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Internet websites come in all different shapes, sizes, and formats. There are content fill websites, online stores, video websites, social networking websites, and the list goes on. Most websites are free for all internet users to view. However, you will find membership websites. They also vary. Some restrict entire site access to paid members and others make special bonus material available. If you want to setup a membership site, but are nervous about the experience, first test the waters with PLR products. They are easy to find and relatively affordable to buy.

Before explaining in detail how you can use PLR products to create membership websites, do you know what PLR stands for? If not, now is the time to learn. It is private label rights. These rights have varying meanings; usually the seller sets the standards. With these products, you can leave as is or make a few changes and add your name as the creator. Some products you can sell, like a PLR e-book to readers, but there are limitations. Rarely can you take PLR e-books or articles and sell them to resellers. In this case, the practice continues keeps going and it isn’t good for buyers like you.

Returning back to membership websites, just about any type of website can be transformed into a membership one. You might be surprised what people are willing to pay to gain access to. Homeschooling parents are likely to pay for homemade workbooks, tips, and more. Pet owners are likely to pay for how-to guides on pet grooming, healthcare, and more. People, just like you who want to make money online, are willing to pay for quality work-at-home information.

Since any type of website can be turned into a membership site, keep this in mind. Consider buying your PLR products in bulk or with a membership subscription. For example, if you pay $150 for 250 articles each month on a wide range of subjects, you pay less than $1 an article. If you choose to use some of those articles, great. If not, there is no big loss. But, since any subject can translate into a membership site, use all the products available.

Speaking of those products, what works for membership websites? Everything. Common private label rights products include e-books, audio books, videos, articles, and software programs. What can you do with each of these items?

An e-book has a lot of potential. Say your paid membership website for homeschool parents has printable worksheets, which can also be bought as PLR products. You want readers to pay for these, but since they are available for free online too, you need to offer a bonus. A re-branded PLR e-book with tips for homeschool parents that you offer for free to all new members draws attention.

As for PLR articles, these tend to have more restrictions. Since you cannot usually resell the articles themselves, you can use them to generate interest. Say there is a paid membership website for photos. You take quality digital photographs or hire a professional. Members pay to gain access to these photographs. As an internet marketer, you know that photographs can generate income online, but not everyone does. Don’t let visitors think opting into your membership only enables them to view quality photographs. It allows for use on websites, in e-books, printed books, and more. Explain this with articles. Find and buy PLR articles with anything related to making money and photographs online. Post them on your opt-in page.

As for PLR videos and audio books, they are available for sale too. You can use them as membership content. Let your free viewers read the information. Let the paid members see you implement each step or tip in action. With that said, do not pay extra for PLR audio books and videos unless you have to. Instead, think outside of the box. You can take one product and easily transform it into more. With paying for only 1 PLR e-book, you can get a total of 4 uses. They are the e-book, shortened articles, an audio book, and a video series.

To make money with membership websites, cost limitations are a must. Do not spend time and money to create a new product from scratch yourself or pay a professional. Use private label products instead. You can re-brand them for half the time and cost.

Do you want to be one of the many who are making money with PLR e-books? When you buy these e-books, you get certain rights. These rights include the ability to leave the book content as is or make changes and the ability to add your name as the author. Although you are usually restricted from selling this e-book to other resellers, you can sell it to readers. If you buy a cheap, but well-written PLR e-book on a good subject, there is the potential to make thousands from just one product!

There are many people trying to make money with the buying, re-branding, and selling of PLR e-books. In fact, that is one reason why they are so cheap. Rights to these e-books are not exclusive. Others will get and try to sell the same copy. That may sound like a problem and it can be, but you have the right to edit and re-brand the book. Continue reading on for fairly unique re-branding and other helpful moneymaking tips.

Most important, rewrite all or a portion of the e-book and change your name as the author. Honestly, you can just change around a few paragraphs and redo a few sentences. Rewriting an e-book is a fairly easy process. You have a solid outline and the research was already done. If you wish, you can also hire a rewriter, who tends to rewrite at $2 or $3 a page. Rewriting automatically gives you an advantage. You are no longer trying to sell the same e-book that another 50 people are.

