So… What Is Copywriting

Posted December 11, 2017 By Callie

In general, it is writing that promotes a person, opportunity, idea or opinion. Since we’re discussing websites, we will just assume the writing will be on a website (and this will be referred to as search engine optimization copy).

There are definitely other mediums that make use of copywriting and copywriters; television ads, radio commercials, billboards, bus ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, etc. You come up with the idea and the point behind writing copy.

It is particularly designed to persuade, entice, motivate a listener or in the case of a website a reader to take action. That step could be anything from buying a product to subscribing to a newsletter, from sampling a product to participating in a survey or poll.

By the way, you can also make use of copywriting to persuade a reader to not do something or not trust something.

What types of materials make use of copywriting? Body copy, headlines, slogan, direct mail pieces are biggies, taglines, jingle lyrics, slug lines, scripts, captions, the World Wide Web, news releases, research and white papers and Internet (website) content. It’s a pretty extensive list, isn’t it? And it’s just the tip of the iceberg too.

Don’t forget there are also things like print ads, mail order catalogs, brochures, postcards, greeting cards etc. Copywriting is an excellent line of work to be in if you are any good at it, as there will always be work.

When used on websites, copywriting usually refers to the method or style of writing and wording content that is slanted to achieve higher rankings with the search engines. This is actually known as content writing which means the proper positioning and repetition of keywords and keyword phrases on a website.

At some time, writing content for websites served as a means of getting better rankings because the writing was geared to the search engine algorithms. That is no longer the case and writing is now more geared to human visitors and search engines.

Another form of viral copywriting can be in putting a lot of content on other people’s blogs. In fact, you can pay to have your product promoted on different blogs for a set fee. You may not have to choose the copy related to your link, but it can be a straight mention on a blog that may have hundreds, or even thousands, of readers. The trick with this type of writing is to produce fluent and readable copy/content written with an eye to search engine optimization.

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What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Posted December 11, 2017 By Callie

Search engine marketing is a term that refers to paid marketing that you do to promote your website – usually specifically with search engines like Google or Bing. In the past, this was simply a way to refer to all of the search engine optimization methods that you used, paid and unpaid, but it has become specialized and simply refers to pay-per-click campaigns and other types of search engine optimization that you pay for. Let’s take a look at the different methods.

PPC Advertising: PPC Advertising, which stands for pay-per-click, is a business model that uses advertisements on a search engine results page to draw in customers. Generally, they are on the right sidebar, but they may be in other locations depending upon the search engines used. PPC works on a bidding system. The person who bid the highest for a particular keyword is listed as the top search result.

However, there is another form of advertising that you should be aware of, because it uses the same initials as pay-per-click. It is known as pay-per-call. It isn’t very popular yet, but it is based upon the number of clicks the result in a call from a smartphone. These are used in mobile advertising and this may be more popular later.

Another form of search engine marketing is the CPM, which stands for cost-per-thousand impressions. An impression is whenever a computer screen displays your ad. Banner ads, sidebar ads and any CPM type of advertisement is based upon 1000 impressions. You will set up your ad in advance, determining how many times you want that ad to be displayed (in multiples of 1000) and then launch. The downside of this form of advertising is that you pay whether or not you get a single click.

Search engine marketing is going to become much more popular in the future as the webspace becomes more and more crowded and larger numbers of advertisers fight for the limited amount of space that is available. However, if you use SEM combined with your regular SEO efforts, you will probably be very successful. You just want to make sure that you have created the right advertisement, no matter if you are using PPC ads or CPM ads, visual or text. You need to make that ad compelling and irresistible if you want it to be as effective as possible and worth the cost.

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Social Marketing Through Forums

Posted December 11, 2017 By Callie

Social Marketing through forums, it could help you generate traffic and link popularity for your website.

Forum marketing or Social Marketing can truly be another great hidden source to add to your over all Internet marketing. It is a place where people with similar interest gather to discuss all types of topics for that subject.

How effective is it for your Internet Marketing and generating website traffic?

Forum Marketing can help in many different ways when it comes to marketing your website, here is how:

First, you want to find a discussion board or forum that is targeted to your website theme. Think of it like this would you market your website about jewelry to a forum about cooking? The answer is no.

