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The little blue bird embraces a lot of promise to your business when used in the right way. Twitter is a prime social media platform with about 35 percent of all global internet users and more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute. That makes Twitter a potential powerful marketing tool. Numerous Twitter experts, successful business leaders and marketing professionals have utilized Twitter to market their products, services and brands.

How can you turn Twitter into an exceptional marketing tool? Well, here are 11 tips on how to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool.

1. Enhance your Twitter bio. Your company voice and identity should be well branded. What does that mean? It implies having a bio that informs the audience who you are as well as comprises a link to your organization’s website. Moreover, you should have a uniform tone for potential customers to clearly comprehend your identity as well as what you do.

2. Regularly interact with targets and influence in your target field. Twitter search, Followerwonk or Topsy could come in handy to find like-minded customers, influence, media and prospects by searching keywords related to your industry. Following and regularly interacting with them establishes a concrete relationship that provides collaboration opportunities.

3. Tweet regularly. Regular tweeting (on a daily basis) is a sign of a healthy, active profile. The more you tweet useful and relevant content, the more the likelihood your followers will read, retweet or visit the external links to your company’s website.

4. Retweet your followers’ or favorite tweets. Retweeting links and cements you with clients. Favoring tweets can earn you potential partners or customers’ attention quicker than a mention or a retweet.

5. Involve colleagues and co-workers. Ensure that your coworkers follow and engage with you on Twitter. Internal support is significant in building a brand.

6. Track keywords and brand mentions. You want to know what people say about your company, don’t you? Moreover, respond professionally and politely to keywords and brand mentions. Most clients post their complaints and queries on Twitter. Monitor conversations and join them when appropriate. For instance, when someone post “My car has broken down and can’t get a quick mechanic around San Diego,” you could join the conversation and tweet “We’re around San Diego and love to repair your car.”

7. Follow trends. Monitor trending hashtags, topics and develop a way to build a pertinent bond to your brand. Tagging your company’s posts with relevant trending hashtags helps your brand reach new users.

8. Offer special deals or discounts to Twitter followers. Conduct Twitter contests, for example, have followers post images of themselves using your company’s product and give them shopping vouchers.

9. Get Visual. The use of images, videos or other rich media drives more clicks, views and shares that plain-text tweets on Twitter.

10. Employ promoted tweets. Target your traffic with non-spam promoted tweets to exactly define your target audience. This could save you time and money. Besides, it delivers value that initiates credibility and trust among your audience.

11. Integrate Twitter with other marketing tools. All social media platforms are more effective when incorporated with other marketing efforts. For instance, integrating Twitter into your newsletters can help tap subscribers into your Twitter content.

It seems you have been missing a lot, right? The above tips prove Twitter to be an outstanding internet marketing tool that can substantially help expand your business and brand. It’s the high time you apply some of them.

Twitter can undoubtedly be described as a marketing powerhouse. If you do not how to market your product on Twitter, you are missing out a great opportunity and smart marketers have always been making use of the amazing potential of this social media platform to stay ahead of the competitors. At the same time; a wrong method of approach is not going to deliver the expected results and you need to adopt the right methodology to tap the amazing potential of Twitter. Here are the 5 clever ways to market your product on Twitter:

1) Increase the number of your Twitter followers to get real leads

You may have a superior marketing content that offers real value to the customers. What would happen if you have only a few followers? Achieving the expected results becomes an impossible task. You need to expand your following and when the number of followers increases, your product visibility improves significantly. Attraction marketing is the best method to be employed in Twitter and it always generates high quality leads. Publishing a direct sales pitch while posting on your account does not work and it is always advisable to be helpful towards the prospects. In order to improve the following, you can initiate conversations, join discussions and start engaging with other members and, other effective options include answering the questions and responding to the feedback of the people as well.

2) Identify your niche and conduct research to find out what people really want to know

On Twitter, you can find everything; different niches, different types of discussions and many more. You need to follow the area that goes in complete harmony with their business requirements and that is exactly where the importance of defining your niche comes in. You have to follow or join discussions with people who are within your industry. Once you identify your niche, you must do some research to discover the keywords that go well with your niche and research should also be done to identify what really people want to know and what really interest them.