E-books come in many formats. In addition to different subjects, you will find varying lengths. E-books can be as short as 20 pages, but as long as 300 or more. If you get your hands on a long e-book, like one with 100 pages or more, you have a unique opportunity. That is to sell two products. Not everyone likes to read 100 pages worth of material. Take your e-book and shorten it. Create an abridged version and offer it for a cheaper price. Have both on your sales page.

Digital products have rapidly increased in popularity. If given the choice, many computer users would rather read a how-to guide in digital e-book format than in print. However, there are still those that prefer an actual product. Many third-party websites enable self-publishing. is an example. Most allow for printing on demand, reducing your startup costs and preventing waste. You can also do something as simple as printing your own e-book and placing the pages inside a three ring binder.

The best way to profit from PLR e-books is to take one e-book and turn it into more products. Another unique approach is to create an audio book. If you have a good speaking voice, record yourself. If not, hire a professional or a friend for help. You can just read the e-book as is or make a few changes to create an entirely new product. Once again, make the audio version of your e-book available on your sales page.

As mentioned above, PLR e-books come in many formats. You will see when examining PLR seller websites. One website may have over 100 e-books to choose from. You can buy the rights to these e-books for cheap, so do it! You can easily create an e-book membership website. For an affordable monthly fee, your readers can gain access to a large collection of e-books. You can start out with 20 and add 5 or more each month.

The best way to profit from PLR e-books is to re-brand and sell, but they can also be used as promotional material. Do you want to increase traffic to your website, get new paid members, or newsletter subscribers? If so, take a PLR e-book you purchased, leave as is or rewrite, and offer for free as promotional item. Americans love free products and they help to generate interest.

If you are looking for new ways to make a living or extra money from home, you will find private label rights and products. They come many different formats. The most popular are software programs, e-books, and article packs. Since you obtained the private label rights, you are able to leave as is, redo these products, and sell them. You make money selling a product you didn’t even create. Unfortunately, many newbies make costly mistakes. One of those mistakes is choosing the wrong product niche.

Have you recently decided that you want to work and make money from home? If so, you are not alone. Due to job loss, increased transportation costs, increased daycare fees, and so on, people want to leave the traditional workplace behind. They want to make money working from home and be their own boss. Working from home may seem like a new concept, but it isn’t. For years, thousands of men and women have worked from home; many use the internet and the internet alone to make money. These individuals are often classified as internet marketers. They create a product, market it, and sell it online. Those in the business for a while now are easily making hundred of thousands of dollars, if not millions.

Experienced internet marketers and business owners create a wide range of products. With that said, many have turned to making money online. After all, it is something they have been doing for years already. They are experienced and have good tips to share. What does this mean for you? It means a lot of competition.

The mistake that many new people make is choosing the wrong niche or theme. If you have to choose between a 25 articles that share tips on how to make money from home or tips on how to choose a chiropractor, you are likely to head to the moneymaking articles. Many people want to work from home. It is an in-demand topic, but it also has a lot of competition. As previously stated, professional internet marketers and workers are already selling these products. They have the years of experience to back them up, making their products more valuable.

Now, if you really want to buy a PLR e-book that shares work-at-home tips, re-brand it as your own, and sell, do it! Don’t let the fear of competition stand in your way. Just know it will be rough getting starting. You can’t just create a sales page and post a product for sale. You must inject time, effort, and money into advertising and marketing. However, you should also expand your horizons. With the example above, you could have chosen an article pack for choosing a chiropractor or working from home. Why even choose? Don’t limit yourself. Try both.

Although you can try both, focus the most attention on the less competitive niche. With a little bit of creativity, you can expand your profits by leaps and bounds. You bought a private label rights e-book. Most buyers in your shoes rewrite a portion of the e-book, add their name as the author, create a sales page, and wait for those sales to come. That is nice, but also think outside the box. Is your e-book 200 pages? Some might consider that too long, offer an abridged version for a cheaper price. Take your e-book and divide it into articles. Offer these articles as website content and make money through affiliate programs or offer the articles as a paid online course.