Participating in forums can help you and your website build an expert status online by posting answers to questions others have on a specific topic.

Never posted in forums before?

The first thing you should do before just jumping in and posting wildly, take a look around and see what other are posting about, view the setup and feel the mood of the forum.

Once you have a good understanding of the forum then you can start participating in this targeted marketing platform.

Note: There is a sign-up process for most good forums. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Forums normally use the sign in to help better monitor the forum and protect it from spamming.

Keep in mind that most forums do not allow advertising in their post and the regular participants of these forums can smell an ad from a mile away. This way of using the forums will not make you any friends so keep your content exactly that content. Add value to the forum by providing your own unique quality copy.

Forums allow a signature line where you can place a small description about your business along with a link to your website. Here is where your link popularity can climb and climb steadily as new post creates new fresh content that the search engines love.

Search engines pick up and index forum posts high so be sure to include important keyword rich topics and content in every forum posts so they will attract targeted traffic to your website through your popular keywords.

Consider Forum Marketing as part of your Internet marketing strategies, it can have many benefits for your website and business that you may not have thought about.

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As technology progresses rapidly in this 21st century, it is not surprising to note the intensified competition in the market. Such technological progresses have paved the way for greater e-Commerce influence on businesses where having a website is insufficient. Companies need to consider e-Commerce sites with dynamic marketing strategies.

There must be a consistent checking and evaluation of site suitability and functionality to current market trends which would impact targeted consumers for the benefit of the company. The business website is highly instrumental in achieving set SEO goals with the proper format and marketing features implemented.

Website traffic is very much desired on a consistent basis, which measures the success of a company online today. Conversion analysis has become part of e-Commerce marketing with influential analytics software such as Google Analytics being made readily available. This is a highly effective marketing tool to track website SEO progress. A slight dip in web traffic is tracked to assist business owners about their market performance in comparison with the market competition.

Pertinent Performance Indicators
Business owners and marketers need to stay alert about market conditions and their website performance at all times to remain competitive. Every source of traffic must be analyzed carefully for an accurate assessment of SEO campaign success. Business owners and marketers should consider certain market indicators that could confirm their market position. A proper practice of these performance indicators would bring about favorable results to the company at the end of the day.

1) Organic Traffic
One of the most important metric in determining the success of a website is the quantum of web visitors or traffic to the site. This number is drawn from participating search engines like Google to the web pages. There are dynamic analytics tools such as Google Analytics, which are deployed to track web traffic on a daily or monthly basis to identify growth or decline of visitors to the website.

Business owners and marketers need to implement creative marketing strategies that would attract targeted web traffic to their business sites. Organic traffic is preferred to ensure a higher chance of success with web visitors who would make favorable marketing decisions on the brand and company offerings. Organic or free traffic usually comprises more genuine web consumers who are seeking specific information or products/services which satisfy their requirements. Business owners and marketers do not need to waste their resources in securing potential business leads and customers when they target organic traffic to their site. The more organic traffic is generated by the business, the more sales and profits the business will gain at the end of the day.

2) Session Time
Knowing how many visitors are coming to the site is an important piece of information, but there is another piece of more pertinent information which the company should aim at. This includes identifying the session times of every web visitor.
Session times refer to the periods which web visitors are not only visiting the site but staying on to look for what they want. This is a specific method for analyzing if landing pages are functional and effective with web visitors. The metric permits webmasters to identify the type of web users visiting and staying on the webpage where more relevant data could be collated to improve services and products that would meet end-user requirements and expectations.

3) Bounce Rate
The bounce rate is the number of web visitors leaving the site within 5 seconds of their visit. There may be several important reasons for this to happen. The web visitor may leave the page if the content load too slowly or nothing relevant is found on that webpage.

Business sites must be well set up with interesting and relevant contents in an attractive format that would cause web visitors to stay on longer. This would reduce the bounce rate to offer a higher rating for the web page by search engines like Google. Hence, web pages must be more user-friendly that would prompt more web visitors to their shores.