3) Offer a solution

If you want to promote your product on Twitter, you have to provide convincing solutions to the questions and concerns of your prospects. When you become helpful, you win the trust of the people and it also helps you attract a lot of people. You have to establish your presence and providing answers to the questions, comments and discussions that are in line with the product you are selling certainly improves your reputation.

4) Provide value

Starting from your Twitter account name to the tweets that you post, you have to present yourself as a value provider. For example; if you are marketing a dandruff shampoo, people should always be looking to you to learn about hair loss, dandruff and other related problems. Consistently adding current news, links and advice on dandruff makes you an authority in your niche and over a period of time, more and more people will become attentive your opinions.

5) Avert dry feeds

You can make anything that you post on your blog or site into a tweet using the feature known as automated tweets. It is highly effective if can use it properly. You should not post links without writing an original line to accompany the link because posting links directly creates an impression that you are simply pushing promotions and content for your site. When you create tweets with personality, people easily connect with your Twitter posts.


It can be said without an iota of doubt that Twitter is a highly beneficial social marketing platform and when you follow these 5 tips, your product promotion journey on Twitter becomes enjoyable and result oriented as well.

With over 230 million active users across the globe , then it is no longer a secret that Twitter is a potentially powerful online marketing tool that can help you achieve virtually all your business goals if you only know how to use it properly.

However, lots of business owners out there hardly know how to leverage this social media platform to achieve their business goals. If you don’t know how to use Twitter for purposes of marketing your services, products and brand, here are some actionable tips on how to benefit your business with Twitter marketing that will help you get the most of this incredibly powerful online marketing platform.

1. Engage your followers

One benefit of using Twitter for marketing your business is that it gives you the ability to engage your followers real time. Remember your followers are like potential clients and hence you need to engage them especially if you have lots of followers. The more you engage them, the more they will be interested in you and your business as a whole. As such, send tweets to them about your business and respond to their tweets as well. Moreover, inform them of important events and special offers. If you are always busy, it is prudent to hire a social media expert o manage your Twitter account on your behalf

2. Get to know the experts and influencers in your industry

Use Twitter search to find customers, like-minded prospects and influencers that relate to your specific industry. Follow them and once you get them, start engaging them more regularly. This is important because it doesn’t only help you develop a long-term relationship with them, but it also opens the door for numerous business opportunities as well.

3. Follow your competitors on Twitter

If you want to get an edge over your competitors and also stay ahead of them, then it is always good to keep abreast with what they are doing and what they are up so that you can do it better than them. For you to do that, you need to follow them on Twitter. You also need to follow their target market for you to know what they want and figure out what you can give them that your competitors aren’t currently giving them.

4. Use videos and images

Videos and images have been proven to get more views , shares an clicks than plain text tweets. Research has show that images and videos receive lots of feedback than plain text tweets , and hence you need to use them for purposes of engaging your followers.

5. Integrate Twitter with other marketing efforts

Like any other social media marketing platform, Twitter is much more effective once integrated with other marketing activities. If you are looking forward to running a promotion on Twitter, ensure your email subscribers are aware about it, thanks to the fact that these subscribers are another client base that have already expressed their interest in receiving messages from you.

The list of things you can do to benefit your business with Twitter marketing is arguably endless. But with these 5 tips on how to leverage this powerful social media platform for purposes of marketing your business , you are now a step closer to changing your fortunes for the better.

Social media marketing dominates among the most popular and excellent form of marketing available today. Twitter, in particular, can be a huge source of traffic if used right. At any moment on the platform, you can encounter what arrests your attention, with the information broken down by interest and geography. Pretty awesome, right? So how do you market your website through Twitter? Well, here are a few simple ways to help you do it right.

To begin with, as a website owner, it’s quite essential to have a Twitter account. Today’s successful website owners consider Twitter as a strategic platform play. Everything there is to know about your website can be linked back while the key information can be featured on the account’s profile.

• Be extremely targeted

As a rule, you must be very direct with all your social media actions. Be completely aware why you are there. This way, you’ll present consistent information rather than being all over the map.