When looking at niches when buying PLR products, still think outside of the box. For example, you might feel limited with 25 articles on how to choose a chiropractor. Unless you give it thought, you will be limited. After careful consideration, it will dawn on you that choosing a chiropractor is just like choosing a dentist, a family doctor, a weight loss surgeon, and cosmetic surgeon and so forth. Edit a few of your articles by replacing chiropractor with surgeon and by making a few other small edits. You have a completely new set of articles! You can do the same with e-books, audio books, and videos. Transform your chiropractor article drafts into articles for cosmetic surgeons, weight loss surgeons, family doctors, and dentists. You now have five moneymaking article packs, when you only paid for one.

The Easiest Way to Make Money with PLR Articles

Posted January 23, 2015 By Callie

As the economy reaches an all-time low, many Americans are finding themselves unemployed. Many aren’t even thinking long-term, they are just wondering how to get through the week. If you are one of those individuals or fear you could become one, don’t let fear stand in your way. Take action now. Secure your financial future. With the internet, it is a lot easier than it seems. In fact, there is one easy and simple way that you can make money online. You can do so with PLR articles.

PLR articles, also known as private label articles, are found for sale online. They are sold in individual packages or are part of a monthly subscription service. Articles are found on a wide range of topics and are often composed by freelance writers. When it comes to making money with private label articles, your options are virtually endless. With that said, there is one very easy and simple way that you can make money with these articles. How? Create a website.

Websites are good moneymaking tools because we all visit them. High school and college students use the internet to do research for homework assignments. Parents visit websites for parenting help, kid-friendly recipes, and more. Pet lovers use websites to research pets, find for sale pets, as well as get helpful tips. The list is endless. If you create a website composed of helpful and useful articles, people will come.

As great as it is to know that other internet users view websites, how do you make money? Once again, your options are virtually endless. Many first-time webmasters turn to Google AdSense. By following the step-by-step directions, you imbed a code in your website. Afterwards, an advertisement will appear. Each time one of your readers clicks on that advertisement, you make money. AdSense members reach payout with $100.

Affiliate programs are also popular ways to make money with a website. Luckily, the payout is usually less than Google AdSense. Most programs allow for cash out at $10. Click Bank, LinkShare, Commission Junction, and Amazon all have good programs. What you do is search for relevant products. For example, if you created a website with pet grooming tips, search for affiliate programs that are pet related. Put links to pet books, accessories, and more. Interested readers will click on your embedded banners. You get commission each time a sale is made. Depending on the retailer or company in question, you may get a flat rate commission or a percentage.

Once again, this sounds like an easy opportunity, but what about creating the website? Most automatically think this is a hard process. In reality, it is very simple. In fact, you have options. If you want to create your own website, but are unfamiliar with HTML, opt for a web hosting package that includes a website building tool. With these tools, you pick your templates, copy and paste your content from Microsoft Word or another document. If you know how to type, you can easily create your own website.

However, building a website does take time. Since you are looking for the easiest way to make money with private label articles, don’t do it. Let someone else for you. Many of the professionals who sell PLR articles have packages available that include website setup. This fee is very affordable. You will still get copies of your PLR articles, but you basically never have to touch the articles. A professional does the work for you. All you do is enter in your above mentioned moneymaking embedded codes.

As you can see, the above mentioned process is very easy. Whether you do business with an individual or company who will take your purchased PLR articles and create you a functioning website or create the website yourself, you can make money. Although this is an easy way to make money online, it isn’t necessarily the best. Why? The competition.

As previously stated, PLR articles are sold to a number of individuals. A quality seller will limit the number of article packages sold. You should aim for no more than 100 to 200. Since everyone is looking for an easy way to make money, most leave the articles as are. This means the content is the same for all 200 people that purchased the packages. Right away, you have 200 people with similar websites and content as yours. This cuts into your profits.

Although it does require more work, edit and rewrite your PLR articles. Rearrange a few paragraphs and reword a few sentences. Doing so makes your website and content unique, even if just slightly. This automatically eliminates some of the competition and increases your earnings.

Selling Re-Branded PLR Products: Marketing Options

Posted January 22, 2015 By Callie

Are you interested in buying PLR products, like e-books or audio books, which you can edit, re-brand, and sell to interested buyers or listeners? If so, you must first familiarize yourself with internet marketing. PLR products are sold to many. This automatically means that 100 other people may have the same e-book, audio book, or software program for sale. You can eliminate some of that competition by making edits, but marketing still plays a vital role. To increase your sales, don’t wait for buyers to come to you. They might not. Instead, bring them to with an effective advertising and marketing campaign.