4) Conversion Rate
It should be noted that the real goal of e-Commerce or online businesses is conversions; the higher conversions, the better for the business bottom line. This implies more purchases by web visitors who enjoy the well-designed website with attractive SEO features.

A higher conversion rate could be boosted with better SEO features incorporated into the web design of the site. This would draw more potential business leads to the business shores where more sales could be achieved. Business owners should assess organic conversion rates using reliable analytics software to identify the success of their online marketing strategies and techniques.

5) Keywords Relevancy
It is a known fact in the online marketing world that the right keyword is critical to attract targeted audiences. These keywords are crucial in boosting webpage rankings accorded by top search engines like Google where more web traffic would be directed to the website.

The market experiences more and more web users who use specific keywords in their online search for the information or products/services required. Web pages which incorporate expected keywords that would be used by potential business leads would enjoy more traffic to their sites with more sales and profits accorded to the bottom line of the company.

Keyword relevancy is another form of analysis in measuring the performance of the website that could boost website rankings in organic searches.

6) Page Views Statistics
If web visitors stay on longer at a website, it is highly likely that the webpage contents are attractive to captivate their attention. They may move on with other web pages recommended by the site where a greater online engagement could be established. This is likely to happen in a well-designed and purpose-filled e-Commerce site which web buyers are checking out contents and information. The number of page views after landing is a dynamic marketing statistical tool that offers further insight into enhancing the website to attract more web traffic.

The apt deployment of pertinent performance metrics could boost the bottom line of e-commerce stores, tremendously to give them an added advantage in a competitive market.

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If you have decided to launch a business, you have made a very courageous choice. There are many things you need to know before launching a new business. There is inventory to take into consideration, initial start-up cost and upkeep, hiring employees, sales, marketing…and the list goes on extensively.

Here are some top questions you need to ask yourself before launching your own business.

Are you launching this business for the right reasons? Sometimes an individual or a group of individuals will launch a business because they think it is expected of them or because it is a family tradition to do so. Other reasons are simply for the monetary benefits. With high hopes of making tons of money, sometimes a new entrepreneur may lose sight of his or her customer.

Once you examine your motives behind starting up a new business, go on to the next important question. Once you know what type of business you want to begin, ask yourself who your target audience is. Knowing that you want to create a business and knowing what that business is will simply not be enough. You need to know who your target audience is and who your ideal customer is.

Honing in on a target audience is something that you can delve into even deeper by creating a specific niche and then going on to create a sub-niche. In this manner, you will be certain that you have focused on a specific need for an even more specific customer.

Have you thoroughly researched your action plan? Setting goals and measuring them is essential when launching a new business. Put a plan into motion, but allow yourself flexibility to expand on that original plan. Ask yourself if your business plan is too narrow minded or if it will achieve the desired outcome you seek and go beyond even that.

Make sure you research if there is enough demand for the product or service you are offering or if you will be just another company offering the same old thing. Ask yourself if you can put a new innovative twist onto something tried and true.

Ask yourself how much time you are willing to dedicate to this business. What if this business is something that you will find success with right away? Are you willing and able to put the time and trouble in if it does become successful right away?

Also, think about whether or not this is a part-time business or a full-time endeavor. Do you have enough funds to last for six months to a year until your business becomes steady enough to stand on its own two feet?

Once you are able to answer these important questions, you can be well on your way to having a successful business endeavor.

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SEO Trusted Copywriting

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

Google has its own reliance factor relating to site pages and their copy. I did not know this with my years of experiences as an SEO copywriter. The norms that I have been preaching with passion were what Google Librarian Newsletter revealed in a recent column, explaining what Google watch out for in a copy. With this wonderful job done, it is easy to become a trusted source and potentially help in increasing your rankings for Google.

As written in the original issue of this newsletter, Matt Cutts explained by beginning to reveal many factors (other than Page Rank) Google uses to rank pages and to evaluate copy. He advances by portraying the use of keywords and their connections with other page factors.

A suitable example Is this. If “flat monitor” is the one key phrase you are working on your copy. My preaching over the years has been that all words should remain in their exact order. Single words should not be used like “flat” and “monitor” individually, the entire phrases “flat monitor” should be used.
Matt affirms this by saying that Google’s eyes will see relevance and trust increased when the two words “flat” and “monitor” are placed and used next to each other.