Is your prime aim to drive traffic to your website? Or do you want to build your brand? Or do you simply want to become an expert?

It’s important to note that all those reasons are valid. And each takes its own unique method and strategy. So only share what you find valuable both to you and your audience.

• Make use of links

Be sure to include links in your twitter stream. It could be a direct link to your products and services; a link to key information; a link to sales pages, you name it.

What you need to bear in mind is that you are offering value from both you and several other websites and that both make an excellent way to provide quality, valuable information.

• Optimize the available multimedia

Initially, Twitter was all about texts only. Nowadays, however, you can integrate images and video into tweets. Visualization of any moment, in many cases, makes more impact. Most twitter users appreciate a tweet more when all the above are combined.

It’s also important to point out that you must always be thoughtful when it comes to this. Ensure your content is sensational and dynamic.

• Create sub-brands

This is an evolving marketing trick where, if whatever you have on your website or business is diverse, you proceed to create multiple Twitter accounts, each serving its own purpose.

And to make optimum use of it, first realize what your followers expect from you- whether it’s entertainment, customer service, engagement or all of them combined.

Each account will then have to develop a strategy out of these that works to make maximum use of the available opportunity.

• Don’t be too promotional- Demonstrate expertize and add in non-business related tweets.

As much as you provide expert opinions, directions or suggestions, it’s quite important that you also add in non-business related tweets. Use the search box to find tweets and proceed to offer advice and bits of information for free. This way, you’ll attract the attention of most users, generating an interest in them to follow you or refer you to someone.

Aside from the aforementioned, other simple ways you can cleverly promote your website through Twitter include:

• Post and post tweets often.
• Retweet from other users.
• Attend to every reply and all mentions.
All in all, Twitter still remains a great marketing tool you can use to elevate your website. If you practice all the aforementioned ways with the required skill and knowledge, then nothing stands in the way of you seeing your website get unlimited traffic.

When the biggest companies in the world are doing it, there has got to be something to it, right?

With its 250 million regular users, Twitter has changed the dynamics of interaction between individuals and the companies whose products and services they buy and use. Even companies that spend millions on international marketing campaigns and employ full-time PR departments have discovered that Twitter is one of the best tools available to get their message out to their clientele, and to listen to what they are saying.

Here are 5 Reasons to Market Your Business on Twitter if you aren’t already doing so.

Firstly, Twitter is 100% free.
The main limiting factor in most advertising plans is the budget. In traditional forms of media, the time and/or space that your advertising will be available for you to get your message out to potential and existing customers is determined by the amount of money you choose to spend. Time of day, period of the week, and festive seasons see advertising prices skyrocket.
With Twitter, you can choose to tweet as often as you want, and at whichever time you want. Your message goes straight to the customer – there is no need to buy ridiculously costly ad space. All this happens for the very low price of – free!

Secondly, you can better understand your customer – and potential customer – base with Twitter Analaytics.
Twitter offers its users a comprehensive range of audience analysis and metrics tools. One of the most handy tools it offers is a list of which other tweeters your followers follow. Followers are also defined by gender and location. There are statistics on the interests that individual followers have listed on their accounts. Basically, Twitter Analytics gives you a goldmine of information that is invaluable in real-world marketing.
Together, these datasets will allow a business to better hone its direction, voice and products and/or services to cater to the needs of its clientele.

Thirdly, Twitter allows you to establish a personal relationship with your customers.
There is a distinct difference I receiving an automated We have received you message and will get back to you as soon as possible’ message and getting a live tweet from an actual person from the company with which you want to interact.
Twitter allows you to market your business as a personal relationship between you and the customer by taking away the middle man (or machine).

Fourthly, Twitter is live – messages don’t go out faster than this.
Advertising and publicizing offers, deals and promotions no longer has to be planned very much in advance, freeing you to do what you do best –selling.
Another appealing advantage of the live nature of Twitter is that it allows companies to address customer complaints immediately, instead of letting them fester. If a customer tweets a negative review or experience, it is an opportunity to show all your other followers that you are listening to them and interested in resolving any shortcomings as quickly as possible.