You just heard marketing is important to profiting from re-branded private label rights products. This is great to hear, but how do you get started? What are your marketing options? In all honesty, they are endless. With that said, continue reading on for a few easy, affordable, and proven successful marketing tactics.

Create a sales page. Online, many third-party websites allow you to sell digital products. These established websites already have a steady flow of traffic, which is nice, but they take a percentage of your sales. For that reason, create your own sales pages, also known as a pitch page. This single page outlines your product. If selling a re-branded e-book, mention your name as the author, the book name, list a few excerpts, provide a detailed chapter outline, eye-catching graphics, and a payment processor. Essentially, this is what you will market.

Offer a free copy or discounts to those who provide detailed reviews. On a sales page, you should also have customer testimonials. Say you are selling a time management software program designed for small businesses. Time management software can easily sell for $200 to $300. It is a wise investment for business owners, but they still want reassurance that their money is being wisely spent. Customer reviews can give them that reassurance. As for the marketing part, you gave a free product and got a review. Not only that, but if the reviewer truly liked the product they will generate additional interest by word of mouth.

Great a Google AdWords campaign. Google AdSense is a well-known pay-per-click program that helps content website owners make money. They generate income each time an ad is clicked. Would you like one of those advertisements to be yours? It can if you join Google AdWords. With this program, you create an advertisement and assign it targeted keywords. Your ads will be placed with internet search results and on applicable websites. The fee varies, but you should know it upfront. In addition, you are only charged when your ad is physically clicked. You only pay when someone views your sales page. You can also create a budget. If you only have $400 to invest, your campaign will automatically stop once you reach your limit.

Start an affiliate program. Content website owners not only make money through Google AdSense, but affiliate programs too. Purchase affiliate tracking software or rely on a third-party to do the work for you. You can provide banners, text links, or sales page templates. Those looking to make money online will handle some of the marketing for you. For each sale they help generate, they get a flat rate commission or a percentage of each sale.

Do link exchanges. As previously stated, Google AdWords gets your advertisements and links on other websites. It does cost money. A cheaper alternative is to do link exchanges. Take a similar product or service, but not your direct competition, and exchange links. They put a link up for you and you do the same.

Make use of online forums. Online message boards come in a number of formats. You can find message boards for pet owners, work-at-home parents, homeschooling parents, internet marketing, and so forth. Find your targeted market. An e-book outlining work-at-home opportunities is ideal for work-at-home and internet marketing forums. If signatures are allowed, create one. Your link will appear underneath each of your posts. Add your sales page link to your profile. Not only is this free advertising, but it is targeted.

Use article directories. Article directories are websites with a collection of user-submitted articles. In exchange for the free content, you are able to place links and other resources at the end of your articles. For your work-at-home e-book, write articles on the subject. Include a link to your sales page at the end. Not only does your article appear in the directory, but others can use it on their website or blog. They must keep your links and resources intact. No matter who uses your articles, it is an effective and cheap internet marketing tool.

Re-Branded PLR Products: How Much Can You Make

Posted January 21, 2015 By Callie

If you are looking to make money online, you may have come across PLR products. These are private label rights products. When you buy the digital product, you get certain rights. They include the ability to edit, call your own, sell or use. Making money with PLR products is nice because your options are unlimited. No matter which product you chose, you have multiple choices.

You now know it is possible to make money with PLR products, like e-books, articles, and software programs. This is great, but how much money? That is a common question asked. The answer might not be what you wanted to heard. How much money you make will depend. Luckily, you are in control. The PLR products you choose and what you opt to do with them will significantly influence your earnings.

PLR articles are one of the most popular products. You buy these articles in packs. For example, $25 may buy a 25 pack of articles on internet marketing. Most buyers use the articles for website or blog content. If you want to do this, rewrite the articles. PLR products are not sold exclusively. You don’t want to be one of 100 people with the same website. Make yours unique. You can sell products, services or make money through pay-per-click, and affiliate programs.