This is the simple explanation for it. The word “flat” can refer to practically anything or be used on a page that has absolutely no relevance with monitors; while the word “monitor” can mean a screen used with a computer, and there are numerous different types of monitors. So, if “flat monitors” were the search words specifically used, CRT monitors and other types pages would have little relevance and would be deemed trustworthy. “Monitor” can also mean to observe, which might not be in line with the search query used in the example. So, the most relevant application is using the phrases as it was typed in the search engine.

Next is to have your key phrase in the title. Though Matt does not state this as a vital element, he does suggest that key phrase “give a hint”, which will make the page more relevant and thereafter trustworthy to the subject at hand, compared to a document that does not include key phrase in the title.

Highly relevant pages are what Google wants to include and that is the fact. You have your copy as content for Google by writing your copy in a way to highlight the relevant factors. Your visitors will also add to their experiences and eventually become your customer. It turns out to be a win-win-win case as it benefits you, those who visit your site and Google.

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The Place of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

When the latest iPhone was released, and people realized that they were optimized for augmented reality, the tool stopped becoming a fad or a way to play games and starting looking like a serious addition to the tools that advertisers have and the places where advertisements can be placed. Augmented reality is just one of the places in the future where people will see advertisements, and modern marketers need to be aware of it.

A few years ago, no one was thinking of the commercialization of augmented reality – except for a few savvy futurists perhaps. But today, augmented reality has so many applications that have been thought of, it is all but a certainty that this will be one of the major markets in the coming decades.

Augmented reality is usually used with smartphones and the cameras that they contain right now. But devices are being created that will take the place of those smartphones and show the world in an entirely new way. What if you bought furniture and then installed an app that told you exactly what each piece was and how to put it together. No more spending time looking for the right piece and working from a sheet of confusing instructions. The augmented reality could show you 3D images of how you should be using the tools and putting things together.

But most of the time, what people are going to be doing is using virtual reality apps to interact with the world around them, to find information about things just exactly as they would on the internet. If they see something in reality that they want to find out more about they will get that information through augmented reality, and that’s where advertising can come in. It is very likely that the internet will advance to the point where all of the real world space is real estate for augmented reality as well as marketing.

So, how do businesses take advantage of that marketing opportunity when it comes? Well, for now, it is enough to be aware of it, because if you follow the technology, you will be able to get in on the ground floor and establish yourself in the augmented reality space. It is likely that an augmented reality internet will function much like the current version, so establishing yourself early in the game is key to success.

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Marketing on Forums

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

Many online businesses view forums as a means of marketing goodwill to their customers, and it can do just that. However, forums are equipped with two sides, standard.

If you make a forum available to site visitors you have accepted one side of the coin. You can, in fact, utilize that forum as a means of marketing trust with your customers. Feedback is an important component of a forum and this mechanism allows for the free flow of thought and allows every individual voice.

Many online businesses view forums as a means of marketing goodwill to their customers, and it can do just that. However, forums are equipped with two sides, standard.

If you make a forum available to site visitors you have accepted one side of the coin. You can, in fact, utilize that forum as a means of marketing trust with your customers. Feedback is an important component of a forum and this mechanism allows for the free flow of thought and allows every individual a voice.

This has always been rare in customer relations. Typically, it is only the glowing testimonials that are shared with site visitors while any negative feedback is generally inaccessible. Forums allow both, but you may find that others who will champion your product or service may refute a disgruntled comment by one individual.

But negative comments in a forum also allow you to be very public about how you handle customer complaints. This scenario provides the opportunity to turn a potential negative into a highly visible positive experience for consumer and business alike.

The other side to the forum coin is trust marketing on a personal basis. What I mean by that is you may do well to find a select number of industry related forums to participate in. While this idea is not new most business owners who use a forum do not use it in a specific enough way.