Last, but certainly not least, Twitter allows you to become your own brand.
Not everyone has the sheer power of names like General Motors or Adidas. For smaller businesses, the relationship with the customer is built on the assurance that a familiar face is on the other side of the counter (in this case, the screen).
Building yourself up as the epitome of what your business stands for is critical in showcasing your dedication and the expertise that you bring to the table, and why customers will choose your products and services instead of those of your competitors.

Like any social media tool, knowing how and when will come with a bit of practice. The key is to be honest in your interactions and you can’t go wrong.

If you are not using twitter in your internet marketing strategy, then it is apparent that you don’t know that you can reap numerous benefits from this incredibly valuable internet marketing tool that can potentially make your online business a huge success.

Here are 5 reasons to use Twitter for internet marketing that will most likely convince you why this online marketing platform can enable you achieve your business goals than you ever imagined.

1. It can help you communicate effectively with your clients

Twitter can help you grab your clients’ attention when you want to inform them about special offers or any other important announcements. If for instance , you to inform your clients about an important event or some special offers that you don’t want them to miss out, you can direct them to your website via Twitter for them to get more details or you can just send them tweets. Again, Twitter offers the easiest and cost effective way of getting client feedback, thanks to the fact that it helps you keep in touch with your clients all the time.

2. Twitter helps you follow the latest trends in your industry and keep abreast with your competitors

Basically, Twitter as an online marketing platform helps you follow businesses and individuals alike, and most importantly share information with others. As such, Twitter enables you to follow the latest trends in your industry, which is crucial to understanding what clients really want. In addition, it helps you follow your competitors closely, hence enabling you to figure out what you need to do in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

3. It can help you generate loads of traffic for your store or website

Having lots of followers on Twitter is like having lots of potential clients with your reach. If you have an online retail store for instance, or you need is to direct your followers to it via Twitter so that they can learn more about your products. Again if you want to generate traffic for your website so that more and more people can learn about you the products or services that you are offering, you only need to direct your followers to your site and there are high chances that a good number of them will browse it. You never know whether these visitors will one day become your clients!

4. Twitter increases clients satisfaction due to improved customer service

The fact that potential and existing clients can easily follow your business real time on your Twitter account gives you an added advantage of responding to their queries almost instantly. This is key to increasing customer satisfaction, and it gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who aren’t using Twitter.

5. It offers a cost-effective way to reach clients and prospects wherever they are

Twitter offers a cost-effective way for small businesses and cash-strapped businesses to reach clients and prospects whenever they are. There is absolutely no change to open and run a Twitter account. With Twitter, you can easily locate people with similar interests, which is crucial to targeting potential clients.

There are other reasons apart from these 5 as to why you should incorporate Twitter in your online marketing strategy. But the most important thing is for you to incorporate this powerful internet marketing tool in your online marketing strategy so that you can reap as many benefits of using twitter as possible.

Social media marketing has revolutionized the concept of marketing in many aspects including target market identification, specificity of the message itself and the ability to obtain instant feedback. Twitter is one such online platform that allows for marketing by targeting the social media users who interact and communicate via the platform. A good marketing idea must take into account the target market to ensure efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. At the end of the day, the number of successful conversions will determine whether the marketing strategy was a failure or a success. To Find your target market on Twitter, you must have the basic knowledge of what your target market likes or what identifies them because this will be well portrayed in their Twitter activities. Some of the ways of finding your target market on this social site include:
Find the very active users, trendsetters and influencers

It is important to direct your marketing campaign at people who are active on Twitter. This can be based on how recently and frequently a user tweets. Trendsetters also have a great influence on Twitter users. The hashtags that they create are used by many people since they are always engaging and provide a unifying platform for most users. Finding users on specific hashtags is definitely one way of identifying your target market. Social influencers found on Twitter have many followers and start off discussions that many users may engage in even without necessarily using a hashtag. Their opinions are very highly regarded and they may push a marketing idea by constantly tweeting about it to their followers. There are also tools such as Social Bro that may help you in identifying users that are active as well as those that have a high number of followers.