Transforming your PLR articles into website or blog content is an easy way to make money, but affiliate programs and pay-per-click programs usually pay low. For example, you will usually get only .50 for each Google AdSense click. It can take time to get to the required $100 payout. For that reason, consider turning your articles into an e-book that you can resell. Arrange the articles in order and delete the duplicate content. You now have an e-book. You can resell that e-book to readers. Create a sales page or use a third-party selling website. Short e-books start selling at $9 and work their way up the price ladder.

Speaking of PLR e-books, they are also available for sale. You can switch around the process. Use your PLR e-book to get a series of articles for website content. In fact, you can also create an audio book or a video series!

Whether you use PLR articles as website content or create a sales page to sell a re-branded e-book, audio book, or software program, you must market. There are thousands of websites and products online. Yours is just one of many. Marketing does require some time and money, but it will increase your traffic. No one will click on your ads or buy your for sale product if they don’t visit your website. Start a Google AdWords campaign, start an affiliate program if you sell a product, write articles for article directories, try to arrange free banner and link exchanges, and inject yourself in online message boards and other social networking websites.

Although making money is not guaranteed, you likely will. The more you market your website or for sale product, the more you increase your earnings. Once again, it is not guaranteed, but some PLR buyers and re-branders are able to make thousands of dollars from just one product, which they likely paid less than $100 for!

In short, PLR products come in many different formats and they have many uses. Regardless of which approach you take, you should make money. Don’t just buy one pack of PLR articles, buy many and in bulk. Instead of making money with 1 content driven website, create 20. The more you utilize PLR products, the more money you will make.

Re-Branded PLR eBooks and Membership Websites

Posted January 20, 2015 By Callie

You may have heard that PLR e-books are available for sale cheap. They are. On average, the costs are double or triple the amount that readers pay. But wait! Why would you pay extra for an e-book? Because you aren’t just the reader. You are now becoming the owner of that book. With private label resell rights, you can leave the book the same, make edits, add your name as the author, and use it. Unless restricted by the original seller, you can claim this e-book as your own and sell it to interested readers. However, you can also use it with a membership website.

What are membership websites? As you likely know, most internet websites are free to view. Some however, charge a fee. This fee varies between a monthly, quarterly, and yearly fee. Either way, you make money. Members to access features not available to free visitors. Paid membership websites have varying themes and subjects. Internet users pay to access videos, dating services, work-at-home information, and more.

If you are creating a paid membership site from scratch, you not only want to examine PLR e-books, but articles too. These articles are usually sold in packs. Typically, you spend around $10 for a 10 pack of articles. If you want to create a work-at-home membership website where you share unique tips and daily job leads, your website will be one in a thousand. Don’t expect visitors to join just because you say your website is good. Start to show them. Have free content available with an opt-in page for membership. As for those free pages, use the PLR articles packs you bought. Slightly reword the articles and you now have unique content.

There are thousands of paid membership websites online. You need to convince internet users yours is better than the rest. Good content, affordable prices and customer testimonials are great. Sometimes, buyers need a little push. Nothing works better than free stuff. Take a private label rights e-book that you bought, do a few rewrites, add your name as the author, give it an original price tag of $19.99, but offer it free to new members. Some may join your membership website just to gain access to the free e-book, but are likely to stay once they see all the quality information you have available.

Speaking of what you have available, what should you offer for members? Whatever you want. With that said, think outside of the box. Detailed how-to guides work great, but not everyone wants to read long e-books. Make your e-book available, but take the time to transform it into an audio book, make an abridged version, and create a series of videos. Videos work great for many topics because people do better when they actually see what to do, not just read it.

The key to running a membership website is to have new content available. This content can come in the form of written words, audio, video, and more. Since most membership websites require monthly payment, members need to get something new each month. Instead of spending time writing your own e-books or hiring an expensive ghostwriter, look into private label rights. For an affordable fee, you gain access to one e-book that can do so much. Remember, you can create an abridged version, an audio book, and make a series of videos. Since you can also offer as content or signup bonuses, your options are unlimited.