Here’s what typically happens. A business owner signs up for an industry forum and makes a few posts with a fair amount of marketing information in their signature line. The hope is that this ‘free’ advertising will convince other forum members to come to the business website. If this simplistic view of forum marketing is how you approach the subject it can often come across as disingenuous or insincere. In fact, on some forums, it may even be considered spamming.

If you, as a business owner, use a forum with links back to your website embedded in your signature line you should seriously consider engaging yourself in the forum community as your prime objective. Respond with helpful information when an individual post a question you are qualified to answer. Include links to helpful articles when appropriate and act like a member of the community instead of that guy that puts sales flyers on car windows – obnoxious and disliked.

Forums are a great way to reach out to existing customers, but the use of peripheral forums can help establish trust with those who may have never heard about you or your company.

In a way, similar to a blog you can use these industry specific forums as a means of allowing others to catch a sense of both your personality and expertise. When you actually engage in the community you signed up to be a part of you will get to know many of the personalities on the forum and become a trusted source for information as you encourage those who may need the advice and information you can offer.

Use forums as a means of marketing your site, but don’t forget there are TWO powerful ways to get your message out utilizing forums. Make use of both.

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Top Four Reasons to Hire a Bookkeeper

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

For many business owners, the responsibilities of bookkeeping take up time that could be spent improving other areas of their business. Though the task can be tedious, bookkeeping is an essential part of maintaining and improving your business. Complete accounting records are vital at tax time, as well as to get a full understanding of your business. There are many reasons to hire a bookkeeping service rather than taking the books on yourself. Here are the top four.

1. To Save Yourself Time

As a business owner, you’ll have a multitude of responsibilities. From day-to-day decision making to long-term goal planning, many aspects of operating your business will demand your attention. Bookkeeping typically involves hours of filling out paperwork and crunching numbers, which can have an impact on both your work and your personal time. When you seek the help of a professional bookkeeper, you can stay focused on the big picture or on relaxing in your free time.

2. For Expert Assistance

Accounting can be a tricky field, with many exacting details to consider. Professional bookkeepers make their living working with these details and tend to be very skilled at doing so. By hiring a bookkeeper, you can be certain that your financial systems are accurate and efficient.

These individuals are trained to examine your records and correct any errors that otherwise could have been costly. Your bookkeeper will also manage things such as payroll and expenses, ensuring that everything is paid in a timely manner.

3. For More Credibility

At some point during their operation, many small businesses find themselves asking for a loan from a bank or other financial institution. These institutions want a chance to look at your numbers before they decide on giving you a loan, so it’s very important that your books are in order.

Not only will you be unlikely to get the loan if you can’t display your figures, but your financial institution will also want to be sure of the financial health of your company before they invest in you. A professional bookkeeper can prepare financial reports that present your company’s potential for growth in the future. This means that you’ll be more likely to get the loan that you need to set your business on a path to expansion.

4. For Help with Taxes

Many businesses choose to hire a tax preparer every year when it is time to file. Others simply leave the task of preparing the books for taxes to their accountant. But, both of these options are costly, and can be avoided by keeping your books in order.

Not only that, a hired bookkeeper can also assist you in filing and can prepare reports with the data you need. With your books in order and a better understanding of the finances of your business, you’ll save both time and money.

Though some business owners take care of their books on their own, the benefits of hiring a professional bookkeeper usually outweigh the costs. The less time you spend on the books, the more time you can spend on your business. In addition, detailed and accurate financial reports give you all of the information you need to drive your business to success.

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Creating Amazon Affiliate Websites for Passive Income

Posted December 10, 2017 By Callie

Amazon has a pretty incredible affiliate program. It’s a favorite of many online marketers for a reason. Some people focus on it pretty exclusively while others just use it here and there on blog posts and articles where it makes sense to.

You want to earn more passive income, so the Amazon associates program seems to be calling your name. But, can you really earn enough with the program to make a difference? Can you really earn a great passive income with Amazon?

The thing you should know upfront is that earning with Amazon isn’t like earning as an affiliate with digital products. They aren’t going to hand you 50% of every sale or anything anywhere close to that. You’re going to earn a pretty small portion of each sale– just 4%, when you’re first starting out. That can hardly seem worth it.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you aren’t only earning on the thing you’re promoting with Amazon. So while it might be cool that you can earn 50% of the profit by promoting an ebook, you can earn on someone’s entire CART when you promote Amazon. Let’s say they buy 25 different things, really filling their cart up. You earn on all of that.