Specific words in users’ Twitter bios

Tools like Social Bro can help you identify target market from key words on users’ bio and then organize them into lists. You can also use the search feature on twitter which works based on key words. This would go a long way in helping you identify your target market from Twitter. FollowerWonk is another free tool that can be used for this purpose.

Personal Friends

Using the advanced search features, you can also search for your friends and include them onto lists where they fit. As they say, charity begins at home and where better to start than with your known contacts.

Properly organize your search results

Having found the different profiles based on relevant keywords, it is important that you organize them into lists. Twitter has a feature that allows you to create up to 20 lists with with a maximum number of 500 users. This will help you manage your target market list and also send marketing material specifically to them. Online data management tools can also be used to properly manage these lists.

It is important to interact with your target market once you have identified them. Monitor your lists and cultivate good relationships by sending targeted content to your intended market. Occasionally update your lists to add new people. Happy marketing!

Twitter is one of those excellent online tools you can use for establishing real time communication with your target audience. After all, users tend to expect companies to quickly respond to their requests. The ability to respond quickly to the request of your audience is what makes Twitter communication an essential part of your marketing strategy.

There are several good reasons why you should leverage Twitter especially if you have your own online business. These include the following:

– It increases your brand awareness- You could easily connect with your clients and prospects- You’re able to establish yourself as thought leader

Now that you have an initial idea as to how Twitter can help you and your online business, let’s move on to a list of Twitter internet marketing tips which you should consider for a successful marketing campaign. Here are 7 easy tips to get you started.

1. Start by completing your Twitter profile
Of course, before you start establishing your presence on Twitter, you should first start completing your profile first. It’s ideal to complete every detail as much as possible. This way, your audience will have a firm understanding of who you are, what your business is all about, what you are trying to sell people, how they can get in touch with you, and so on. Also, this will allow your audience to feel comfortable knowing that they are following an account which is owned and maintained by a real person.

2. Look for tweets, people, and discussions which are related to your industry
After successfully filing up your profile with all the necessary details, the next step you should do is to look for industry related tweets, people, and discussions which you can follow. It is best if you go for relevant people and discussions rather than just blindly following anyone. This way, you are inviting yourself to a world where you get to discuss the same thoughts and ideas with several like-minded people.

3. Listen and contribute
Now that you’ve followed people who think the same as you, the next thing you should is to listen to their discussions. Other than just listening, it is also a good idea to contribute something to the discussion – that is, if you have something valuable which you can offer.

4. Start your own corporate blog
By establishing your corporate blog, you can establish yourself as thought leader on your particular industry. Start creating and writing about topics which your audience might be interested in. Don’t forget to share your posts in Twitter and ask for feedback from your followers right after.

5. Create landing pages and offer Twitter exclusive content
One good means of keeping your Twitter audience is to offer them with an incentive, and one good means of doing so is creating landing pages which will provide them with valuable content upon subscription. But before doing so, make sure you have a plan in mind regarding the design of your landing page as well as the quality of your giveaway content.

6. Keep track of your progress
After you feel like everything’s running smoothly, it’s about time to keep track of your progress. This way, you will be able to determine whether your efforts are successful or not. This also allows you to know where you’re currently at, as well as find out which points are you missing out on.

7. Improve your efforts, then repeat
Twitter marketing is an ongoing process after all, meaning you don’t simply stop with your efforts after finding out your progress. If possible, improve your efforts and activities as much as you can then repeat the process over and over again.

While it might take a bit of time to become truly successful with your Twitter marketing campaign, being consistent with your efforts will surely bring you excellent results in the future.

Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts > Twitter

Posted November 1, 2015 By Callie

Nowadays, close to 70% of listed businesses have an official Twitter account to keep in touch with their clients. But not everyone knows hot to deploy this account to bolster the Company-Client relationship and enhance their brand value. With a little practice and a good understanding of the following “Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts”, you will be drawing new customers to your business in no time. Here is what you need to grasp:


1) Connect:
Whilst Twitter can be best used to present updates and info about your business to your followers, it can also be used to engage with them. Barring the Tweeting, you can use your account to retweet the tweets of other relevant people in your business area. A Positive reply to someone’s tweet or joining a healthy conversation related to your business topic is a wonderful way to interact on Twitter. This also helps you to gain followers as well as extend the reach of your account.