Re-Brand Your PLR Content into Videos

Posted January 19, 2015 By Callie

Private label right products give you specific rights. For example, if you buy a PLR e-book, you have the ability to leave as is, make edits, add your name as the author, and then sell. Digital e-books have rapidly increased in popularity. People use internet and computers more. For buyers, it is easier to read the information they need in a digital book than a printed book. You will make money if you buy a PLR e-book, re-brand it, and post it for sale online. However, that is not all you should do. Expand your profits by also taking that for sale e-book and transforming it into a video or videos. Why?

It is easy. All you need is a video camera. Some also use webcams, but make sure yours is good quality. Most cameras already come equipped with USB cords to connect to computers. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 to get your video uploaded to your computer and then your website. The hardest part is editing, but if you do a few practice takes and know your stuff, you can get it right the first time! If you know how to use a computer and a video recorder, you can easily turn your re-branded e-book into a video or videos.

It is affordable. When many of us think of videos, big budget movies often come to mind. This is not the same. You are creating how-to videos and tip videos. For example, if the e-book you bought focused on internet marketing, record yourself implementing the tactics. Place your camera towards the screen, walk through each step, and describe it. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on scenery, hire professional actors, and so forth. You can do it yourself with a video camera you already own or borrowed from a friend.

The options you have. When deciding which approach to take, consider ease and profits. For example, you can create one long video, mini videos, and so forth. You also have options on how to make money. Video websites have rapidly increased in popularity. You can create your own themed website. Offer internet-marketing tips through videos instead of articles. You can make money with website ads, affiliate programs, and so forth. You can also create a subscription service. If your videos cover in-demand topics, people will pay to gain access. Upload new videos daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can make more money. As previously stated, you originally purchased an e-book. You can and should re-brand that e-book for sale. Consumers like digital products, both in print and in video format. Either will sell and generate income. Your best option is to capitalize on both. Consider the video formats an added bonus and a new business venture. The best way to profit from PLR products is to get the most use from them.

Videos are popular. Not everyone has the time to read a 100-page e-book on internet marketing. They know they want to make money online and they want to learn how, but as quickly as possible. For that reason, many turn to videos instead of written how-to guides. They are shorter and often right to the point. Plus, we all have different reading comprehension skills. You may understand your written words for using Google AdSense, but someone else may not. It would be easier for them to see your actions in video format, as opposed to reading the directions.

As you can see, it is very easy and worthwhile to take a PLR e-book, re-brand it as your own, and then create videos. Don’t limit yourself. The get the most from the private label products you buy. In fact, you can expand to an audio book. This gives you three moneymaking opportunities from just one product! You are now making money from the e-book, videos, and audio book. What is amazing is that you only paid for one product! Checkout for a great way to get 5 new PLR books a month that you can rebrand into videos on many topics.

If you want to make money with the buying, re-branding, and selling of private label rights products, like e-books and software programs, you will need to market and advertise. There are thousands of digital products for sale online. With PLR products, 100 or more people may have bought the same package. Marketing does take time and it costs money, but is necessary. A good approach is to create an affiliate program.

With affiliate programs, you recruit other internet users. These are usually content website owners or just those who want to make money online. After giving them permission to join your program, provide them with resources. These resources may include banners, text links, and sales page templates. These all come with embedded codes so that you know who helped make the sale.

Starting an affiliate program to help generate sales for your re-branded PLR product sounds nice, but what are the pros and cons?

The Pros of Starting an Affiliate Program

Around the clock marketing. When you build a strong affiliate program, you always have someone marketing your sales page and product. Around the clock marketing is likely to translate into around the clock sales. No matter how experienced you are with internet marketing, you cannot devote 24 hours a day to it. So, don’t. Let someone else help you instead.

You can reach other markets. If you sell a re-branded e-book for working at home, your target market is likely stay-at-home parents. It is well-known that this group wants to and can benefit the most from working at home. Therefore, you focus your attention there. One of your affiliates may have other ideas. He or she may create or already have a website or blog for those laid-off from their jobs. This website or blog may cover tips on how to save money, how to update resumes, and more. It may also be the perfect place to market your working from home e-book, but you never thought of targeting this market before.

It is easy to start an affiliate program. Why is it so easy? Your options. Software programs are available for sale where you do all the work yourself. You can create links, banners, and sales page templates for your affiliates. You monitor and track the payout yourself. You can also use a third-party website. They handle the work for you, but charge a fee.