Let’s say 25 people buy 20 different things in a day. You earn on all of that. And your earnings and the percentage you earn as an Amazon associate increases the more you sell. Double check with Amazon once you sign up as an Associate and make sure you sign up with the sliding scale option rather than the flat percentage option so you can take advantage of this.

As you can see by now, much of this is a numbers game. You can earn a great income with Amazon if you can get your links in front of a lot of people and promote in categories where people are likely to fill their carts up. There are certainly many Amazon affiliates who are earning fantastic incomes, some very quietly and happily, and who have been doing so for years.
Sign Up With Amazon
What you’re going to be doing here is setting up websites that are focused on physical products and goods. You’ll write about products and review products and place your Amazon associate links on your site or sites.

You have to sign up with and be approved as an Amazon associate first, of course. This isn’t a difficult process but you will have to have something to show Amazon. What many people who don’t really have a site at this point have done in the past is set up a little blog, put up a few posts, and used that to apply with Amazon. That, according to some, seems to help people get through the approval stages more quickly.

Before you apply and while you wait for approval from Amazon, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with all of the rules and guidelines Amazon has for their Associates. They can be quite strict but are generally pretty fair.
Choosing a General Niche
What do you want to promote? We’ve talked about the fact that it can take selling a lot of items through your link to earn any sort of income with Amazon.

But there are other ways to earn more. There are some people who focus on bigger ticket items on Amazon and earn a great income that way. Amazon sells things like pricey electronics and even home appliances and things like that. It’s certainly worth looking into.

It can be well worth your time to do a little digging. Which products will you be interested in researching and writing about? Will you create several mini product sites or would you rather focus on a larger product site or two?

Look at the competition. You want to know that there are other affiliates out there who are doing a good job with this. If there are Amazon affiliates out there who are in a certain niche or who are promoting certain types of products for months or years and are putting work into their site, it’s a solid bet they are earning with them. Check their rankings.
How You Earn Passively With Amazon Sites
This is all about content. When you build these ‘Amazon’ sites, you’re building sites that are filled with content that are going to help people with their buying decision.

You’re catching buyers who are typing product names or types of products into Google, hoping to find more information out about them. They might be looking for product comparisons, helpful reviews, personal opinions, or just a real human to sway them one way or the other. You’re that human.

Put some personality into your content. Set your site apart from others out there. Do what you can to get your site to rank in the search engines. Part of how you do that is by getting a lot of relevant content out there.

If you get a lot of relevant content out about a group of products, type of products, niche, company, product name, etc. (and you’re really, really specific), then you’re going to start to rank for these things in the search engines.

Make it clear that you care about the real people who are reading your content. If you do that, then they’ll want to read what you have to say.

Throughout your content, use clear pictures and links. Amazon allows you as the associate to use their product pictures throughout your content. They will give you the affiliate links to use as well.

Give people a call to action to click through your links to buy on Amazon. You must tell people that you are an Amazon Associate– Amazon is clear about this.

Having a lot of great, clear, helpful content out there, filled with your Amazon links, and ranking in Google, is how you earn an excellent passive income.
The Mechanics of Getting Started
So, go ahead and get started. Choose your niche and/or product type. Set up your website– your own website. Your blogger website (if you used that method to get approved) should be just a starter. You want to own and have complete control over your website. Select a group of 5 or so products and start writing about them and reviewing them.

Interact with your audience. Get involved on social media. Build your site up over time. Really put some elbow grease into this, especially in the beginning.

Don’t move on to another bright shiny object– get traffic and income coming in. Soon enough, the income will be more passive and you can add some content here and there and the site will generate income even if you aren’t giving it your full attention.

This isn’t a difficult method at all. It works just as well as it always has as long as you focus on the people and focus on really high quality content.

You’ll notice that your Amazon links sell better at certain times, like Christmas. You can sit back and have a fantastic payday that really makes it all worth it.

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