2) Mix things up:
Just because it is an official business account does not mean that it has to be “all business”. Besides posting promotional tweets, you can also exhibit your interactions with clients (like retweeting an encouraging review that some customer has tweeted). You can also interact with other big shots in your business using @replies. Or else, you can also post inspirational quotes that exhibit your brand’s principles.

3) Cross-Promote:
Make sure that you add a link to your company’s official web page in the Bio section of Twitter. Also, ensure that your official website has a Twitter button that redirects to your twitter account. A “Follow me on Twitter” link can be placed so that the clients are more likely to click on it and ideally, follow you. This allows you to promote both your twitter account and your web page simultaneously.

1) Do not Tweet Tactlessly:
Above all, be careful before you post something on twitter or for that case, any social media platform. You are free to post whatever you want on your personal Twitter account, but what you tweet on your company’s official twitter page must reflect the image and ideals of the brand. Stick to the professional tone when you are not sure and focus on what the company is all about and only post relevant stuff.

2) Do not Interact Negatively:
Never pull someone’s leg on an open discussion or get involved in an argument over Twitter. If you feel you are being provoked by other company’s tweets or any other person, it is best to ignore them. In case, you face a disappointed customer who vents out his anger on twitter, the best course of action is to provide details of your Customer relations department and assure them that his/her problem will be addressed. This shows that your company truly cares about its customer concerns and at the same time, takes off the negative discussion on Twitter.

3) Do not Tweet Sporadically:
You do not want customers looking over your company’s twitter account only to realize that the last tweet was done a few months ago. Make sure that the account looks up-to-date and fresh by tweeting regularly at least twice a week. Update relevant tweets and retweets on a daily basis whenever possible but make sure that you stay on track.

What Is Twitter and How You Can Use It > Twitter

Posted November 1, 2015 By Callie

“What is Twitter and how can you use it?” You most likely are asking this question and that’s why you are reading this. Despite it having being around for many years and growing in popularity, many people still don’t know what Twitter really is. Some who do only know the basic minimum. Due to not knowing or limited knowledge, many individuals as well as firms are missing out on great opportunities to increase their popularity, market their goods and services, and also create a loyal group of followers.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is among the most popular social networking and microblogging sites today. Millions of people all over the world use the site to send tweets (short posts that are broadcast or shared by its registered members), post micro-blogs, and much more. Though started several years ago, this site is ranked among the most popular with thousands of new users joining it on a daily basis. In addition to sharing content, members also use tweets to follow others or ask other people to follow them, The service is available through multiple devices and platforms such as desktop, website, laptops, tablets, smartphones, cell phones, and other mobile devices.

How Can You Use It?

Twitter which is a free social networking and microblogging sites come with many uses. Unlike other popular social network sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, Twitter’s default setting is public. This means that anyone can follow or connect with any other user without first seeking approval from a particular social circle or network. To join the conversation, a person simply uses the “Hashtag” to connect and participate in a topic of conversation. The Hashtag (#) serves as the Meta tag and is attached to the keyword or topic of discussion.

Twitter allows you to follow other people especially those who you share the same mindset. It also allows you to let your views known by joining in a discussion through the hashtag. As a registered member of the social site you can also customize your profile to make it standout or more representative of who you are and your views. By building a community of followers you can also use Twitter to market your products or services. Linking your website or blog site to your twitter account also improves your visibility.

What Are Its Benefits?

Twitter comes with a range of benefits to an individual as well as companies. Of course the key benefit is social engagement where people get to interact online. The other advantage is that it can help in SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing the page ranking of your web or blog site. You can also use twitter to build a brand as well as loyal followers.

Twitter is more than just a platform where you send tweets, follow others, or join in the conversation. If used properly, the free microblogging and social networking site can help grow and improve your business. In fact, it has become one of the most effective online or social marketing tools. However, to enjoy its great benefits, you need to apply a proven strategy and also keep up with any changes. Furthermore, you need to constantly engage your followers by replying back on time, and providing them with fresh and unique content. Twitter is also useful in gathering information about a service or product.