The Cons of Starting an Affiliate Program

You will get many applications. As mentioned above with the work from home e-book, many people want to work from home or learn how to make extra money. Many jump on any opportunity they can find, including yours. For that reason, you will get many applications. Unfortunately, not everyone will be qualified. If you allow links or banners on existing websites, make sure they are good. You don’t want your name and product associated with a borderline illegal and offensive website or one that is poor in quality.

It does take some work. Starting and running an affiliate program is one of those things that are easy, but hard at the same time. There is a lot of work to do. As previously stated, you must weed through applicants, make sales page templates or banners, track and monitor your sales, and so forth. You can hire outside help for some of these tasks, but it would cut into your profits.

Speaking of your profits, you do not get all of them anyways with an affiliate program. As previously stated, you work with other work-at-home individuals and website owners to sell a product through links, banners, and sales pages. They don’t do this just for fun, but to get paid. You can decide on a flat rate or commissions based percentage, but always keep your profits in mind. You want good affiliates, so offer a decent rate, but always remember your goal is to make money.

PLR Re-Branding: Is It Necessary to Market?

Posted January 17, 2015 By Callie

Right now, people are looking for ways to secure their financial future. As employment is skyrocketing to new highs and many Americans are concerned about their financial future, many are turning to the internet. Many are surprised to see just how easy it is to make money online. One opportunity people closely examine is PLR products. When you buy a private label rights product, like a software program or e-book, you gain rights to leave as it, edit, add your name as the author, and sell. There is definitely the potential to make money, but there are thousands of other e-books and software programs available for sale online. For that reason, advertising and marketing is required. In fact, it is vital to your success.

Right now, many first time PLR re-branders are thinking this opportunity isn’t a good as it originally sounded. Many mistakenly believe you can buy a PLR product, leave it as is, and make it available for sale online. Yes, you will get a few sales, but nothing like it should be. Don’t rely on the search engines to bring people to your sales page. The key to selling products online is to generate interest. You need to lead interested buyers to your product.

Once again, many first time PLR re-branders are reconsidering this moneymaking opportunity. After all, marketing and advertising not only costs money, but it requires time. For starters, do not believe all the hype that you can make money doing nothing online. This is a sure sign of a scam. All good and legitimate moneymaking opportunities require both time and money.

In terms of time, know that it is limited with private label rights. You buy a PLR product, make necessary changes, and add your name as the creator. Then, create a sales page. This page should highlight your product, summarize what is included as content or software features, include eye-catching graphics, have customer reviews, and a shopping cart. This process can take a few days or a week. Then, focus on marketing. Start with a bang upfront. Start a Google AdWords campaign, post links on message boards, do banner and link exchanges, and write articles for article directories. After a hard-pressed marketing campaign for one or two weeks, you can lax. You did most of the hard work up front. Every other week, add new articles to directories, make more posts on message boards, and so forth.

So, the time you spend on marketing and advertising isn’t as bad as you may originally thought. Start out hard-pressed and then taper down. You do not need to spend years marketing your re-branding PLR products before you see a profit. In fact, you will likely see profits right away. Continued marketing ensures those profits continue to flow for years.

In terms of money, the old saying “you must spend money to make money,” is true. As previously stated, there are thousands of software programs, e-books, and digital products available online. You must lead interested buyers to you. This requires advertising and money. As mentioned above, a Google AdWords campaign is recommended. This allows you to create advertisements with related keywords. These ads are placed on top of search engine results or on relevant websites. You pay each time someone clicks on an advertisement. You pay only when your sales page is viewed. If you are concerned with money, set a budget. Your ads can stop when you exceed $200 or whatever limit you set.

Although it does cost money to market and advertise a product online, there are free tactics too. Mentioned above were online message boards. For message boards, find your targeted market. If you are selling a pet themed e-book, your target market is pet owners. There are many pet themed message boards online. Register for a free account. Create a signature linking back to your e-book, add a link in your profile, and post a listing in the for sale section. The more you participate in discussions, the more the link to your sales page is seen. This approach is free and works because you are catering to your targeted market. These aren’t just any internet users, but those who will benefit from buying your product.