drain. So, you might want to use GetResponse which still accepts APIs with single optin.

The benefit of single optins is that it is much easier to get a subscriber. They do not need to take the additional step and click on any more links. You want to make things as easy as possible for people to be on your list. It is the fastest and easiest way to build your list. You won’t lose subscribers and will not have to allocate extra resources to build a double optin system.

The disadvantages to single optin are that it seems to be less concerned about privacy issues. Potential IT savvy subscribers may notice this and there are several merchants and privacy certifications that insist on the use of double optin. There is also a chance that people may prank their friends by keying in their friend’s email address into your form. If your email goes to the wrong person and they flag your email as spam, your reputation and standing will suffer.

The double optin is a more secure option and at least you can be sure that the subscriber who clicked on your confirmation link truly wants to be on your list. There will be a lower chance of complaints and unsubscribes.

The drawbacks to double optins are that it takes a longer time to build your list. It is inevitable that some people who enter their email addresses may not click on your confirmation email.

One positive way of looking at this issue is to tell yourself that you are weeding out all the freebie seekers and tire kickers. There are many people who will key in their email just to get a free report. If they are too lazy or uninterested to confirm their subscription, in all probability, they may never buy anything that you have to offer in future.

Bearing all these concerns in mind, you will have to decide for yourself which option is better for you and your business. Neither one is better than the other. It’s all a matter of perspective and preference. Choose what suits you best.

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Should You Use the Churn and Burn Method?

Posted January 11, 2015 By Callie

The churn and burn method is used to describe building your list quickly and sending affiliate offer after offer to the people on your list. There are only 3 things that can happen here. Either the subscriber buys what you’re recommending or they ignore your recommendation.

The third scenario is that they get so sick of your incessant offers that they unsubscribe from your list.

That is why it’s known as churn and burn. Because you will have to keep building your list due to the high rate of unsubscribes. There are only so many offers you can send before the subscriber loses patience.

The question now is… Should you practice this method?

It all depends. What is the nature of your business? Are you a solo ad seller? Are you a product creator? What niche are you in? How good are your emails?

There are many factors that affect the way your list responds. If you’re in the make money online (MMO) niche, generally, your subscribers will be on many other lists as well. You must bear in mind that they will be receiving a ton of emails from other marketers too. So, it’s common for them to receive many emails from different affiliates promoting the same product.

There is chance they might get sick of receiving constant promotions that they unsubscribe from your list. That being said, subscribers in the MMO are usually more tolerant of promotional emails. If you try to send 4 emails daily to people in the home and garden niche or maybe fitness niche, your list is going to become very thin, very fast.

There is another point worth considering. This can apply to any niche, including MMO.

Treat people like people and not cash cows. Nowadays, marketers only have their eyes on the dollar and are willing to do anything to make a quick dollar. The people on your list joined it because they trust you and hope that you can help them.

Don’t abuse that trust and treat them as a cash cow. It is pretty common for product creators to build a buyers list. They then go on to sell solo ads to other marketers and bombard their list with offers from people who are in no way connected to the buyer. The products recommended may not even be related to what the buyer is interested in.

The churn and burn method may make money for many marketers but you must ask yourself, are you comfortable with it? Will you do it because others are saying that this is the way it should be done?
Or will you build a relationship with your list so that they trust you?

If you wish to be in business a long time, perhaps you should leave the churn and burn method to solo ad sellers. Build your list, give them useful and helpful information, offer a freebie now and again… and lastly, send a promotional email for a product you truly believe in.

Once your subscribers notice that you’re different from the rest, they will look forward to your emails and take notice whenever you do mention an offer that catches your eye. Your conversion rates will skyrocket and so will your sales. A win-win situation for all.

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